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  1. GFL Alignment Chart

    When do I not go neutral
  2. am_peekaboo_fix2

    should not be a problem as long as each arena is (correct me if i am wrong) 600 or 900 units apart
  3. OSU?

    hi, i dont play much anymore. too busy playing Siege and Escape Form Tarkov. Also I am a Manager at Krispy Kreme so I dont have time to play games anymore, just thought I would pop in to bump the thread
  4. CS:GO Division Leader

    Good pick glad to see we promoting based on Knowledge and potential over favoritism.
  5. GFL Demographic 2017: Results

    I get that kind of sexuality I am thinking of all the cancerous sexuality that all the retarded people claim to be like nonbinary and shit
  6. GFL Demographic 2017: Results

    Who da fuck did OTHER on sexuality
  7. Some Core Changes

    I know I'm late but what you said just proves my point even more, not even I can remember all of the great staff that we use to have that are no longer around.
  8. Oooooo, I like that rank and colour. ;) 

  9. Some Core Changes

    I take that back for certain staff but you get the point
  10. Some Core Changes

    Like Joshy said. All the staff do is tell the community what they want to hear for likes.
  11. Some Core Changes

    Honestly I am annoyed with the community as a whole. Don't rest your case so soon
  12. Some Core Changes

    Thanks for the criticism, but I got shit done unlike you. To answer your question, Long awaited demotions need to happen, and new people need to fill in.
  13. Some Core Changes

    topic/21977-some-core-changes/#comment Also, where fuck have u been. You better beg for DL before it's too late.
  14. Some Core Changes

    I should also add. I still have connections with the higher ups. TBH changing the CA Rank to Council and giving different roles isn't going to solve GFLs Problems. The problem are the CAs. They seem to be lazy in my eyes and focus too much on the easy things like Threads, Events and such. Lots of little effort project that make it seem like the CA team does stuff. Honestly you should not be praising that changes that are going to happen for the CA Team, you should be concerned that the higher ups don't want to admit that CA team has gone down hill a lot since the Revamp in March, or in tldr terms, the CA team is crap right now. Unmotivated as a whole, not individually, lazy and too focused on easy stuff to boost ego in the community. With that said. I can see why a lot of higher ups have been resigning recently, 5-ish since I resigned, and other who are preparing to. Probably not because of what I have said but the direction of GFL and their personal interest. @Eli @Syntax @Runda @TheLastBee @BillyMartin @Kite9867 @Benroy @Gekkota @Xy_ @JoelSmith @King_Wailord @John_Ariana_Man @Joshy @Bae (To all of you who have COMMENTED on this post so far:) ///////////PLEASE READ//////////// I get the your are trying to support every staff post to boost your ego or whatever reason otherwise, but I can't support this when seeing how things have been since I left and my experience as a CA. We have had a lot of good staff leave in the last 2 months (5) and that says something, including myself. ( @denros @Snoopy @HackingPotato @Rcool64 and @CrusTi ) I bet you that none of these retired staff are extremely liked by the majority of the community. I have seen too many people go for favorites on staff rather then work ethic. The former staff listed above had good work ethic and for the most part, went through with promises. And I don't care if I break your safe space bubble but your favorites are not always the best. Some of the best staff GFL has ever had we're people that were not widely know in the community and didn't make lots of threads for likes. Do you know why, well they were the ones going forward with threads and making GFL what is is/was. And the truth is we don't have those kind of people anymore. We are slowing being left with LOTS OF THREADS and PROMISES but NO ACTIONS. Open you eyes people, sad truth is....gfl is dieing and the staff are desperate.