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  1. Don't think I got to meet you when I was here but nice to meet you and thank you.
  2. Hello many of you know me by multiple names. Skrt The Turtle Turtle and of course Canman1151 I was a GMOD Jailbreak manager for GFL back in 2017-2018 the time how it flew by. Let’s get into it I am currently a Senior in high school letting days go by being an admin for Rick again, and I gotta day I do miss the community and everyone in it. Would love to get to know the new people in the community. If you’d wish to add me on steam go ahead if you do might as well join the CWRP server. 😉
  3. Ill give you 100 dollars to get Vio back


  4. Somewhere in Colorado(Pueblo, Colorado)
  5. Congrats On Division Leader you deserved it.

  6. I'd want to be a professional school shooter.
  7. Happy Birthday, @canman1151! I wish you the best of wishes. :) 

  8. happy birthday, you're finally legal in other countries~

    1. canman1151


      Wym i am legal


    2. Bae


      :lenny: legal to be married.

  9. Happy birthday buddy

  10. You just turned 16?? Oh my, happy birthday you thot :P

    1. canman1151
    2. Pachimo




      lmk when u are lmao <3

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