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Found 7 results

  1. Scp-682 Sucks. Heres my suggested buffs: Unstoppable Rush (ability Buff): During his rush charge, and only his rush charge, Scp 682 can destroy objects such as Doors that are in his path, and deal massive damage. Would help fight against cancerous door Campers who just shut the door whenever you dare to move with 5 meters of it, and would fit the whole Unstoppable Reptile thing. He can destroy whole helicopters but not doors that are a third of his size? Or Continuous Rush: Scp-682 moves 5% faster than Normal Humans (all the time) Would Help keep an edge on things and would prevent enemies from just walking to the nearest door and be invulnerable to you.
  2. Based On Kaitos Version Of My Boss Battle Idea, How About 682 Gets A Bit More Chaotic... SCP-682 Will Get One Of These Abilities Every Minute Ability 1: Hunter SCP-682 Will Be In Sprint Mode Forever In The Ability And Able To See People Through Walls, Also Able To Cloak, Cannot Sprint If In Cloak Mode Ability 2: Acid Spit Since 682 Swallowed Some Of His Acid In His Chamber He Could Vomit Acid And Harm Humans Alot, 682 Will Not Be Able To Sprint, But Able To Still Use Melee, 682 Will Be As Fast As A Walking Human, And Able To Vomit Acid On People, Does 60 Damage When Lands On Human, The Player Will Start To Loose 2 Health Per Second, The Effect Wears Off In 10 Seconds Cooldown 3 Seconds Range: infinite Ability 3: Friend (Very Rare To Get) Able To Summon A 079, If The Player Summoned A 079, The Player Will Rely On 682s Old Attacks Until 682 Gets Another Ability Ability 4: Rage (Rare To Get) Able To Always Sprint, Able To Melee And Spit Acid Ability 5: Agile Able To Leap Like 372, And Do 45 Damage Per Shot Ability 6: Destroyer (final ability meaning I'm not gonna bother making anymore abilities unless someone gets me an idea in replies) SCP-682 Will Be Able To Break Doors, Forcing Them To Stay Open With Left Click. SCP-682 Will Be As Fast As A Normal Player, And As A Right Click, Able To Roar Loudly Stunning Players Nearby. Cooldowm: 15 Seconds
  3. This is the part where I ramble on to make this suggestion seem long. Don't really need to though. This is also the part where I introduce that this is just a collection of tweaks that could potentially be added to affect gameplay as and against SCPs. having one of these suggestions alone will probably be an understatement, but there aren't that many to include so don't worry, this isn't like my novelties suggestions where you'll be reading off lists. Anyways, here some of the tweaked SCPs. SCP-372 No longer passively uncloaks. When disguised, jumping repeatingly will uncloak SCP-372. (Each jump has a 10 second cooldown while disguised) (When not disguised, feel free to spam all you like.) Slight health buff. (just 100 more health, not that much) Note, SCP-372's "name" is still visible with the crosshair. You can still see this whether he's cloaked or not! I'm pretty sure we all had times when we were inconvienced by 372's uncloak passive at one point or another. It's unfair that RNG basically decides when you uncloak. This allows 372 users to be more stealthy, but also makes sure cloaked 372s can't just jump all the way to the exit, especially on the surface, making so its actually challenging for 372 to escape, allowing players an actual chance to stop a breaching 372. Keep in mind, the fact that one may catch "glimpses" of 372 is still present, in the way that his name can be seen with the crosshair. Unlike passive redisguise, he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb when he uncloaks in the most awkward area. Glimpses of 372's name are a lot more common than you would expect, especially inside the facility, still giving players an edge of 372's presence. SCP-610 Model change: uses a poison zombie playermodel. Slight speed upgrade for all every 610-related class. (not as fast as a running player, but faster than walking players) Screen gets a red vignette effect that progressively get darks as time continues. This change may seem pointless, but it makes 610 stand out more from the crowd, while still retaining the "fleshy" feeling that 610 instances present themselves with. It also helps players differentiate the true 610 from a horde of other 610 instances, allowing them to take note for the real vector of the infection. Due to 610 being a bit disliked on the server, upping their speed makes them a challenge to encounter, creating a real outbreak when 610 is present. The vignette is a fun way to show how deep the player is into the transformation process. SCP-795(oh boy) Significant health buff: 1300 HP. (see explanation pls) Cat Scratch!: Deals bleed. (It's a cat afterall) Mice speed is reduced, for compensation of small hitbox. Chance to turn into mice is changed slightly, now 15%. It's kinda' scary thinking that 795 has notoriously lower health than your average SCP-372, and has nearly as much base health as a zombie. While yes, difficulty plays a part, and even regarding 795's passive when attacked, you need to consider 795's gameplay compared to other SCPs. SCP-795 is an offensive SCP, also known as the "type that runs right into your face". This includes SCPs like 106, 457, 096, 049, and even 1048 (though due to its