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  1. this is the moment nobody has been waiting for 


  2. happy birthday and :rip: ataze

  3. I miss you on garrys mod

  4. Suggestions on my Art?

    try, like 800x800 or 1000x1000 for most high quality results -other than that; maybe use some of the pre-built filters like colour correction and such. -a good way to have objects with the background removed look nice is to go over the edges with a soft eraser
  5. Couldn't even get to 250, I am disappointed
  6. PINEAPPLE DOES NOT BELONG ON PIZZA!! No ketchup. Nasty also, cheese* smh
  7. EJ's Art Request

    I know I'm not in the Creative Team, but how is this?
  8. I beg to differ, I almost won at seeker spawn in airbus I got caught with about 50 seconds left
  9. Guess who's back?



  10. Art Request

    If you mean a server loading screen it should be at a 1080p or a 4K res- to fit all screen sizes.
  11. Looks like I'll be gone until the 27th
  12. Meet my kawaii Jesus-chan


    1. Gekk


      All hail the Kawaii Jesus-Chan!!! XD

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