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  1. I'll miss you PB, thanks for all dude. <3 

  2. When people think he resigned Move+bitch+get+out+the+way+_bf47137c4cf9



    :lenny: Maybe he did but the pictures still true

    1. rapperdan


      tell me about it @Darkling ...

      0:02 PM - Dan Rappold | GFL | AMD: so uhh
      10:02 PM - Dan Rappold | GFL | AMD: I did not get to ask till now
      10:02 PM - Dan Rappold | GFL | AMD: but what's the story with pb?
      10:02 PM - Xy: he resigned
      10:02 PM - Dan Rappold | GFL | AMD: really?
      10:02 PM - Xy: mhmm
      10:02 PM - Dan Rappold | GFL | AMD: cmon
      10:03 PM - Dan Rappold | GFL | AMD: and he was not forced?
      10:03 PM - Xy: nope

      I still feel like there is more to this story ecks dee face winky face.

  3. Again... RIP

    1. Logic_


      Can I deny that you're resigning?

  4. Need help with my forum name

    Click on your name in the top-right corner. Click on Account Settings. Click on Display Name.
  5. @Moon Moon - Please provide additional proof for confirmation so the report can be handled, otherwise this will be closed.
  6. Trappy birthday!


    Happy birthday!

  7. It was fun, goodbye everyone!

    You'll be back. They always come back.
  8. /roll game

    /roll @-_Fx_-
  9. Elder Scrolls VI Announced

  10. Happy birthday, Admiral.




    (Get better assassins.)

  11. Pictures of people

    It's so accurate. It's scary. BURN THE WITCH.
  12. I need a break

    Don't disappear in the clouds. They always come back.