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  1. Heya Hiya how ya doin? >WELCOME I GUESS<
  2. Haha winter I got a kick outta that. succ 4 admin
  3. Ok, I'm back. Sorry for being gone for so long but honestly I had a great time on my break, and now I am fully restored and back to normal GFL business. ttyl guys;)

  4. Kill: @TheClassyBandit ( I just kid <3 you bro Marry: @CrusTi Fuck: @Mistletoe you need to try this @Mistletoe @Roy @TheClassyBandit
  5. Sorry I will be inactive for the weekend. (soccer tournament)

  6. Wolf mate like bandwagon
  7. Technically I "Self-Resigned" Because I realized what a fuckin' mistake it was
  8. Retard post Ima request
  9. Interesting avatar - in a lot of places that would be a gang sign (Latin Kings).

    Of course, I doubt there are many Latin Kings in Tennessee ::D:

  10. Bored and It is late and I'm getting braces at 9:30 fml not really

  11. Lets see em
  12. -1
  13. Butter memes are dank why are we doing this
  14. Kuma I am so sad to see you go, you have been in my top 3 TTT admins... sml and understanding bro.
  15. Will be inactive for maybe 2 days, fixing cpu thanks all