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  1. :O Good luck with school. Hope everything goes well. Keep in touch; you better not ignore me! -Talk on SC too bb <3
  2. I Am ♪

    BeWaRe! He'll take you in a jiffy! You've been warned...!
  3. TWIGGGG! I’m glad to see that you’ve applied. My current vote stands as a fat +1. • You were a joy to work with in our prior experiences; you worked well and smoothly with the rest of the team. • You voice out your opinions straight on and handle them well. •Your Twitch path is glorious and I think that you’ll be a great addition to the team to voice out our servers. •Outside of GFL, you’re very kind and keen on your duties. I wish you the best of luck to the rest of your application. <3 PS: I’m on mobile so pardon my formatting.
  4. My current vote stands as a neutral leaning to +1. My reasoning for this vote is the fact that my interactions with you are minimum, however I do believe you have good traits. I've had notice of temper issues, however I think you will definitely learn to cope as days pass. You show good work ethic and I'm impressed by your application. Thank you for applying. Best of luck to the rest of your application. I will change my vote if necessary.
  5. Happy Birthday, James! I've expressed my love on Discord already but you deserve some more. <3 Wishing you a great year ahead, dad!

  6. +1 all the way. You show high activity within Discords that you and I share, as well as you knowing the ins-and-outs (i.e. rules). Most of my other reasons have been stated above, go figure ;). Other than that, you know what you're doing and can adapt well. Good luck on the rest of your application!
  7. From my previous experience with Wiggles, he's very straight to the point and gets things done. In addition, he handles situations as efficient and fair as possible. As Kite and Oscar (Liloz) said, he is very familiar with Discord and very active amongst the countless Discords he's in. Although he does have his conflicts, he knows what's best. Therefore, my vote stands as a +1. Also what Kite9867 said. Good luck on the rest of your application.
  8. My current vote stands as a neutral. Your reasoning, as Koni said, is weak and is already being handled with our current Moderation team. Looking at your activity, it isn't so astounding. However, you do show up during peak times. On a 1 to 1, you seem like a nice guy who I've interacted with occasionally. Thanks for taking your time in making this application. Good luck here on out.
  9. R.I.P CS:GO Jailbreak. It was immense fun whilst it lasted. Thanks for all the memories you've brought in my life, along with the staff team and the regulars.  


    I now have lost my green status. :(

  10. Oh my god, Rick. I wasn't aware of this post nor your complications that you've had since I was kinda away from the forums. It truly saddens me to see things like this and no one should ever, ever, experience this in their lifetime. I hope you can stay strong and I hope you can strive through this rough patch. From here on, I wish your mother well and hope that everything goes well, smooth and sound. My prayers are with you throughout her recovery. Regardless, I'm really pleased to hear your results and I'm sure you'll strive further with your academic career. I'm sure your family is very proud. Keep your head high, bud. ♥
  11. Farewell, Mamoru! Take care, bud. <3
  12. 1. My battle.net ID: RockRoyce#2503 2. What map I would prefer - Ecopoint: Antarctica. Gl to all and don’t flame me for being shit lel <3
  13. Firstly, thank you immensely for your work done within JB. You’ve put all your effort during your reign to make JB as great as can be. You were kind, cancer (sometimes :p), funny and hard-working. I’ll never forget the days of playing JB and seeing you grow from a mere admin to a manager. During my first application, ever, I sweating b a l l s and couldn’t get a hold of myself. I then found myself to be accepted briefly after, where you then became my first ever manager. We’ve had so many funny memories and you’ve definitely brought joy to most of my virtual, online life. The fact that you’re 15(? fuk idk) is mind-blowing with your workload and the things you’ve achieved. I won’t forget you ever. Thanks for all you’ve done and thanks for bringing all these memories. Love u bby <3 Royce PS: Longest goodbye message I’ve done but you deserve it.
  14. Good luck with your future career. Hope everything goes smoothly with your academic duties.