small hitbox it has lower health). SCPs in that category are decked with health, because their playstyle expects mass resistance on the part of players; they will likely be experiencing gunfire at them all round. Because of this, 795 is well deserving of a health buff. Even considering that people that damage it may turn into mice, in an event where it's utterly surrounded by numerous armed MTF and whatnot, it will lose a majority of its health, which isn't that much to begin with anyways. It's not like 795 has any real means to play stealthily or anything. It cannot cloak like 372, or drive people away from it like 066, or teleport away like 1471. In order to play as 795, you usually have to be chasing people around, which is not the type of gameplay that 795's health is suited for. SCP-1471 Slight health buff, nothing too special. (probably 250 more) Infected can be seen through walls. (see explanation pls) Your best friend!: Infected can hear 1471 speak (using vc and chat) through every radio channel. SCP-1471 is honestly a fairly good class, though some other people may disagree. A slight amp in health may be appreciated, though 1471 has teleportation to cover for it. You're not meant to run straight at gunfire as 1471. In all honesty, the fact that 1471 only can hunt infected people feels more like of restriction on gameplay than any real use. To provoke the feeling of stealth and support that 1471 could have had, and to let players know that there is an entity eerily stalking them, SCP-1471 can see infected only through walls. Instead of relying purely on its teleportation to hunt down victims, 1471 can utilize this to navigate to their victim. The last tweak is purely a fun way that 1471 can toy with its victims, and to give the impression that 1471 is truly a really weird friend they found on an app. Though, pressing R will disable 1471's radio speak if it wants to privately converse with other SCPs. SCP-2845 Envy of the Saturn Prophet!: SCP-2845's attacks get faster each he "misses" (doesn't kill a person with his attack). When he kills someone, his attack speed resets. Attack speed has a max obviously, which is 1. This represents the time it takes for his attack to "explode". SCP-2845 could technically "charge" his attack when he encounter someone by targetting nobody, especially when the round begins. OR (alternate choice) Wrath of the Saturn Prophet!: SCP-2845 can use his attack, twice. This meaning, he can have a max of two of his attacks active at the same time, allowing him to target large crowds of people more efficiently, making him the godly menace that he was meant to be, It is arguable whether 2845 is OP or not. Though, SCP-2845's attacks are meant to be used against unsuspecting people, which mean typing people, unsuspecting campers, and people opening doors, it's becomes apparent that it's incredibly hard to predict where a person goes to properly time your events. You can pick one of the two different attack improvements I suggested. I personally love the Wrath one better, due to being easier to code, and makes being near 2845 more unpredictable and chaotic, which brings amps the fear of encountering him. Both attacks though, make SCP-2845 a more competent SCP to deal with. SCP-066 Slight health buff, that's really it (just 250 more HP) SCP-066 is slightly lacking in the health department, but you know, unlike what a lot of people may say, 066 is powerful when utilized correctly. SCP-066 is an ambush-type class, meant to surprise players who least expect it, which is why its health is signifcantly lower, giving players the impression that they aren't exactly meant to rush at people. SCP-939 Blah blah blah, another slight health buff. (just 100 more HP) SCP-939 is as fine as it is. A small health buff could compensate for its large hitbox, and 939 does have an aggressive playstyle when not disguised, so a small health tweak is welcomed. Not much needs to be changed about 939, the fact that it now redisguises and that killing other people makes it redisguise faster is amazing. SCP-682 ROAR!: You probably get the point, so I'll be quick. 682's only real sound is the soft thudding of bodies when it kills a swarm of TRO and whatnot. Other than that, it's completely mute. A roar could add depth to 682's class, just simply making it seem more, well, like 682. Though, it could also be used to telegraph 682's presence, and whether the player might be screwed if it happen to be charging behind them. SCP-378 I hope you are aware of this, but fix the healing item bug. (SCP-378 cannot use healing items) Currently, 378's bug with health kits and SCP-500 completely breaks gameplay, regarding classes playing against SCP-378. You probably know what it is because you've seen it in-game. Look, if you wanted to keep this, you could at least make medkits and 500 heal 100 HP and not simply revert them to their max health. In turn, if you were to tweak medkits for that you would need to dial down SCP-378's health. Agh, ok I'm done here. Some of these might be implemented, because there's is no need to implement every single thing on this list, unless you really want to. And of course, not every thing on the list may be viewed to the same standard of each other. If you have any comments or concerns, leave it below.
