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  1. Happy Birthday, Mould! Thanks for your service in JB and I wish you an abundant 22nd year ahead.

  2. Send help

    It’s happened to me before, however slightly different where it says I’m connected, but I can’t hear anyone and I’m the only one talking even though everyone actually is. I think a quick fix would be a re-install, see how that works.
  3. New Discord Moderator application

    My current vote stands as a +1 Worgee is a super friendly and mature person within GFL and has so much potential. You're active and willing to help populate within Discord and you know the way around our Discord server's rules and regulations. Good luck with the rest of your app
  4. Happy Birthday, Kite! Have a great year ahead! Wishing you all the best. <3

  5. Riggs' Discord Moderator Application

    Thank you for applying for Discord Moderator, @Riggs. I want to start this off with my vote: Neutral. The reason of this being that you are very active, as it is evident, as well as being somewhat knowing of what's right and wrong. However, my reason for staying neutral is the fact that you tend to join in with the toxicity and sometimes don't follow rules/designated channels for the things you post/comment on. Good luck with the rest of your application! I will change my vote otherwise depending on if I see any improvements. Thanks.
  6. New Discord Moderator application

    Hey! I'm going to start this off with giving you a fat +1 You're fairly active on Discord and I see you interacting with both seniors and newcomers. As well as that, you're very friendly and approachable Good luck with the rest of your application!
  7. Finally Leaving.

    Goodbye, Q. Good luck with whatever your future holds. I wish you all the best. You never seemed intolerant and was quite genuine. Thanks for the time and effort you put into GFL. Cya <3
  8. 3 month VIP giveway

    I enjoy my family and friends, along with gaming ofc, which is how I ended up here.
  9. No More

    I’d like to start with saying thank you for what you’ve done at GFL. You were a great guy and I looked up to you. We played a few games yesterday and I loved every moment of it. Thank for those tips bb I wish you good luck with the rest of your career. <3
  10. Anyone ‘use’ sleeping music?

    I do get where you're coming from, and I do, but rarely, put on some soothing music to ease me down. As a person who has a lot on his mind, I tend to not fall asleep until later on. So to answer your question, you're not alone
  11. The time has come

    WHY. WHY. WHY. NO! I REFUSE! 3 of our admins, which I all adore and love, have resigned. Pains me to see you guys resign but I wish you good luck in the future, Purple. You are someone I find hilarious and a joy to be with. You were always by our side and showed great admin'ing. Thank you for the joy you've brought and the good laughs we've had. I'll miss you dearly. Same as Tom, don't you dare forget me or I'll personally come over there. <3 Love you, and don't forget to come back.
  12. Boosting Member Traffic

    I like the idea of having some sort of gimmicky animation that kinda bounces a tab you can either pull, or just have a sign up box there. It could redirect you to the member apps or, if possibly like you said, be able to fill it there. That'll be a nice way to promote the membership, whilst not being too obnoxious.
  13. Boosting Member Traffic

    I understand. However, we could possibly, instead of restricting their view of everything, put it to the side as a stand out sign up box that would have more people signing up. Possibly saying like "to view more content and comment on things" and list benefits there. Thank for your feedback.
  14. Boosting Member Traffic

    Hey everyone. I was initially trying to brainstorm some ideas as to improving the GFL's traffic when it comes to members, and also having more SEO, as explained by @Decoy. I was browsing anonymously through the vast website and somehow came to a Quora page. I had read the thread I was looking for and then saw another post that caught my attention. So I clicked on it, and was met with this: A pop-up is brought to you after reading on the page where you can't proceed unless you have a Quora account. This could be used for our GFL forums so that it's a mandatory act to sign in and/or be a member which would redirect them to possibly the application form. Quora specialises with these kind of things as it's basically a compulsory thing where you must have an account in order to proceed. When viewing their homepage, you are directly met with this: This is another example of somehow forcing the viewer to either sign up, or become a member to view somewhat "premium" content within GFL, which could possibly be the forums. Like the shoutbox, we could implement this but make it more like a "mandatory" thing to do. A big pop-up that says "Hey, sign up/become member to view this premium content. This was brought to light to @Roy and he'd suggested to post my ideas here to receive any feedback or opinions. Thanks.
  15. Goodbye Jailbreak.

    What, no. Don't leave D: In all seriousness, I wish you all the best. Thank you greatly for helping out in the JB community and along with the events. You were someone who I admired within JB and I appreciate greatly what you've done. I will always remember you as a kind and funny man who I met just randomly on JB and since then always looked up to you. Don't forget me bby. Farewell. Luv u <3 thanks for the sponsor :3