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  1. 3 month VIP giveway

    I enjoy playing piano, playing games, and socializing also paintball Thanks for the giveaway!
  2. Finally Leaving.

    I'm sorry to see you go. Hopefully you'll consider checking back in a few months. Also, lol, these tags are some zingers. Leave GFL by triggering several people, ggwp. Farewell.
  3. Some family issues

    ^^^ Hope everything works out fine.
  4. Ehh

    See ya.
  5. Crunchy Cereal vs. Soggy Cereal

    For me, it depends on what cereal it is. If it's cinnamon toast crunch, or mini wheats, soggy would be great. If it was Cheerios or Cap'n crunch, obviously crunchy would be best. So I can't vote
  6. What is your Sexual Orientation?

    He told me his mission was to make me gay too. Hasn't succeeded yet with me either
  7. What is your Sexual Orientation?

    Straighter than a pencil
  8. Voting - Music Of The Month

    Greetings! Welcome to the voting poll for MOTM (Music Of The Month). Choose the submitter and comment below why you think he/she did the best. *Any posts that do not state why they liked the persons' submission will be hidden* Duc2000: https://youtu.be/fPiFagDiMJQ JerryBomb: https://youtu.be/iiEwAdc6mnE AceOfSpades: https://youtu.be/0R9_Y8vnDoY Nap14hockey: https://youtu.be/IpZBeOLC6Jg Thanks!
  9. Voting - EOTM February

    I voted for the garbage truck because its basically the best emote here. Aaaand it'll be used the most. And I like it. So yeah. +1
  10. O crap I'm late 


    Happy birthday! 

    1. nocheat


      Not late at all bro.

      Thanks <3

  11. GFL Member Directory

    That feeling when the joke goes over your head
  12. GFL Member Directory

    there's no frickin duck you might have been trying to catfish some people here in GFL. Beware, everyone
  13. GFL Member Directory

    That can't be you dude
  14. Music of the Month - February

    Okay, well here's my submission. The quality should sound much better than I've tried in the past. Since this is a freestyle contest I shoved several sections of songs and fit them all together in the video. Enjoy. (Song #3 and #5 have completely been made up by me. These were not inspirations from any other songs, so any audible relation to any other song is coincidental.) Song 1: myuuji - Lunatic Song 2: Dennis Kuo - Almost Remember Song 3: Composed myself Song 4: Jon Schmidt - All of Me Song 5: Another melody made up by me.
  15. Is It Worth It to Buy GMOD On Steam

    Yes. For its' quality, yes. sorry gmod lovers