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  2. YEET YAAT, CrusTigh The High
  3. +1 good luck finding anyone. I attempted this when I was a Community Advisor and it failed badly
  4. get off my team and stop cloning yourself ffs



  5. dont go wireless, go Sennheiser
  6. N,o it is more likely that you will use all the resources in the 1060 before you cap the CPU limit
  7. Im extremely excited as I use to play on CSS ZE all the time before the split. When it comes to unbanning people I have mixed feelings. RU clearly had different motives at the time but that was 2 years ago. I think is reasonable solution is unban juky for now and can only be member, same goes for the rest if they ever do get unbanned. Restrictions will be placed where they can not be anything higher then VIP, and in the long run if possible discussion about making one of them an admin, extreme supervision should be placed on them. ADDITION: If they ever do become an admin, any possible friction between them and another user should result in a temporary demotion so no one pulls a @Wilford_brimleyy
  8. i haven't even touched that server in weeks and there is still drama lamo
  9. Soja Boi Up in Paypal Watch me cash it, watch me go Watch me cash like Soja Boi Then Whoopty Scoop da Roy
  10. Damn this shit was before I played ZE.
  11. wtf?

    <20:08:23> "CrusTi": RIP
    <20:08:38> "CrusTi" dropped (connection lost)


    did you just send a message out like a cry for help as a last dying breath then drop dead?

    bro this is not a stage but damn you made it into a fucking staged event how does one do something that well?