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  1. Yeah my computers broke asf ill be on when i can best of wishes to you eli.
  2. Where the fuck am i at? jkjk lol
  3. Sorry, I was out when you messaged me on Steam. Please message me when you get online.

  4. but you cant buy a headset? hmm weird
  5. GMod is fucking cancer but yet then So is CS:GO so i pick tf2
  6. What's up furry

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    2. Jat


      If you're "NOT A FUCKING FURRY", then why are you a "LORD FURRY" now lol.

    3. Roy




      I'm too lazy to change it lmao and I couldn't care less what my rank is in GFL lol. I cannot abandon @Kim as well since he's in the same group!

    4. canman1151


      oh so you are a furry? with dat fox


  7. Your right im the best but I'll be around
  8. Sorry spaced out on you mundo
  9. stop im going to commit
  10. Shutup glenn <3
  11. <3
  12. Well time has come I got the chance to stick with a server and I did I lost interest in it i tried new things but i just kinda lost everything this was kind of sudden. I've thought of resigning for a while and today is that day. I want to give credit to where it belongs to those people that helped me through the way with JailBreak. @Eli - Always helped even when I Threw him under the bus. @Roy - Always helped me through everything included server and real life. @RickGrimesTM - helping me thought being a manager and getting me there. @Zebra - For giving me the chance for being a Manager and always helping me through @Violator - Helping me through managing and just trying his best with me to keep the server up. @Bae For helping me at the start with the population and didn't leave through the whole process. @DoctorDJ - For being one of my admins when we had the population and for the things he has done for the server. @Dreamm - Being there for the server not letting it die. @Faex - One of the admins that's been here longer then most of the admins always helped when needed. @Jat - For being there at the end never giving up putting a lot of his time in on the server when needed. @Ghostly_Gekkota - Helping out at the start populating the server. @Nematode - hype beast and a half @ButterKing5000 - helped me with some server stuff @eddiegdo - Was there since day one and 2014 @OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan - For Being Dan @Bonk - For giving me a chance on TTT @skell - hi dad @Xy_ - He wanted to be tagged @Kubnair - He told me to resign with him but nah i waited. @Korowa - Thanks For being There for Jailbreak at The end and taking the offer with such low staff <3 @Sins_of_the_Past Old JailBreak admin helping me through the way and always showing me support even when i fuck up. @Mundo For coming back and helping me out with shit i needed. @Katie - You happy? And to anyone else I missed mostly my admin team thanks for being by my side and helping me with jailbreak it has been fun with GFL i will be back later down the road to see if JailBreak will be back or not it has been fun. Good Bye, Canman1151
  13. stop hitting yourself damn it self harm is bad.

    1. canman1151


      You wanna see me hit myself :lenny:


    2. transperodan


      No stawp plox k danks

  14. How'd I know i'd be lucky
  15. Fixed: Buffed and Nerfed Certain weapons Fixed guard armor To Do: Populate Add Suggestions