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  1. [Announcement] Partnering with GamingReviews

    Welcome, welcome! Glad to have you here with us Joris. Love what you do and hope we can advance as a team! :3
  2. It was fun, goodbye everyone!

    Farewell, Charmayy! It was great working with you. Though it was short-lived, you were an amazing and down to earth. Hope you see you around, with your streaming aswell, and to thank you one last time for the work you've achieved for GFL. <3
  3. bon voyage

    Have fun! You better come over to NL :3
  4. Happy Birthday Kub Kub :3 Thanks for being a good sport on Discord.






    Still bad at Fortnite ;P


  5. A good lord I met on Discord, Z1gaylord.
  6. GFL Member Directory

    @Venus nice beard you got there
  7. I need a break

    Aw. Take care, Kite! Stay strong :3 I’ll be waiting for your return
  8. Congrats Dad! Love u :3

  9. New Council Members and Director.

    Congratulations to all new council members! I’m counting on you all :3
  10. CS:GO Random 5V5 Tournament (Prize Pool)

    Good luck fellow teammates :3
  11. CS:GO Random 5V5 Tournament (Prize Pool)

    Steam Name: rock_royce Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:96779960 What I’ll spend the money on: FREE V-BUCKS YES Good luck to those who make it through :3
  12. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you live an abundant 15th year. :3

  13. im leaving

    Thank you for filling JB with joy through these times. It has been a pleasure having you on the server, and I hope to see you hop on time to time. Good luck in life bud; hope it gets better for you.
  14. [BF4] Link To Our Servers Through Battlelog

    Europe as well? Is it Christmas? :O