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  1. Heya Hiya how ya doin? >WELCOME I GUESS<
  2. Haha winter I got a kick outta that. succ 4 admin
  3. Ok, I'm back. Sorry for being gone for so long but honestly I had a great time on my break, and now I am fully restored and back to normal GFL business. ttyl guys;)

  4. Kill: @TheClassyBandit ( I just kid <3 you bro Marry: @CrusTi Fuck: @Mistletoe you need to try this @Mistletoe @Roy @TheClassyBandit
  5. Sorry I will be inactive for the weekend. (soccer tournament)

  6. Technically I "Self-Resigned" Because I realized what a fuckin' mistake it was
  7. Bored and It is late and I'm getting braces at 9:30 fml not really

  8. Topic view

    No I've never been on the old forums... No one cares I was just quoting the least likely situations, exactly why I voted +1
  9. Topic view

    Yeah I know I just wanted to state all the possible dire situations and community disruptions that will most likely never happen. Thats why I voted +1
  10. Topic view

    OK here's what I've come up with. The Pros about having this feature are 1. It is important to see who has viewed what not just by looking at the comments. It may turn out to be important who viewed what and knows about it. 2. We are an open community where if someone views something there is no reason others shouldn't see that they viewed it. 3. It may cause secrecy issues if we don't have it. The Cons 1. It is breaking the privacy barrier. 2. There is simply no reason for it because it doesn't influence anything. So yeah +1 from me if I'm even allowed to vote
  11. Butter memes are dank why are we doing this
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