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  1. Frozen 2 was a cash grab lol

    1. Duck.


      Idk about that one chief, I liked it quite a bit, the animation was smooth and better than before, the story behind it was better, and the songs were so much more enjoyable, especially Show Yourself and Kristoffs 80s rock ballad, even Olaf was so much more fun and serious, and it was dark in parts too. But I'm a slut for Disney so I may be biased lmao


  2. I really liked watching you grow. You are definatly one for the Hall of Fame Badge
  3. Sorry its more SDVX Bait : ) 990* S Rank with Hand Cam
  4. the medieval days of the almighty ban hammer are no more. Much more laid back on rules. Welcomes aboard you have been unbanned.
  5. You are already unbanned. My suggestion is you dont impersonate banned player, admins, or anyone really. We take those things seriously @ChristianHotline
  6. My first two games were Quake and HalfLife which I obtained without parent approval using my mom's credit card at age 7. This is a true story, they never found out. I got a DS Lite later that same year.
  7. GET THE F*** OFF SOCIAL MEDIA IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED. IM NOT JOKING, DELETE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. It is half the reason you are depressed, and may be the driving force of your depression. These social platforms were designed get us hooked and people need to understand that social media is a fake fabrication of themselves and should not be taken as their actual life. On top of that the quick dopamine rush we get from likes/comments/shares eventually haunts us and leaving us craving for more. I dont want to be the person who says it but Depression from Pre-Social Media and Post-Social Media is VERY VERY DIFFERENT and I can guarantee you that the massive amount of people who become depressed conditioned themselves through social media. Hard to swallow pills, yea, but its truth. GET OFF FACEBOOK GET OFF INSTAGRAM GET OFF SNAPCHAT I'm not joking at all, I'm dead serious from the bottom of my heart My first hand story (Diagnosed not Conditioned) Finaly, beware as in the end, some people are ignorant and want to suffer for the attention. You know who I am talking about, the ones who let everyone know they are depressed, are not depressed, they are Sad/Hate their life. More and more people I find who think they are depressed but are actually just sad. The get the attention while and we lose the ones who were actually depressed. This topic is just touchy in general, telling the difference between the reals and the fakes is the first step to solving this dumpster fire of mental illnesses. Thanks for listening
  8. Browser shows wrong ping -surf

    I thought that was normal. The browsers never give accurate pings
  9. I dabbled in Tera a bit but mega low level. I mostly enjoyed Black Desert Online as well, but have not played in a while. Would rather try Skyrim MP, as a working mod has been made as of Feb. Or Dark Souls MP is always a blast.
  10. 5-7-19 Rezoned surf_forgotten Main, B3, and B4 (Bonus 5 and 6 soon) Wiped surf_forgotten times for Main course and Bonus 3 Someone fixed surf_lament_n2p , thx Adjustments to map times and rtv cooldown
  11. https://sb.horizonservers.net/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:63932243&advType=steamid @SinKingKarma You are banned on Horizon Servers. Unfortunately I can not help you there. You are welcome to join our servers as we never ban any of our players. Instant Join: Main: Surf Timer Beginner: IP Address: US: [GFLClan.com] Surf Timer Beginner: IP Address: EU: [GFLClan.com] Surf Timer Beginner: IP Address:
  12. Badges

    u forgot my retard badge
  13. crusti boi played banger song also discord plug for u freaks who be askin'
  14. milk and butter smeared on keyboard, then put in microwave
  15. I did a quick look and could not find this ban. Please fill out this template so I can further help you, otherwise......yea @SinKingKarma
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