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  1. This is Amazing grace, a religious gospel song written ages ago. However this transposed version is a lot more classical, or with a more southern style to it. I did not get this from sheet music, all the fancy stuff were made up by me. Thanks for listening.
  2. Welcome to MOTM - September! It's time for another Music of the Month! There is no specific genre preferred in this competition, so go wild. Whether you play an instrument, create EDM or remix popular songs, consider submitting your project here. The contest will stop on the 29th, and voting begins until the following day. The winner will receive a badge on September 30th, 2018. 1. At the beginning or end, say your username and what the name of the song is/was. 2. All troll submissions will be hidden. 3. The recording should not be longer than 3 minutes long. Good luck!
  3. I literally just got back from a restaurant, and saw this disaster being discussed on the news. So sad. 4 dead, at least 10 wounded was the result of the broadcast. There may have been more found, idk. Rest in peace.
  4. You don't have to explain yourself over everything that happened in the past. Bringing up old drama helps nothing. I don't appreciate how you ditched the team without warning. You left the team in disarray and without a leader for a while, due to the unexpectancy of your leave. Ever since you came back, you're just stirring up more drama. This does not help your chances of getting accepted. You also seem pessimistic about helping out the team. This isn't exactly acceptable. If you'll be leaving to another country for one 1/2 months, I do not recommend applying for anything until you're SURE you can put time and effort in your work. Just giving pointers in discord occasionally isn't enough. -1 from me. Now, allow me to recommend something. Wait until you get back from your trip. If you have time to occasionally hop on GFL, do it. Just get to know some of the newer members of GFL. (Do not talk about old drama.) After you come back, or are sure you can be more active than you claim, then try reapplying. P.S. Regardless of everything else, I do not believe any rumors of you having favoritism. That is a BS rumor caused by salty losers of AOTM.
  5. This. This absolutely SUCKS dude. Everytime I joined jailbreak you were there <3. Nice playing with you m8. Hopefully I'll find the interest to keep playing that server again
  6. I was one of the lucky ones and got spared. Interesting link, lol.
  7. Sorry to see you go. It's been a long while since we've even talked, but I appreciate the tag. GFL has problems, no doubt about that, but hope this post sparks some serious talk among the higher ups. Peace.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/JerryistheBOMB -This games looks awesome! (Also has great reviews) -This game is for Mac. -Another game to try out for fun. Thanks for the giveaway!
  9. https://i.gifer.com/2lwS.gif It's time to stop, guys. no mass tagging pls
  10. Anything but jb_undertale. Please. Thanks
  11. What do Ninja and Myth use? A PC. End of argument.
  12. I think it'd be interesting if GFL had a more competitive side to it. I know we occasionally have competitive CSGO or Overwatch tournaments but they're not very often. Maybe we could go to games such as Brawlhalla for competitive teams within GFL. (Brawlhalla is a F2P 2D fighting game on steam, with many combos and legends to play with. It's super easy to invite friends to a 1v1 or 2v2 or a free for all with up to 4 people in one arena.) Of course there are many other options, but I suggest this one, since it's free Of course it'd be nice to increase the competitive matches we have in CSGO, maybe add 2 silver teams, and then 2 gold nova teams, and then anyone who is higher for their own teams. That way anyone with a certain skill can compete against others in their matches. https://dreamteam.gg is a great website to find other players to join your own personal team. However, we could use this to also advertise the GFL community, and start multiple GFL teams. Thoughts?
  13. I uninstalled GMoD a long time ago but I might reinstall just for this event. Sounds fun
  14. Welcome back! I remember you.