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  1. since Roy just told me about this and America is great.
  2. here is the link to the format you should be using for your appeal
  3. your last post on this was less than a month ago, I am curious as to why you think their minds would change on this in less then a month?
  4. So, if we are your favorite server, and you want to be unbanned why did you proceed to change your name to ni**** and spam join the server? This doesn't show me that you respect the server and want to be back?
  5. Well there was no SS so i was just going with my fellow admins words. You are unbanned so just read the rules know when you can kos and when you can’t. I believe you can do good so do good (:
  6. To be fair he has a right to ban you for 3 rdms. It’s a day ban. Wait out your ban. If he decides to unban you so be it. But i don’t think he should. You were consistently RDMing. Just take a day and come back on with a better knowledge of how to not RDM.
  7. youre literally the only one who posted an actual picture of yourself. No spirit around here jeez. You win lol. whats your steam name.
  8. It’s nearing the end of spooky season! If you know me you know I love spooky season. Starting a topic so everyone can show off their costumes! Gonna pick out my favorite and gift them something special on steam. Picking the winner on Sunday !
  9. Okay well I am going to ban you because I do believe you didn’t mean to kill three people, as long as you know now you can’t go throwing around discombobs even if you warn people. Especially in nether.
  10. Do you have proof of them saying they didn't want you banned because none of them forgave the report? Also, it was not accidental because in your response to the reports you said "Im sorry I thought by saying 'I'm gonna fucking do it' you'd know I was about to discombob." Innocents should never throw discombobs ESPECIALLY in nether. That is the most deadly place to throw a discombob.
  11. I’ve never really had any bad injuries. The worst was recently when I almost broke my ankle whilst landing after jumping out of a plane in airborne school.
  12. I didn't perma ban you and you have been unbanned since my last comment.
  13. Also, I am going to unban you. For future reference I would recommend reading server rules before playing so something like this doesn’t happen again, and don’t use anything that you have no clue what it does. I believe you know the rules now and will follow them but if you happen to break them again, You will be rebanned now that I know you’ve read and understand the rules. Thank you!
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