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  1. If you like working with discord, I could use some help with basic bots and formatting the channels. Willing to $, but please know what you are doing if you message me. Thanks
  2. Apology

    Talking about depression.....Its the kind of thing that people who truly suffer will relate while the rest can only imagine.
  3. Congratz on the demotion
  4. work

    Even as Manager, they'll still screw you over the minute you announce your "soon departure". I lost 60% of my paycheck. It's time to move on....from work obviously.
  5. 2-21-19 Add CP's to Linear maps Rezone surf_forgotten with proper bonus' and might patch "the skip" (This may include time wipes for this map) Fix surf_lament_n2p forever falling loop, after typing !r Various little things that present the server in a clean, professional way.
  6. Updated Changed influx_prespeed_max to 350 Changed mp_timelimit to 45 (45 min) RTV Grace Period is now 15 min after map start
  7. Surf Mesa tips

    Reeeeee, Did you assume my surf?
  8. Recent pic on SurfTimer
  9. I'll give you that
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