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  1. You have 2 recent bans in GMOD. Do you promise to follow the rules from here on out? Also please do not spam the forums with Applications. It makes the process of accepting a lot longer to deal with all of the duplicates.
  2. Asuming this has not been resloved, PM the managers of ZE privately.
  3. I remember you. Welcome back!
  4. I understand there are exceptions but I feel as iff you are only a member then you shouldn't have it. If you are apart of a team like GFX/Media/Creative Team, then I wouldn't have any problem with exceptions like these as member acceptors as you are involved with the community
  5. Member Acceptors who have resigned from their position(s) on a server shouldn't have member acceptor permissions. You resigned for a reason
  6. I am a bit excited now, as I really like W3S. Would be interested in being involved with the server as I enjoy W3S. This feels like the right step to take for CSS. I am looking forward to the suggestions the community provides for CSS. After hearing your passive rant in TS3 yesterday, I can tell you know the situation and how to fix it for the current divisions and future divisions.
  7. You have a VAC ban from 270+ Days ago. Could you explain what happened and be honest before we accept your application?
  8. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  9. Oh boy I am excited, have not been to one in months due to scedule but this one looks like I will be making it for at least part of it. Can't wait!
  10. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  11. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  12. The server should restart every 24 hours and whenever there are 0 players on, at least that's what CSGO 1v1 does. I play on PVK a lot and I have not noticed these issues yet but I would not be surprised if the map got all buggy. If you ever come across these issues again you could message me and I could see what I can do about it. Thank you for letting us know about this.
  13. HI

    Welcome Nitro! Feel free to explore our servers and hang out with others in our TS3 server I mostly hang out in the CSGO 1v1 Arena Server as that is the server I manage. Stop by whenever you would like. I suggest you apply for member to receive some in-game perks for our servers.
  14. Mind sending some screenshots of the current progress of the map and a screenshot of the part you need ideas for?
  15. @Plexol has stepped down from Operator. If you ever find time to moderate 1v1 again, PM me. Thank you for the time you spent helping 1v1.