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  1. (Discord) Neutral leaning +1 for the time being; you’re fairly active and follow rules. You aren’t, from my experiences, toxic or pose any “threats”. However, I’d like to see more activity and more communication between others.
  2. Sad to see you go, Konich; you’ve been a great friend through the Discord times. I’ll miss you, but I hope we can still keep in touch. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the moderation team. ❤️ -Semi-active boi
  3. Blue Blauw Bleu Blou Blu Blau Azul 藍色
  4. Thanks for yet another year, couldn’t have been better. Stay strong, and here’s to another. ❤️
  5. Better late then never, Happy Birthday buddy

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    1. RockRoyce


      A bit late for me too on the reply. Thank you very much ❤️ 





      PS: Keep in touch boi, I miss ya.

  6. Happy birthday, Royce. 

    1. RockRoyce


      Thank you very much, Rogue! 

  7. Happy Birthday yo

    1. RockRoyce


      Thanks GayLord :))


  8. Happy 14th birthday!

  9. How old are you now? 12? 12 and 1/2?