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  1. I came back to GFL around 7 months ago and had the best time of my life again it was honestly the best decision I made. During the time of my 7 months I met a lot more people then I did in my 6 years here at GFL and they have always made me better then I am. I have always loved GFL and I honestly wish I could stay where I am as a Senior Admin for CWRP , but better things await me and the better things are the Military and my life just changing. I have decided to join the Military so that I can do something with my education. This has been my goal and I am going to go for it. I need to actually better myself and do something myself. Thank god I was not a Manager this time around and actually got to relax more then anything. I can say this is probably my favorite time I have been around on GMod I was actually able to talk to a lot of the staff members and players of the server help them whenever I could and do what I can to improve the server. I honestly can thank @Rick and @Pachimo for the opportunity for admin without applying again thanks Funny thing is Rick was my Manager on Jailbreak and handed me the server and could honestly thank him for everything that he did for me during the time of Jailbreak and CWRP. I loved the community and I promise I will be back one day. I can say this though thank you to everyone that has talked to me during the time I was going to through my own problems. @Worgee I can thank you for everything you helped me with you were one of my best friends during the time I was here. @Rick Thank you for the opportunity again I really appreciate it seriously you've took me under your wing and taught me a lot of what I will need later on you were and always will be one of my best friends I hope you do good in life man you deserve a lot more then you think dude. @Pachimo I love you thank you for the opportunity you have always been here for me during my hard times and have always helped me whenever seriously I love you let me know if you need anything friend. @ComradeJosh You sir are not 6ft but seriously thank you for the good times on the server and thank you for honestly helping me whenever I needed it on the server. @Bae Thank you for coming around again I missed you a lot and thank you for coming and seeing how cancer CWRP is lmao. @Harakoni You were one of the best SA's that there have been on CWRP thank you for taking initiative and helping CWRP the most. @King_Wailord This man right here was my Jailbreak brother both of us were Managers at the same time and honestly was a an amazing SA during the time he was here. @Karma_Neon Thank you for everything you did for me seriously I consider you a brother more then anything. If you ever need anything just pm me on discord I will always be here. @Hunt You always will be a good friend nothing more you always worried about me. @Stud I love you man I hope youre doing good honestly. You have always been the friendliest and nicest person to talk to its amazing. ALL OF THE CWRP STAFF THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DURING THE PAST MONTH HONESTLY YOU GUYS HAVE MADE EVERYTHING EASIER FOR ME. This is my final goodbye Ill be back sooner or later who knows.
  2. I can change my vote to +1 now I have saw you actually take control of situations needed you are Australian as well which would help during the night time honestly I think youre ready now.
  3. This is one thing I forgot to mention and yes communication is key with everything as that's how issues get resolved easier.
  4. Alright its my time to chip in on this as I am apart of both and honestly most of the time I really do not blame discord moderation but there are somethings I do agree with of course and that is I agree with this 100% and that's because most of the time people go to the highest they see under Server Manager as most problems occur when they are offline. I can agree with Motor on this as we do get a bad rep for "Not Responding" yet half of the time we aren't even pinged in where it is located and are just told to ban someone without proof is the thing. Even on other GFL discords it's not only CWRP that has the same problem as well I can assure that. Multiple times we have been pinged in the Rust discord with no context behind what is happening and someone is just telling us to ban someone. I would rather be aware first of where the problem is and try to figure it out from there. Personally this has dragged on for a while and I'm standing with Moderation as they do their job appropriately.
  5. Bandit what can I say bad about you you have been apart of the community for awhile and know how things run. Personally I will be giving you my +1 as I do think you would be a great addition to the Forums.
  6. Neutral to -1 : during the time being seeing you as a game master you rarely enforce rules and I've seen you break them as well. I personally think you just are not ready for moderation team.
  7. Neutral to +1 based on what others said as Skittlez trust you with Manager I feel like we can trust you with helping out as a moderator as well.
  8. Neutral leaning towards +1 Avenger has always been one to look out for people in discord and moderate it he has been exceptional on our staff team but has been inactive due to personal reasons with his life. I personally think you are ready for this position but I will give you time to come back.
  9. Karma is one of our best admins in game and I can personally +1 him he has never had a problem with anyone in general and I feel like he would be a great fit to help the CWRP discord.
  10. I have gotten the time to actually talk to you about the incident and I have decided on to unban you I know what you did during the time on the server as a Member and GM you have done better I just really want you to change your attitude towards staff and players and just change in general I love you I do man just next time think about it before you do it :). Accepted
  11. Of course whenever you want to talk to me im open my dm's are open I respond to mostly everything shortly.
  12. Okay so here was a more recent incident that happened on CWRP that issued with player Harassment. First thing I did was bring them both to a sit of course talked them down on what just happened and asked for them to explain their story, Having this done they both explained what had just happened and was honest about it all I did was give them a verbal warning telling them if they continue it, It will be a warning and a 48hr ban on them both. They both said sorry to one another and continued the day as normal.
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