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  1. Media Team Application from CrusTi

    Disregard any drama you've had with Charmy, due to his resignation from GFL. Anyways. @TheSadBandit Said the gist of my mind. I know you like to feel like you're exposing people, but this is ridiculous. Stop trying to insult people and calling it constructive criticism. Say what the problem is, suggest ways to fix it, and that's it. No calling anyone a dictator. Does the media team have faults? Sure, no doubt about that. Always room for improvement. I definitely appreciate the ideas. I'm sure @Heaven will put these into consideration. At this point I can only read and apply what I can to myself. (Which is actually very little.) But really, this could've all been either DM'd or something to the leader. Not in an application thread. You're just calling out most of the seeming faults the Media team has and forgetting that you're applying. If you're actually working 14 hours a day, then I'd actually recommend not coming on the team, for your own health. But hey, if you think you can handle it... Aaanyways. You like to prove that you care about the team. You stream, and you stream well. I can't deny that. As long as you can stream games such as CSGO and GMoD, you'll be extremely useful to the team. I'll +1. It'd be nice to see slight attitude improvements though.
  2. New Jailbreak Maps (VOTING)

    Anything but jb_undertale. Please. Thanks
  3. Media Team Application from CrusTi

    Are you here to try to correct the media team or here to apply? The majority of the media team is NOT inactive. (A couple members are though. That's up to the leader to fix that.) We have plenty of stuff we are working on in the background. Both GFX and video editors have (or very recently had) projects going on. I'm sure the leader knows how to handle things just fine. No, you didn't throw a "truth bomb", and don't start getting a big head here. Sit down. Every member that is in the Media team has earned it. We aren't "inactive". Just because only one media team member has responded in 4 days (which isn't very long at all. Half a week.) doesn't mean we are inactive. We have lives, too. (TheSadBandit IS a media team member, btw. The forums don't show it for some reason.) I can't speak for the thing between you and Charmy, so I'll leave that up to everyone who is involved. Honestly I'm neutral at the moment. After the current situation fixes itself and the test is completed, I will definitely have a -1 or +1 ready.
  4. Media Team Application from CrusTi

    First off, chill. Patience is a virtue. Secondly, I apologize. I'll be quicker in the future. (Leader has been AFK for a while now due to school, she won't be able to respond.) Anyways, on to the application: your stream page is set up well, and the recordings on youtube are 60 FPS, I like it. Do you play CSGO, Garry's Mod, or any other game that GFL has servers in? If you can record gameplay from GFL games that would make things a lot better.
  5. Fortnite War Room (XBOX VS. PC)

    What do Ninja and Myth use? A PC. End of argument.
  6. I think it'd be interesting if GFL had a more competitive side to it. I know we occasionally have competitive CSGO or Overwatch tournaments but they're not very often. Maybe we could go to games such as Brawlhalla for competitive teams within GFL. (Brawlhalla is a F2P 2D fighting game on steam, with many combos and legends to play with. It's super easy to invite friends to a 1v1 or 2v2 or a free for all with up to 4 people in one arena.) Of course there are many other options, but I suggest this one, since it's free Of course it'd be nice to increase the competitive matches we have in CSGO, maybe add 2 silver teams, and then 2 gold nova teams, and then anyone who is higher for their own teams. That way anyone with a certain skill can compete against others in their matches. https://dreamteam.gg is a great website to find other players to join your own personal team. However, we could use this to also advertise the GFL community, and start multiple GFL teams. Thoughts?
  7. Let's Repopulate Purge V2

    I uninstalled GMoD a long time ago but I might reinstall just for this event. Sounds fun
  8. A Stranger Appears Once More

    Welcome back! I remember you.
  9. bruh I found you irl

    chill on the hostility like no joke like dude you are up in arms every second and it's weirding me out dude.

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  10. Leaving GFL

    I don't recall talking to you before, over voice chat. Stick around in TS3, i'll come around Sorry to see you go. Come back in a few months or so to check up!
  11. GFL can wait, get your life in order first Good luck man!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMOKER :neckbeard:

    1. Toni Bamanaboni

      Toni Bamanaboni


  13. hi

    hope you're having a great day

    that is all

  14. 3 month VIP giveway

    I enjoy playing piano, playing games, and socializing also paintball Thanks for the giveaway!
  15. Finally Leaving.

    I'm sorry to see you go. Hopefully you'll consider checking back in a few months. Also, lol, these tags are some zingers. Leave GFL by triggering several people, ggwp. Farewell.