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  1. Better late then never, Happy Birthday buddy

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    1. RockRoyce


      A bit late for me too on the reply. Thank you very much ❤️ 





      PS: Keep in touch boi, I miss ya.

  2. Happy bday!

    1. RockRoyce


      Thanks Ducccc! :3


  3. Happy birthday, Royce. 

    1. RockRoyce


      Thank you very much, Rogue! 

  4. Happy Birthday yo

    1. RockRoyce


      Thanks GayLord :))


  5. Happy 14th birthday!

  6. How old are you now? 12? 12 and 1/2? 

  7. So, we are bringing back, RockRose?

    good to hear hey @Aura say happy birthday ffs dude


    1. RockRoyce


      :P It ain't coming back. hehe


    2. rapperdan
  8. Happy birthday, son! <3

  9. happy birthday tanner

  10. Sad to see you go. Thanks for everything you’ve done both outside and within GFL. Never forget, love you. Keep in touch. <3
  11. D:


    Thanks for everything you've done - Ly



    Keep in touch pls

  12. Neutral leaning +1 Friendly and approachable - No warns or signs of misbehaviour. Fairly active within TS3, and have good interactions with him. Prominent within GFL, as to your roles. Forum activity and TS3 activity can be upped.
  13. Neutral leaning to +1 Mature guy, especially for a youngin' Friendly and assured of rules Though I live in a different time zone, don't see you as active. Thank you for applying. I wish you the best of luck in your application further.