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  1. wtf?

    <20:08:23> "CrusTi": RIP
    <20:08:38> "CrusTi" dropped (connection lost)


    did you just send a message out like a cry for help as a last dying breath then drop dead?

    bro this is not a stage but damn you made it into a fucking staged event how does one do something that well?

  2. New Discord Moderator application

    Application is a bit short and it makes it hard to make a judgment since you are a fairly new user. Nothing wrong with that but it looks rushed. Also personally I think you should focus on admin in CWRP before adding more to your plate. You have some rough edges that need some polishing. Msg me in pm if interested in knowing more but it's mostly just understanding do's and dont's as an admin which could use work. @Council+ may HIDE once read
  3. New Discord Moderator application

    To be blunt with you. Asking for MOD applications to be opened again comes off as power hungry. Not saying you are but it looks bad. I know my votes don't count but idc still going to vote. @Council+ may HIDE the post once read. Thx.
  4. GFL Newsletter - July 2018

    FUN FACT: ZE is the Glue of GFL
  5. It's fucking RAW!!!!!! You, you, and you......FUCK OFF!!!

  6. The time has come

    You got me u Serb scum
  7. [VOTING] Emoji of the Month: June

    Voted Tough Boyo because "BeetleJuice" aka the guy in the emote, is fucking funny and stupid. Its the perfect kind of emote we need and will be used very often to joke about being tough
  8. GoodBye

    I cant stand it anymore I am bored. Cya....
  9. Who is the biggest meme of GFL TTT?

    @-_Fx_- 4v1 us Roblox, Dan 4 founder
  10. Who is the biggest meme of GFL TTT?

    @rapperdan is the biggest meme no matter what server done deal.
  11. yo I heard you where power hungry.

    but I'd let you be my power of my house any day of the week.

    people say the Mitochondria is the power house of the cell, but they forgot to mention that the crusti butt cheeks is the power house of the Mitochondria.

    so we are always faced with the fact that without @CrusTi the Mitochondria would be nothing.

    1. CrusTi


      Dan my power hungry statment was a joke u idiot.


      Edited by CrusTi
    2. rapperdan


      ik you idiot fyi when will you stop being so damn power hungry?

    3. RockRoyce
  12. What happened on GFL stays on GFL

    Remember the good ol days when u aboosed, don't worry I still love you.
  13. Richard Harrison of Pawn Stars Dead