  4. Well, this is a very simple suggestion, and not much can be said about it. I'll try to be quick. Only reason I'm suggesting this is because I think it's kinda' bland that you rush into people and they drop dead, nothing else. SCPs like 173 has that crisp crunch sound, and I'm pretty sure SCP-682 has a couple of sounds to use from SCP:CB. Sure, it might be fun rushing into a room, crowded with MTF, and then grinning as you hear each one of their corpses thud on the ground, but you soon realize how dull it is. For as loud as 682 should be, its completely quiet in-game. So why not spice it up a bit? Tweaks: 1. If you take a look at the animations in SCP-682's model, you can actually find a biting animation. It would be nice if this were to actually play when you attack people. This may be accompanied with a sound too. 2. SCP-682 should be able to do his characteristic "roar" when he does his special attack. Maybe you can throw in a lil' screen shake because why not. In all honesty, I think 682 deserved his roar for a long time. Two little 682 tweaks. None of these affect gameplay in anyway. No random damage boosts, no speed boosts, no random critical hits, just purely cosmetic. (Animation is called "Attack1". Here's some screenshots because I don't know how to make .gifs lol)
  5. 096 should get a special ability that allows it to go into rage mode. Depending on how many players have currently seen 096's face, determines how long the rage mode lasts ( 1 second per player it sees , for example if 10 players have seen 096 and 096 uses its special ability, 096 gets 10 seconds of rage mode, but if 096 has only seen 1 player, it gets only 1 second ). The cooldown would be 1 minute or so, and rage mode basically gives 096 a speed buff ( the same speed 682 is on when enraged ). No attack boost, as it already does a pretty devastating base amount of damage anyways. (oh and if possible, making 096 do that really creepy screaming when enraged would make things so cooler). second suggestion : make a f10 suggestion box, not sure if its been implemented here before, but i've realized that a very small number of breach players actually know of forums, and a smaller amount of players actually take the time to go to forums to vote. F10 suggestion box will give easy access to all players to vote on things , and if you make an auto-announcement that tells players they can vote on suggestions / make their own suggestions on by pressing f10 , it would probably give a much better feedback to what the majority of people really want, instead of the feedback of the very few who actually bother to go on forums. oh and i suggest reverting back to 173's old skin , the new one looks like some sort of shiny glass ball, not very 173 looking. 939 i can tolerate even though it looks like someone took the forest monster and made it red / looking like a mad cat. 106's skin is fine ( but his uncapped health regen ability is NOT ) made a poll on that , even though according to the suggestion above, it wont really be accurate. 682 should get 106's regen ability , 682 could REALLY use it more ( perhaps it can only regen health when enraged ) oh and last one : give 939 the ability to re-mimic with a random name of a dead player every minute or so , and make its hixbox non collide-able ( its so simple to tell its 939 by just seeing if you can walk through the researcher or not ) I was thinking maybe adding something like a gasmask, when worn it blocks the spores that cause the hallucinations ,( hence allowing 939 to mimic in the first place, somewhat lore wise ) and allowing players to see who 939 is. orrr just make night vision show 939 if thats easier for you XY.
