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Forum Rules

General Rules
Necro Posting
Do NOT bump threads that are very old, unless there is a good reason for it.
Do NOT spam the forums with posts, private messages, or status updates.
Inappropriate Content
Do NOT post nudity, overly disgusting, or other content that is generally considered NSFW on the forums or in private messages, even if it is in a spoiler and labeled NSFW. This rule applies to avatars and profile banners as well.
Reputation Abuse
Do NOT ask for likes or run any kind of forum games involving the reputation system.
Sharing Personal Information
Do NOT share another individual's personal information on the forums. This includes IP addresses, personal emails, and accounts on websites (i.e. social media).
These forums are English only. You may use certain words from different languages, but you are not allowed to make entire posts, replies, or shouts in any other languages. Private messages are fine.
Off-topic Conversations
Do NOT post off-topic messages in forum threads or create threads in the incorrect section (i.e. posting GMOD relating topics in the CS:GO area).
Advertising Other Communities
Do NOT link to another community to recruit other people. Sending a link to another community because you want to show something is fine.
Do NOT be overly toxic. This includes using blatant or extreme racism or sexism, trolling, overly negative, causing trouble with other users, etc.
Malicious Links
Do NOT post links that could be considered as malicious. Examples of this are links to screamers, malware, pornography, or extreme gore.
Low Quality Posts
Low quality posts, or "shit posts", should be kept to the proper subforum. Moderators will usually just move posts to the proper section, but repeated violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action.

Shoutbox Specific Rules
You are not allowed to use any symbols/characters that leave a message's allotted space, thus interfering with other people's shouts.
Private Matters
If a particular matter is of a private circumstance between you and someone else, keep it out of the shoutbox.
Excessively Long Messages
Do NOT post excessively long messages. This includes large quantities of mentions or emotes.