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  1. But in all seriousness, this will be put to a vote.
  2. I counter your suggestion with a fellow probably bad suggestion: Provide both ranks with whatever the winning dealio is but Allow VIP gets to customize their rank's appearance to some degree, with it defaulting to the same base as Supporter For example; Let's say, for simplicity sake, these two win; VIP and Supporter Now, Supporter is a pleb, and can't change this however VIP can, and does this just as a humble flex. VIP As you can see, VIP just added a shadow, damn that's gonna make those filthy casuals Supporters super jealous VIP Oh damn, now they changed fonts, comic sans!!!!!!! super cool!!!!! Gonna be honest, I'd literally donate to be able to change my puny Server Manager to Server Manager, but honestly this whole dealio isn't a bad idea. Just spitballing>
  3. I Disappeared for 7 weeks. Added Maps gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 ttt_highnoon_a7_fix dm_mariokart2_b3 rp_coastalcity_v3c Player-models Dummy Playermodel (Member+ & Supporter+) Milk Man (Supporter+) Papyrus (Supporter+) Shiteyanyo (Member + purchasable April Fools only) Accessories, Hats and Hats, Jump Packs. Sombrero Masks Alien Hominid (Supporter+) Poopy (Supporter+) Firefox Homer Internet Explorer Macintosh Hatschat :POGGERS: :monkaS: :F: shield_gear (Linecon) Removed Maps ttt_castle_2011_v3_day ttt_comancher_censored de_deathcookin gm_newdonkcity_smc ttt_bf3_scrapmetal Hatschat :portal1: :portal2: :portal3: :portal4: :portal5: :portal6: :portal7: :portal8: :portal9: :portal11: :stewiegriffinsmug: Fixed Maps gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 Accessories, Hats and Hats, Jump Packs. Most Christmas items, due to a directory errors. -- Fafy's Section He's kind of a big deal Primary Additions Rewrote init.lua Rewrote cl_init.lua Re-wrote/cleaned up !hnsmenu Rewrote his custom map-vote Rewrote all of HNS (Being tested for bugs) GOT PROMOTED TO MOTHERFUCKING DIVISION LEADER BOII Fixes Christmas Event Christmas Miku Playermodel gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 H&S Block Edit Basically made HNS great again. All of these things
  4. Buying the Christmas items was optional, that's why the price was so high. You could get a free Christmas item each day via !gift, hence forth why they were not sellable, if they were they could be easily abused. Fun fact: This did happen, the Candycane Trail was sellable during the 2017 Christmas event (Mbs was Manager) and people abused the literal hell out of it, gaining hundreds of millions of points.
  5. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ph_trainstation I've played maps similar to this one in a HNS gamemode, few variants; if this one holds true to the very simillar variants, it's very easily to get out of the map. I'll give it a whirl some time to see if it has the same issues. Even if it has these issues, might still be added.
  6. 2:01 AM What sorcery is this?
  7. Yellow overlord dudes 2: gmod boogaloo Congrats @Fafy You've been a MASSIVE help with HNS and you're insanely good at what you do. Clearly you've been an insane help just about everywhere else too, mad lad. It's impressive how far you've come in such a short time. Good luck with your future endeavors. A Spaniard and a Zebra walk into a bar...
  8. Story holds up. Link: https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:1:100965903&advType=steamid Cake anti-cheat doesn't specify what form of console variable manipulation was done on Sbans, so it would've taken quite a bit of digging in Cake to find out what it was that you did specifically. Thanks for owning up, since this was a long while ago, and you have no other sbans on other GFL servers, you will be unbanned. However, if you do get caught hacking, cheating or trying some type of tom-foolery, it's bye-bye. o/
  9. @BrotherWolf (AKA Wuffy) Tagging, since he is most likely not aware of this appeal.
  10. Bounty Round

    This is something I used to do when I was Trial Admin. Good thing for admins to do when they wanna give out points, but it is a bit finicky when it comes done to making sure it goes smoothly. +1, for the points variation--as a !vote command, the reiterations below are just ideas with notable flaws. Possible re-itteration; - Higher score, higher bounty. Like a multiplier. - Higher score, higher likelihood of said bounty. The above two could have a small chance to be automatically done at round 5, or initiated via a vote from T-Admin+ Pros: Encourages participation Engages players Provides incentive Generally fun Cons: High possibility of constant try-harding by experienced players, making the game not fun and therefore potentially undesirable by regular players. Similar to the above, the problem of people just not playing the game properly, as a hider or a seeker-just calling out where the bounty is, or ignoring all hiders and targeting the bounty. Which is no fun. Overall: good idea for a Special Round vote.
  11. Get a hammer, now get your headset--
  12. $20 Steam Card

    Green What's up with the tape.
  13. (Totally Something You'd Do)

    [Manager] Zexired: Today, I'm sorry but I am officially resigning. My Reason: Black.



















    Sike You Thought

    Edited by ScourgeMZB
  14. We have a format VIPs/Supporters are meant to be able to use video sprays. That's a mess up on my part when configuring it, I'll fix this now. Thanks.
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