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  1. Down with dodgeball!! go orange x3
  2. Negpos, good luck.

  3. love it, can't wait.

  4. Orange x3 will return. What is dead may never die.
  5. Whether it would be Co-op or versus is a different decision for a different day. I just wanted to see if a server is even an option on the table for the soon future. Glad to see that it would be.
  6. Hi, I'm very active on L4D2 in general but I mainly play on EU servers considered that ping on L4D2 is a big issue. Any chance for a future EU Server?
  7. I generally disagree with the overheated criticism and "oh fuck this shit im leaving" type of resignations that have been going on recently. But I think this is a great thread so far since you're actually willing to talk about it, and if it keeps on like the way it was meant to be, a civilized discussion, without personal attacks, I highly doubt it would ever get hidden. Gonna address just one point here, what I think is the most important thing I could address. You claim that joining the director team right now would be equivalent of "leaving the community", as you claim they are disconnected, too far up their own asses right? And then you claim that you would erase the people of the team with the exception of Ben Roy as you want "new blood" or lets be honest, you want to see changes happening and you don't believe any other Directors in the team. Fair, but this is like crazy of you to expect things to change and do absolutely nothing about it. You straight up got an offer to join the actually decision making part of this community (and yes, no matter how disconnected you claim them to be, they're a big part of this community whether you like it or not) - I've addressed this in a much less serious post not too long ago. I'm not remotely as active or connected to GFL as I used to be unfortuantely, but all I see here recently are talks and criticism. Only that. No actions. Why are the higher ups fed up of your (not specifically eueuq) "criticism"? Maybe it's because thats all they get. I mean no shit that nobody would ever be able to satisfy everyone. But getting shit and criticism for every step you do like it's real world politics is beyond irrational for any sane person doing this and helping gfl for fun. And you guys wonder why VIrusking left? Why people like Juky wouldn't step up again to help this community? All that's left at this point is backlash from every single change or step anyone attempts to do. I'm not defending the higher ups, i'm obviously not defending the community either. But I stand behind my point that nobody gets shit done and that's whats actually "killing" this community. (quote on quote because it's not even close to dead). The moment we as a community stopped doing progress is the breaking point where we got fucked as a whole. People no longer suggest, they just shit on each other. This is no democracy, whatever the higher ups say or do is the way, you can change their minds, you can get them demoted at some point if what they do is truly wrong, but undermining every director and expecting anything to be done without doing anything for the community yourselves is insanity. I wrote this fairly quickly just on top off my head, sorry if it's painful to read when it comes to paragraphs which are non existent 😜
  8. Leadership: Team members are now staff despite being autistic drama kids Team members: *create a lot of retarded teenage drama* Leadership: Yeah you're not staff anymore Team members: Honestly, grow up.
  9. Honestly, what the fuck lmao.
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