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  1. Based on the ban reasoning, it was from Purge. This would go to the DLs for review. @Violator @Zebra @ButterKing5000
  2. Should've stuck to the deagle.
  3. All I remember is you abusing the shit out of me the few times I would get on. Good times. C:
  4. Image result for peanut butter gif Happy b-day bb

  5. Happy bday!

  6. @Violator - New skins when
  7. Step 1: Unplug your router.
  8. Did not adhere to North American date style. Idea: Rejected.
  9. Requiescat in pace.



    1. rapperdan


      I'll miss you bb cakes <3


  10. @MooTheCow - Better make me a good burger.
  11. -1. Another goddamn weeaboo.
  12. Neutral. Similar reasons to Donchill.