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    Wait there still working on darkrp
  2. This Server is Trash

    Wowowoowowowowowowow Roy agian if you keep this up we’re gonna need to demote you and promote someone super qualified like EDGE AS FOUNDER
  3. This Server is Trash

    Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowiwowoowowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowowowowowow @Roy insulting the player base smh
  4. No put me as director back then and I will 100% make sure he will not even see a penny now you might be thinking how he would do this simple I would just take the money myself problem solved
  5. Rick your so cool and amazing
  6. No rick don’t leave us like you left the tv show
  7. i think my name should be on there
  8. gfl roles

    Why is writer above vip there just member that are decent at writing smh
  9. You smell :)

    1. Pyros
    2. mbs


      Why the sad kitty? 
      did you think this was an insult I did not say u smell bad. I meant as a compliment :)

  10. Who are these people?
  11. Oh wait you came back anyway bye and be safe
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