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  1. didn't take much to dig this one up from the grave. https://oldsite.browser.tf/topic/43516-oy/
  2. stay safe bih 

  3. I was more than happy to help out Pedro administrating the servers once they booted, but such is life, got one year to go in the military and as i'm once again operational, I don't really feel like wasting every second weekend that I get to be at home by playing on my computer. Honestly, it's a goodbye to GFL pretty much. This is kind of a bitter-sweet ending for me, anyone that knows me around here knows that i've been here for a long time on and off. Once I finish this year (hopefully without a war breaking out), I'll be working a few months and then travelling around a little. Anyone here who might do that as well, see ya in the far far east. Once i'm back from that i'll start my life I suppose. It's been a great run, stay positive you shitlords.
  4. 1 month for hyperscrolling holy fuck
  5. Down with dodgeball!! go orange x3
  6. Negpos, good luck.

  7. love it, can't wait.

  8. Orange x3 will return. What is dead may never die.
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