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  1. Orange because it was the color of my Medic skin on Purge
  2. Unban Juky if for no other reason then to piss off Violator
  3. TTT is just one big circle jerk, eh? inb4 Vio is told to hide this post and does it because hes a cuck
  4. What? https://www.strawpoll.me/15243754/r
  5. https://www.strawpoll.me/15243754 Vote on this poll in 30 seconds or jesus hates you

  6. Do you think void ray rush is imba or ba?
  7. I heard a GMod DL was needed?
  8. who you think you is, you think it don't be like that but it do

  9. Happy birfday Roy, I was gonna message you on steam like you did to me but I realized it's 3 am :balloon:

  10. Can I be a Council? I check the forums once every two weeks just like I need too
  11. Good times man, Purge will never be what it once was. FeelsNostalgicMan @StupidMe
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