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  1. it saddens me to see you leave @Jat please come back and visit some time or to even dab on me. also all you had to do was ask who i was xD
  2. I'll miss you dearly ☹?☹
  3. im not leaving GFL forever, im just taking a break . i wouldnt leave GFL after 3-4 years of being apart of it XD
  4. My Official Resignation To Purge.. I've had fun and gotta learn more about addons thanks to Butter, ill miss everyone. Special thanks To The People Below @ButterKing5000 - Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be staff for purge. I really enjoyed it while I was staff. @flyingjoe32 - Thank you for Training me and being there xD. @SkyTailor - Thanks for being with me while I was alone. @Dreamm - Thanks for sponsoring my ass <3 ill miss you @DoctorDJ - Honestly Thanks for giving me the hardest times XD. but we had fun times. @Shuruia - A Very Special Thanks To You My Man! giving me that special +1, sure i barely saw u on purge while i was on but i had fun xD. I'll never forget u sexually assaulted me. @JoelSmith - we had a lot of fun while we were on. we still will just not in the admin area <3. @Bae - we had some fun while u were on :P. @DaPainWayne - enjoyed playing with u my man! hope u become the next server manager @Xy_ - enjoy being Tech Admin, much love m8. @PotatoMum - for being meh mama <3 and for being there <3. @Jat - Dab Legend wanted tagged @Abyss_ - because he wanted to be fucking tagged. tag my ass if i forgot anyone. Goodbye.
  5. walk out of here i'll win @Vivian
  6. xD it better be worth 1 minute of my time.
  7. Banned??

    i was gonna say i dont see anything except for TTT. @Winter
  8. sad to see you leave @AtomicHeadphones it was fun while it lasted
  9. @Mr.Bubbles sadly i dont wanna post XD
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