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  1. Toothpicks ban appeal

    I have spoken with the admin team and we came to the conclusion that while evading ban with numerous alt accounts, you broke a lot of rules (including using wall hacks at least once), enforcing a toxic atmosphere on the server and encouraging other players to do the same. Due to these reasons your ban appeal will be inevitably DENIED. Feel free to appeal again in at least 6 months.
  2. - Updated map list as of 30/12/19 - Wanda Mariokart Bird Cage Tulip Geekroom Last Stand Mall School 64 Lorn 64 Tress Offshore Shallow City 8 Desert Atrocity District Ivory Tower Museum Smallo Town Bangclaw Improved Downtown Fiend Little Town Locality Star Wars Clock Town Amsterville Highnoon Plaza Pool Party Relay Water World Yzarc Station
  3. Yeah, no, I'm just hiding that dude's replies since they do not add anything to this suggestion
  4. I don't think it'll be possible to add CSGO Zoo as it's open nature allows you to get out of the map with almost no effort at all in multiple places. As for the ttt map, I'll put it to vote on the discord
  5. You have been unbanned. Please do keep in mind that we do not tolerate any kind of cheating. Have fun playing in our servers!
  6. Ban Appeal

    Moved to correct location
  7. 13/12/19 - Purged (most) Masks in an attempt to fix reliable channel overflows - Added Crowbar accessory - Added Hands accessory
  8. 11/12/19 - Added Ban Hammer (admin only) accessory
  9. Seeing as you haven't formatted correctly your appeal, I'll have to deny it.
  10. 1/12/19 - Added Pointshop dark skin made by me (has cool animations and shit) - Added XMas Downtown map - Added ERROR playermodel - Added Shadow Miku playermodel - Added GMan mask - Fixed Slay blocks turning hiders into seekers at blind time
  11. 19/11/19 - Added Pointshop dark skin
  12. 18/11/19 - Added Menacing trail - Updated HatsChats addon
  13. you know, this isn't a valid appeal so imma deny this.
  14. Those maps are from Counter Strike Source, to play them you'd need CSS, which most kids don't
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