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  1. You can edit, and you do it well. We really need more editors on the team, so I'm more than happy to let you on. +1 from me.
  2. Fantastic. I love your style of editing, and it's a big plus if you can stream well. The only issue I see is that you only recently joined GFL. I'd like to see more activity before I'm 100% sure I can accept you. Otherwise, we definitely need more video editors and streamers on the team, and if you're dedicated you'd be more than welcome aboard. Neutral for now.
  3. Oh hell naw dude. Another GFL veteran gone. Good luck in life man. You're seriously pretty chill, haven't seen you in GFL's discord much but I wished we chatted more. Peace!
  4. ey what the hell man you cant just leave like that, i wanted to JAM with my boy good luck in life broski, hope all is well in school and all that. Hope to see you come back, even as a member
  5. $20 Steam Card

    Favorite color is red, username is "jerry_b0mb" on instagram, "Reckah0" on twitter. Thanks for the giveaway.
  6. He was the best Guardian of the Galaxy, next to Groot. Rest in peace friend.
  7. Let me be the first to say -1. You've been the cause of so much drama, you stress out over nonsensical things, and you deleted the Media Team discord out of "stress" when you randomly rage-quit the team and left GFL. And now you expect us to welcome you back with open arms? Lol no. I don't care how good of an artist you are, your past has shown too much. This team went through positive changes, we don't need a black mark on top of it.
  8. Thanks again for another giveaway m8.
  9. CS:GO 1v1 Promo Video -- Deadline: Jan. 24th, 2019 This is a video editing project, for advertising GFL's 1v1 server in CSGO. Voiceover deadline: Jan 16th 2nd project deadline: February 21th This project is another video, promoting GFL's CS:GO division as a whole. (2nd project deadline may change, things may come up irl and that's too far to tell if that's good or not, but we'll see.) 2. Why it's a good idea This is a perfect way to advertise GFL's server. YouTube is a great outlet to show off your community via video content. 3. Complications you expect to encounter The only complications I expect to encounter is my irl schedule. Things often come up super randomly, and I seriously hope this doesn't interfere with my work. Definitely trying my best. 4. What we can do to help you succeed It'd be great if we could have a recognizable voice for the video, explaining all of 1v1's features. Someone higher up perhaps, who would willingly like to sit in front of a mic for a few minutes and read a script, and talk about the server. Of course, this is optional, I could always do the voiceover myself but I figured it'd be more appealing if a higher-up did it. Any suggestions in the technical part of editing are welcome! I'm always trying to get better and hopefully, I can learn something new from someone else. I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 14. I will be uploading the final project onto the channel as "unlisted", so everyone in PR+ can see before it's released publicly. The editing process is currently in progress.
  10. Favorite color is red. Thanks for the giveaway!
  11. nice gpu brand aka the ROG 

    my mobo is the same as the GPU brand you picked great interfaces in the mobo area not sure how one would go about the GPU area but when it comes to nvidia I'm sure they are putting out the best drivers atm due to that area lacking hella hard with nvidia

    but here is my mobo if you ever decide to get more into it



    anyways intel is for the consumers as is nvidia kind of plug and play and should be set AMD is more complex to get bigger gains out of in both the cpu area and the gpu area also I've seen those prices on the nivida gpu's atm and no lie been kind of tempted like really don't wanna get drunk one night and just buy some insane GPU the amount of times I have almost purchased an rtx 2080 ti or placed a pre purchase before release or before it was ready is well to many times.


    but yea legit waiting for that 7nm node to come around like a damn kid looking through that window christmas store front



    anyways amd is gonna have like 5 or so divisions in there GPU line up by 2020 from my guess focusing on every area known to man.

    my best thing I can give you to look at and take for example might be how western digital has done with hard drives

    and yes there is more then just those colors.

    1. rapperdan


      5 hours ago gotta wait for the 7nm looks at the prices says fuck itm3Rcnrf1.thumb.png.7798c07a65c0dbf0aed9590a42f8e571.png

  12. I wish for a million swords so i can bathe in the blood of my enemies. thanks for the games dad
  13. marry me macs are great, dude. but for gaming i need the PC. you'd know if you experienced it
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