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  1. What’s changed with GFL while I was gone?

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    2. Winter
    3. Riggs


      Lmao, new directors.

    4. rapperdan


      drifting away from one big discord due to many conflicts there is a lot of stuff should look into it.


      I'm admin again si señor admoon in regards to me atleast since I saw you go to my profile which I am guessing was you being slightly well interested in the green name anyways tons of other things which are causing massive shit storms atm suggested bt xy's perfect picture.


      anyways enjoy the show I suppose...


      a bunch of nice revival efforts which have been going really well shockenly enough.

      but as I said some other rather questionable things recently how ever before that everything could not of been better in my eyes atleast our rust server hits 60 plus people atm 1v1 us is well breaking the limit on how much people it can have on it we released a uk 1v1 server which is doing shockenly well.

  2. heyyy

    1. Gekk


      Hello, Glenn. :P 


  3. Can we have music of the month back? Pleeeeeeease?

  4. Looks like that I have returned back to GFL

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    2. Riggs








      Welcome back man

    3. Akris


      You better get on deathrun

    4. rapperdan


      When did he leave?

  5. Happy late birthday, Lynx.

    1. Gekk


      Thanks, Rose!

  6. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Gekk


      Thanks, Duc2000!


  7. come back now.

  8. Well, my as well come around and say hello. :) Haven’t been on here in a while. 

  9. Art request simple

    Are you happy with the request, @D o c t o r F?
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