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  1. Well, it's worth it. (Except this... Now it's gonna be a hastle trying to reach what I want to reach...)
  2. I know, but I'm just saying this new Friend List looks cleaner and more modern than the old 2004 one...
  3. Well, this Friend List looks more clean (and modern) than the old Steam Friend List (which looked too bland and uninviting).
  4. It's funny how there are still people in the world who spam your profile with weird comments when you deny their friend invite (and then have to block them).... Steam 2018 in a nutshell...
  5. The "fun" of making memes for your friends (one in particular) to make them laugh or have them crying on the floor dying from an semi-funny joke... Well, the "atrocities" I've churned out this month.. Well... They're something.... (I have no standards for myself....) *By "Month", it was less than two weeks*
  6. Just like my previous post about how Steam's being weird to me in many ways, this one seems to be more frequent.... Every month, there's always 3-4 invites where it's someone who's either a Furry, ERP-type person, or both in my inbox. (I don't know why they friend me, but they do...) It's getting to the point where it's getting more common to see that than to see normal or "average" people on Steam.
  7. It's funny how around now, I've been getting weird stuff on Steam since I'm (How Troop Puts It) "Miss Hentai" of the place. Here's a pic of what I mean.... And the invites.... They come out of the blue sometimes, being cancerous or just random... (The Muslim Federation one, not the Nasuverse one) Also with that comes weird people. I only have one screenshot of a person who friended me for no reason and never had the intent to be friends since they're a "crack addict" in my terms... (There was another person who tried to add me as their friend that was really "ERP"-ish [their profile comments were filled with ERP-worth of shit there...]) So, Steam's a "fun" place for me when it wants to give me trash.
  8. If my laptop (2007 model [surprised that it can handle beefy games]) can run CS:GO again, then maybe~
  9. I wouldn't care about this much (really, since I find it funny [and odd]) and I'm not leaving the community (don't get that confused with what I posted. I said I'm done with GFL's TTT, not the community).
  10. *Sigh* It's kinda weird that for about two years, I was an active GFL player (Having fun, making shit jokes, and being a known person in the community), but now... I don't feel that anymore. Before February, I would always go to TTT1 or TTT2 to be with Classy, Yagyuu, and other people I know to goof off. But something caused me to feel... "bored" and "empty"... I think it was around the same time I revisited TTT1. And that time wasn't a good one. That server was filled with trash that really couldn't be compared more to a kid saying every word that an Edgy Boy would say. And after that day, I became less active in the servers... I don't know how or why it affected me that much, but it did. I became less and less active and saw that most of the people I knew were moving on from Garry's Mod. And somewhere in late February, I stopped being active. I never felt like going back (even now). So, I guess I'm done with GFL's TTT... Probably wont come back for it...
  11. I just answered someone who had the same question as you, Fx~ Give a real question~
  12. Since it feels better that way... (And it's common for people to do that as well~)
  13. Just another American living in Chicago watching Hentai for entertainment and reading Doujin's for the like of it.
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