  6. the new update to 178-1 renders it almost useless to play as, I cannot kill ANYONE besides my 'target' and you can only change targets every minute + its ramdon. If you were somehow extremely lucky, you might be able to kill 3-5 people the entire round, but usually you get just mowed down by the person who can see you, or anyone else that shot at you accidentally cause you bumped into them and have 150 hp to defend yourself with ( no, that will not help much when trying to run away ). I suggest the following : 178-1 remains invisible to everyone unless you have the 3d-glasses on. However if 178-1 attacks someone 178-1 becomes visible to that person ( 178-1 should deal 40 attack damage + push effect, used on contact) . Bumping into 178-1 reveals its presence to the player. players who can be see 178-1 are highlighted in green ( to make use of that ability power to see through walls ). 178-1 has the ability to become invisible once again to all players who can currently see it with a 1 minute cooldown ( The player wearing the 3-D glasses can still see 178-1 ). Possible HP buff to 500 would help it balance out better since atm its a death sentence for 178 if it encounters ANYONE with a gun and that player can see it. A simpler suggestion but still better than what it is right now: revert 178-1 to how it was before ( invisible to everyone except the player wearing 3D-Glasses ) however let it keep its 150 hp in fact maybe buff it to 500 ( think about it, 966 has 1000 hp and is invisible unless your wearing NVG, anyone can shoot at it's general direction even without NVG if they bump into it but at least it has the health to survive the hits, 178-1 is also invisible unless you have the 3D-Glasses, which is one person but anyone can kill it if they randomly shoot at its general direction, and its VERY easy to kill 178-1 with a mere 100-150 hp, its practically a death sentence if you bump into it for 178-1) , and let it deal 40 damage per hit ( almost the same as 966 but a little more since it has so much lower health ). of course this would make 178-1 more or less 966, to make 178-1 a little more unique I suggest giving it the ability to see players through walls ( making use of that ability it has atm ) lasts for 10 seconds or so and has a cooldown of 30-45 seconds. my second suggestion is for 173: I do not enjoy being gunned down by everyone due to the special ability being broken and the fix being no where in sight, to fix this problem I suggest allowing 173 to move very slowly ( 682's speed ) when being looked at, yes this breaks lore somewhat but lore has been broken countless times before without killing everyone. 173 can still use its ability, of course it probably wont work when you really need it but at least it can try to run away and not be stuck 100% when 10 mtf stare at it in tunnels. ) I suggested something similar to this already however I think this would be a good suggestion for our notorious OP 106: Give it an HP cap to prevent 106 from reaching 3 fricking thousand HP. it's HP cap should be the amount of HP it starts with, so if im correct that would be 1700 ( wouldn't be needed however if the absorption ability was removed all-together in the first place.. just a thought..). next is buffing 682's HP to double ( 3200 HP I believe ) its almost always slow af, yes it can rush but train 10 mtf on it in tunnels and 1800 HP goes back VERY VERY quickly. its supposed to be hard to kill, I believe we should make it that way. I was thinking that in order to make 682 unique it could make a loud smashing noise and shake the screens of all nearby players ( kinda like if a giant was walking near you ), whenever it walks ( screen shakes more the closer you are and steps get louder ). It would also help players know that 682 is near ( he is a huge fricking reptile, he inst supposed to be silent and stealthy at all.) when using its special it would increase its noise / shaking drastically. Last one removing 939's Hitbox ( I'm not sure if this was done already ) but its a suretell way to know if your with 939. Also i believe tab shows whoever is 939 for a few seconds before the name turns into a researcher, not sure if that can be fixed.. I previously suggested letting it re-disguise as a researcher but i wish to expand on that suggestion as well: I think 939 could have the ability to "re-disguise" and it will change the player's name to a random researcher's name in tab ( not d-class or mtf names as that can be easily distinguished if someone checks tab), it will have a 1 minute cooldown, would help alot to mimic its disguise effect (especially if the tab bug cannot be fixed). oh yes I believe 096 should be able to keep its speed buff even after the player who has seen it dies ( and if not possible perhaps double its speed buff ? ) just a little thought, as it usually never has the time to build up any considerable speed and gets mowed down easily. Also atm there seems to be a problem with the new gernades on the server, cant pick up guns when carrying a gernade ( ill probably post a bug thread on this but i wanted to say it here for now.) also a suggestion would be to remove whatever the hell that gernade is that explodes and deals damage and the entire server can hear it.. It cant even be seen in my inv so when i try to heal myself i accidentally blow myself up. just of bunch of ideas i came up with over the course of my time playing on the server , have a great communist day.
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