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  1. Remember the good old days?

    Jesus Christ or when i got the cube on Sand and broke the map good days good days
  2. What is the best way for an admin to sponsor you?

    Suck Dick.<< be a suck up deadass.
  3. Battle of the Communities- CSGO

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:210718288 CSGO/ESEA/Faceit Rank: MG/GN 1 on alt account which will be used during tournament Charity you want GFL to support: Breast Cancer Research Foundation Preferred position: Primary Awp/Lurker
  4. Resignation

    Wow rip rip
  5. I need Admins

    I will deny as of now maybe later @BLAZE
  6. I need Admins

    Dont choose Eli i got you
  7. Where are you from?

    Somewhere in Colorado(Pueblo, Colorado)
  8. Congrats On Division Leader you deserved it.

  9. Job

    I'd want to be a professional school shooter.
  10. Happy Birthday, @canman1151! I wish you the best of wishes. :) 

  11. Happy birthday buddy

  12. You just turned 16?? Oh my, happy birthday you thot :P

    1. canman1151


      not a thot yet :)

    2. Misaki




      lmk when u are lmao <3

  13. Christmas Wishlist

    My computers broke so how bout a new Mobo and cpu would be great about now.
  14. Jailbreak Christmas Update

    Yeah my computers broke asf ill be on when i can best of wishes to you eli.
  15. EJ’s Resignation.

    Where the fuck am i at? jkjk lol