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  1. https://www.strawpoll.me/15243754 Vote on this poll in 30 seconds or jesus hates you

  2. who you think you is, you think it don't be like that but it do

  3. Happy birfday Roy, I was gonna message you on steam like you did to me but I realized it's 3 am :balloon:

  4. CoD4 Mixed server when? :cockatiel:

    1. Roy


      Initially we had a Mixed server but it didn't really get any players while on sabotage and domination. I want to get another Mixed server in the future once the FFA server is successful :D

    2. Domps VERO.co

      Domps VERO.co

      User maps when? :ostrich:

  5. Happy birthday to the coolest person with a birthday today :kotori::amane::yoru::asa::ageha:

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