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  1. unban in sprays

    Seeing as you didn't edit this post following the format, I'll close it. Please make another appeal following the format
  2. Ban Appeal Zircon

    You could've gotten banned from another GFL server, cake doesn't ban offline people, and it wouldn't have randomly banned for aimbot, I personally wouldn't unban you but if you can play now I'll consider this done
  3. Skin

    DENIED. Follow the format
  4. Aaaahh you didn't see what I did now I'm sad, someone will get the joke
  5. It ain't much, I don't think it's honest either
  6. Well, that way it doesn't let me see much of your skills, seeing one's works is very important, it lets us see if you can actually do something. Either way I'm changing my vote to a -1.
  7. Neutral Your github displays two BARE addons for sourcemod and I don't know what to think of your page really, either way I would love to see some of your Lua works for Garry's Mod.
  8. Hello! Thanks for your interest in being a developer, mind showing us some of your works?
  9. If you noticed your suggestion is not here anymore, it's because I moved to Implemented or Denied because it was dead or locked. If your suggestion was dead and moved to closed, feel free to suggest again! But for the love of god, use the format that is in the pinned topic.
  10. Pls don't think I'm already being inactive as DL I'm just coding sum stuff

    1. Nick


      Can your code truly exist if it isn't on Lab? 🤔

    2. Fafy


      O shit u rite I have to do that

  11. Well since it's an old ban and there's no evidence, I will unban you, please take the time to read the rules on TTT and try to not get banned again.
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