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  1. sex will remember that!1q11!!! Take care of yourself and keep it real, it was a pleasure.
  2. Post search redirect error

    My bad, should be fixed now. link
  3. Post search redirect error

    Similar to: Same result on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Same result when logged in and when not. Error code: 1S160/2 Video example: https://youtu.be/4kWjHdoobI8 When opening peoples profiles via their related post, this error shows up. When opening peoples profiles via profile status, the error does not show up. When opening peoples profiles via status comments, the error does not show up. Not a big deal, just a bit obnoxious when searching a lot of people up.
  4. Resigning from GMOD Hide'n'Seek Manager and HNS as a whole. Short and bitter, time to hand over the mantle. Just a simple goodbye. Have fun everyone.
  5. T E M P L E this looks like a fun ass event glhf
  6. In order as written above. Excluding some 'personal' options. Sleep, video games and friends. "Who the fuck cares, what are they gonna do?" Exercise.
  7. Unbanned

    Considering it's been 3 years & you put in the time to make an appeal, there's no real harm in unbanning you. Thanks @SkydivingSquid
  8. City Ruins Map

    I feel like a massive map is a bad idea. My mind says no, but my body says yes.
  9. Unban Appeal

    I remember you. Sorry this took so long, keep getting distracted. You've put in the effort to make 2 appeals, vaguely admitted to cheating & you've waited ~8 months. Seems fair, you'll be unbanned. Just don't cheat again, because if you get caught again you won't be unbanned. - - - - - - - - - - Edit: I currently can't don't have the time to/cannot access Sourcebans at this time. Requesting that someone else does it. @Fafy @flyingjoe32
  10. Not gonna lie, I'm extremely mixed on this one. On one hand, I'm sure it'd be bucjets of fun, hours enjoy,ent and alll that, however. There's the linhering fear of abuse-I know that the abuse that's even possible at the moment is extremely minor, but it's still a concern. As well as that, it feels as if this may take away from the Hide'n'seek aspect and turn it into a bit more of a 'sit down and fuck around' feel. Still, debate is open.
  11. Please follow the format, - You need 75+ hours on the server - An admin sponsor The application link is found here: https://gflclan.com/forms/22-hns-admin-application/
  12. But in all seriousness, this will be put to a vote.
  13. I counter your suggestion with a fellow probably bad suggestion: Provide both ranks with whatever the winning dealio is but Allow VIP gets to customize their rank's appearance to some degree, with it defaulting to the same base as Supporter For example; Let's say, for simplicity sake, these two win; VIP and Supporter Now, Supporter is a pleb, and can't change this however VIP can, and does this just as a humble flex. VIP As you can see, VIP just added a shadow, damn that's gonna make those filthy casuals Supporters super jealous VIP Oh damn, now they changed fonts, comic sans!!!!!!! super cool!!!!! Gonna be honest, I'd literally donate to be able to change my puny Server Manager to Server Manager, but honestly this whole dealio isn't a bad idea. Just spitballing>
  14. I Disappeared for 7 weeks. Added Maps gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 ttt_highnoon_a7_fix dm_mariokart2_b3 rp_coastalcity_v3c Player-models Dummy Playermodel (Member+ & Supporter+) Milk Man (Supporter+) Papyrus (Supporter+) Shiteyanyo (Member + purchasable April Fools only) Accessories, Hats and Hats, Jump Packs. Sombrero Masks Alien Hominid (Supporter+) Poopy (Supporter+) Firefox Homer Internet Explorer Macintosh Hatschat :POGGERS: :monkaS: :F: shield_gear (Linecon) Removed Maps ttt_castle_2011_v3_day ttt_comancher_censored de_deathcookin gm_newdonkcity_smc ttt_bf3_scrapmetal Hatschat :portal1: :portal2: :portal3: :portal4: :portal5: :portal6: :portal7: :portal8: :portal9: :portal11: :stewiegriffinsmug: Fixed Maps gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 Accessories, Hats and Hats, Jump Packs. Most Christmas items, due to a directory errors. -- Fafy's Section He's kind of a big deal Primary Additions Rewrote init.lua Rewrote cl_init.lua Re-wrote/cleaned up !hnsmenu Rewrote his custom map-vote Rewrote all of HNS (Being tested for bugs) GOT PROMOTED TO MOTHERFUCKING DIVISION LEADER BOII Fixes Christmas Event Christmas Miku Playermodel gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 H&S Block Edit Basically made HNS great again. All of these things
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