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  1. Karma Ban

    @Zero If you could close this ❤️
  2. Karma Ban

    You're welcome.
  3. Karma Ban

    Sorry, to clarify, you were banned on the 24/7 Minecraft one so they have to be the ones to unban you. And you'll be banned from any gfl server until it's lifted.
  4. Karma Ban

    Hi, Looks like you were banned in the 24/7 Minecraft Server. You should head over there and if you could use the ban appeal format that would be much appreciated! I'll post a link to both the correct area and format. 24/7 MineCraft: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/40-ttt-us/ Appeal Format:
  5. You're unbanned, It's all good, I get it just playing to have fun, no worries @Zero You can close it
  6. @RickyKTX If you could give me your steam id, I'll unban but please take a second to read the motd, As it's in there.
  7. Hi, You were banned for attp mass as you prop killed 2 people and damaged a third. With that all being in the same round, and you having been propkilling prior rounds I banned you. I'll put Up the proof and Deny the ban appeal. 2019-06-23_01-29-32.mp4
  8. New Playermodels

    KDA Akali from League of Legends - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632563928&searchtext=Kda Nier Automata 2B - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905397141&searchtext=
  9. Your page is like a bad facebook meme group feelsbadman :(

  10. Future of rust

    anyone still play rust? I'd love to play but dead server is dead ;~;
  11. I always knew I was a loser
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