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  1. Never been very good at making forum posts so I'll just give it the old +1
  2. I'm sorry if this would be considered spam, It was less for the post and more for the question, I can delete this post if this is considered spam, again, sorry
  3. So, it's finally time to post my fifteenth forum post, the final post required to apply for admin, and with that, I would like to ask you, the people who have cared enough to view my posts wether it just be a quick glance, or if you posted feedback, my question for you is Should I apply for admin? Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.
  4. Garry's mod was the first game I ever bought on steam, and I still play it to this day, if you haven't made your decision yet, I would sincerely suggest buying it
  5. Yes, this is a command used across gmod, but I'm not sure how many game modes that it works on
  6. I will definitely be participating in this next year, I didn't know the polls had closed when I wanted to
  7. I just realized, I posted this in the Hide and Seek subforum, why was I asked what game mode this was for? Sorry if this is disrespectful, but... Idk
  8. How long has it been since Atomicheadphonez was admin? I know it seems like an out of nowhere question, but today I saw him start to log onto the server, and I remembered that he was an admin, I asked around the server and I found out that he wasn't an admin anymore, so I was just wondering because he is one of the few people I remember before I left GFL for a while
  9. Ok, sorry for the late response, I've only tried this on gmod hns so I don't know if it works on any other mode, sorry again for not clarifying in the original post.
  10. A couple of days ago, I typed "eastereggs_enable 1" into console, and a chat message popped up, the text being something along the lines of "TacoGames has found easter egg #3" Then a second message underneath that said "They have found 1/3 easter eggs!" a bunch of people wondered what this was, so I just thought I'd clarify So, the first easter egg is a chat message, all you have to do is type "4bigz" into chat and you will get the first easter egg The second easter egg is a console command, if you don't know how to access the console, I suggest looking it up, but the second easter egg is "cc_egg2" into console The final easter egg is, of course, "eastereggs_enable 1" into console, after all of this is done, nothing important happens, but it's fun to see how many people react to it.
  11. Well I mean, thanks for all the help, guys, and this post alone has gotten me some of the posts, so I guess this helped a lot
  12. Personally I'm planning on applying for the hns gmod server, so the manager would be Zexired
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