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  1. Thank the lord, its about time my man. You will feel much better
  2. Gimme "Trusted", I wanna help the community by banning hackers n shit :lenny:

    1. Roy



  3. Don't openly offer admin to people through a thread. Make them do the normal process, without telling them that you are looking for admins
  4. famous quote by @CrusTi 1v1 populates it's self at 2:30 est I get on to populate the server like almost every other day n7Y1HWPQTB_giiZcJNdxdw.png

  5. I was power hungry for that member tag
  6. Thanks for all the comments and people who spammed my steam. I just want to give credit to an exclusive few that really made an impact on GFL and my experiences with it. @Roy - You were always motivated to improve on GFL even when you were down. I remember you spending countless hours working on stuff, and still find time to just hang out with people in the community and have fun. @Snoopy - You helped redefine the CA role and the structure of GFL as a whole. I give you major props for your motivation to give a purpose to weak points in GFL. @RickGrimesTM - I really enjoyed working with you as Admins on Deathrun, Community Advisor for a short time, and as a Director. You have come a long way since I first met you and I am proud honestly. @Wilford_brimleyy - Hey....we may not have been on the best of terms but you were my introduction to moderating a server and I looked up to you during those times. @Sleazoid - Thanks for giving me the opportunity to admin for 1v1 it was a great experience and everyone in 1v1 is tight. Made lots of memories and you probably are the most valuable CSGO manager in my eyes. @Dano - Might be a surprise but you were very helpful when you were a DL. Always looking out for people in the CSGO division and you were able to hold your own as the only CSGO DL for a time.
  7. I was WAY TOO fucking nice about warning points when I was high.
  8. Hey everyone, its that one CA who did stuff even if you didn’t notice. I did most of my contribution to GFL behind the scene, but things have changed. It seems that I have lost interest/have no more purpose as a CA in GFL. I did my best to help the community but I stressed myself out with the amount and volunteer work I do online and in real life and it’s time to cut some strings. Online communities in general are starting to have a negative impact on me, mentally, which ain’t healthy. I have made some mistakes in the past and it has ruined the respect some people had for me. I just want to relieve all the stress and just enjoy playing games without having to make time to do things like I have done for GFL. I recently got a job as a Production Specialist at Krispy Kreme and boy does that wear me out. Not only that but I just didn’t have as much time to do GFL stuff. For the last month I took a step back from GFL to just enjoy playing games and I realised over that time span that this is what I want to do. With my time limited from Work and being a Drumline Staff for my high school marching band, the little time I had left just wanted to enjoy playing games. Some may be happy or some may be sad. Either way, I hope I can just leave on good terms. One last thing, when I first joined this community I had no intention to become an admin or anything, I just wanted to play. Over time I grew friendships and GFL turned out to be a fun experience. Around 6 months into joining GFL I was mostly playing 1v1 and SurfTimer. I said “fuck it” and applied for Operator for SurfTimer. Definitely was not good at being an operator and didn’t go very well for me over time, but I learned from my mistakes. Around a year into GFL I applied for Admin on 1v1 and got it. Probably the best experience I had and I was happy with it and didn’t want to go any further. What do you know 6 months later they were looking for a 1v1 manager. I had good intentions so I said “fuck it”, again. Then again when I applied for CA. My point is, even tho the above had nothing to do with it, was that I enjoyed the community enough to help and contribute and do what I could to make it better. I have to say not only have I made countless memories in GFL but GFL is probably one of the best most friendly communities out there. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become anything they want and I want to see GFL continue to grow from here on out. I don’t have much else to say so I will leave you with a quote I told a special someone when I was applying for CA.
  9. im not a singer and a Percussionist. can I put a sick beat or something over a song? or do I have to create something original?
  10. Who dis bitch and why did I get tagged?
  11. free

    I am 70% sure I'll be there. I would like to turn this into a small mini division focused on getting better and hopefully playing comp consistently by the end of season 3, aka end of 2017 ish. I'm no plat but the skim team I play with is mostly high gold/plat so I have had my experiences with sweaty players. It's a fun game focus 80% on strategy and 20% aiming. Hope to see you there. BTW the game is affordable. $15 for Starter edition which is a bit of a grind edition but you start out with two free operators and 600 r6 credits. Full game is 40 but on sale for 25. The full game comes with no free operators but is a lot easier to unlock them. I have the Starter edition, so I can confirm the grind is about the same of dirty bomb, but once you put 100hrs in you will have a hand full of operator, 4-6. @everyone If you have questions about which operators you should get, hit me up. Every operator is different and it's comes down to your play style.
  12. Edited votes because of vote flooding. Have fun with the event I'll try to be there
  13. free

    Doesn't look like I have work so I'm down
  14. TF2 Vibes. Looks nice
  15. I love santassination, I will be there unless I have work