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  1. 19/11/19 - Added Pointshop dark skin
  2. 18/11/19 - Added Menacing trail - Updated HatsChats addon
  3. you know, this isn't a valid appeal so imma deny this.
  4. Those maps are from Counter Strike Source, to play them you'd need CSS, which most kids don't
  5. Map Suggestion

    One quick question, are you play testing the things you are suggesting? Also may I ask you to refrain from suggesting for a long time? Real suggestions are getting buried and dying.
  6. I'll go with a strong -1, please don't DM me, I'll explain my decision here. * I've deducted that you aren't emotionally mature based on your behavior this past month. * You've been begging HNS admins for sponsorship, when they declined, you instead decided to pester them nonstop and eventually got on their bad side. * You can't handle criticism when admins give it to you and instead you choose to sway admins with guilt as an excuse, that's manipulation. * After being denied from HNS, you immediately applied for moderator, got denied and made this app. I believe you are in pursue of power in any way shape of form, which is unacceptable. * Me and the HNS staff have more issues but I feel as they aren't relevant to this application in particular.
  7. +1 I don't know you so I can't really judge you as a person, but I like your work!
  8. Imma go with a +1, but may I recommend you do not use SendLua and use net messages instead? I've been told by everyone that that is extremely insecure.
  9. Playermodel suggestion

    Agreed, we already have one spartan, so imma deny this
  10. Map suggestions

    Sorry, but this suggestion has been denied.
  11. Daddy Pap Suggestion

    Sorry, but this suggestion has been denied.
  12. Pretty sure I fixed this, if not, suggest again pls, k thx.
  13. New command

    Sorry, but this suggestion has been denied. Use voice_enable 0 instead
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