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  1. I voted for Three. Reason being is that it's more of a signature photo besides the rest. The image is perfect size and I like the creativity to it. It was a close one out of Four ( @Darkling) and Three. I'm not sure who submitted three but I'm pretty sure it was @Rose and not because I like Rose it's because it stood out the most. Good luck, guys!
  2. Example: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In Game Name: Gekkota Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:196841315 Banned By: @bnewton Ban Reason: Unstuck Abuse. Why I should be Unbanned: I should be Unbanned because I promise I won't do this again and I am dearly sorry for what I have done. Please give me a second chance for this server.
  3. This Sub Forum is used for the Garry's Mod Hide and Seek (US) server only. Make sure before you make a Ban Appeal please contact the admin that banned you by going to our GFL Hide and Seek Discord! The link will be here. You can find your Ban in SourceBans as well as using your Steam ID that you can find here To make a Ban Appeal, You have to Create a new Sub Forum and label it "Ban Appeal (Your Name) for Hide and Seek), Next is you have to Copy and paste the format that I have created. Make sure to put your Steam ID in or it might not go through! USE THIS AND COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING WITH IT FILLED OUT In Game Name: Steam ID: Banned By: Ban Reason : Why I should be Unbanned: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits go to @Violator by giving me an idea for the Format!
  4. This is a easy win for SCP-035 by a long shot.
  5. Welcome back, @Snoopy and @denros! I'm glad you two are back once again.
  6. Hard choice. To be honest I would pick @Kcim. See for yourself on Deathrun.
  7. Bye, @Dano. It's unfournate to see you resign from Director. Good luck in life, @Dano.
  8. Congrats, @Kurama! You'll do great.
  9. Congrats to the new CAs that have been selected! It was well deserved to you four and we hope that you keep the forums a safe place for us! @Winter: I knew you would get it. You've been my friend from the start and got me into servers on GFL like Deathrun and etc! If it wasn't for you I don't know where I would be. Congrats, Mate! @Leks: Congrats! Very good selection that the Directorate chose. @Xy_: Congrats! Well deserved to you. Good friend of mine , very nice, and sociable. Congrats, Mate. @SashaGrey: Congrats! I don't know you but I'm pretty sure you'll be a great fit for this job. Congrats to all!
  10. Showers, @EJ. basically explained the logic behind having baths.
  11. I went with the Turtle gang. Slow and Steady wins the race. Me and @canman1151 are turtles for life.
  12. @Rose. :3
  13. You guys must of had a fun adventure on Purge, @DaLaw, @Gowther, and @Illusion. Very interesting on how DaLaw got his hair washed by a toilet for the ending part of the story.
  14. I voted for @inHaze. Reason being: It is a good signature picture that I would use. The colours were a great selection to use, it looks realistic, and very creative. I like your style and how you manufactured your design! Good luck, @inHaze and @DarkCore! Thanks, @Gekkota_
  15. Why Hello there, @Roy! :) 

    1. Roy


      Hia :D