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  1. Moved to proper Sub-Forum
  2. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  3. You have a handful of old bans in GMOD. Do you promise to follow the rules from now on?
  4. technically......uh....nah

  5. - Get 1 more post to meet the required post count - Steam ID incorrect. Find your Steam ID by going to the link below and entering your steam profile link.
  6. The switch reminds me of a Toaster. I won't be getting it just because I am cautious about spending money.
  7. [1v1Arena] Looking for Potential Staff (EU Focused, but would like US as well) Hello 1v1 Players US and EU, Recently, I had to do Staff Cuts due to Inactivity. Although we still have a decent team, only about 3 of us are Active, the rest have on and off activity. I have made the decision to "advertise" a bit to hopefully see some potential users from 1v1 emerge. Hopefully, I can find Members+ with Passion and Potential to bring in new faces into the GFL Community. If you are interested either Apply or PM me for guidance. Good Luck to all of you. If you aren't a regular on 1v1 feel free to check out the server and apply if you are interested. PM for Questions: @CrusTi LINK TO APPLICATION FORMAT: (DON'T BOTHER APPLYING IF YOU ARE POWER HUNGRY)
  8. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately on this occasion your member application has been denied. Reason: Already member
  9. Happy Birthday you dingus. Have a good one :lenny:

  10. Fixed the new map issues and hopefully the motd works but it has always been buggy
  11. u smart, u loyal, I appreciate that Real News > CNN
  12. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  13. You have a VAC Ban 153 Days ago, can you explain what it is for?
  14. BIG UPDATE 1/13/17 - Installed a !challenge plugin that was released recently on Allied Modders. Wonderful plugin that was built from scratch and released Dec 2016. This new plugin made by the one and only "Headline", a SourceMod Moderator with a passion for 1v1. His original challenge plugin was closed due to bugs but the recent redux version is amazing and I hope you all enjoy it.
  15. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.