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  1. ban appeal

    The appeal was denied by the admin. Feel free to appeal again after some time has passed.
  2. Unban Appeal

    Well I banned you because all admins online and I thought you were definetely hacking, and we couldn't snap you either but as I wasn't able to record nor get any sort of evidence at the time I will unban you. Have a nice day
  3. That's... the wrong model
  4. No it doesn't you reeeeeetard
  5. Yeah, because that works on mobile, totally, even though it says desktop and I said I won't use my PC
  6. I need to study for a REALLY important exam, so I won't even turn on my PC. Now stop pinging me on Discord pls k thx
  7. +1 I think an admin CR is a good combination
  8. Ban Appeal

    Since the ban is extremelly old, I will unban you. However please note that we do not tolerate any kind of hacking or cheating, with that in mind please enjoy your stay at our servers!
  9. Really? I see the opposite most of the time
  10. First game I played was Counter Strike 1.6, I played jailbreak and hns + lasers. That was around 2010 ish and I didn't know how to speak english. Damn I miss hide and seek with lasers.
  11. Honestly I have no idea
  12. Doesn't seem colorable and even if I make it colorable it wouldn't look the same imo
  13. This pointless discussion has no place in here, if you want to argue further do so in DMs. Normally, the admin that gagged you would accept or deny the appeal, but you're probably not going to be satisfied with that so I'll step in. You are blatantly accusing two of our best admins of abusing their power, honestly I don't believe you guys but you can gather evidence and present an admin abuse report first, until then, I'm going to deny this.
  14. I'm up for it if people like it
  15. Unbanned, enjoy your stay at our servers!
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