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  1. Good Luck to all applicants!
  2. Congrats, @Eli! Good luck with your role and I wish you the best. :happytree:

  3. I'm not 100% if this is a Promotion but Good Job, @Kubnair, @Pyros, @Syntax and @Runda. Good luck with your roles you Four!
  4. The Femur Breaker is the definition of Ear Rape! >.<
  5. Nice colour you have there, @Kubnair. ;) 

    1. Kubnair


      Thanks I love being a community advisor event coordinator*!


  6. Got 7000 wins today on Deathrun which puts me in First for most wins! :happytree:



  7. Oooooo, I like that rank and colour. ;) 

  8. 10/10 Applicant for Founder . Definite +1. Meets all of the requirments, trusted and a Nub. Good Luck, @LegendaryFluff!
  9. Interesting... I love it! Great idea, @Roy. EDIT: I forgot to say Congrats, @Darkling! <3
  10. Take care, @Kite9867!
  11. Congrats, @King_Wailord! You'll fit in quite well for this role.
  12. 364 more days until November the 14th! :happytree: 

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    1. Finnick
    2. -q-


      2 hours ago, Finnick said:



    3. Gekkota


      It’s a trend that me and @Xy_ are doing! :( 

  13. 364 more days until November the 13th! :happytree:

  14. 364 more days until November the 12th! :happytree:

  15. I voted for @transperoman! Reason: He used an Animal with a well nature background that made it a good mix! It was a close one out of @AceOfSpades, @HackingPotato, and @transperoman. Good luck to all of the Contestants!