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Found 5 results

  1. This is the part where I ramble on to make this suggestion seem long. Don't really need to though. This is also the part where I introduce that this is just a collection of tweaks that could potentially be added to affect gameplay as and against SCPs. having one of these suggestions alone will probably be an understatement, but there aren't that many to include so don't worry, this isn't like my novelties suggestions where you'll be reading off lists. Anyways, here some of the tweaked SCPs. SCP-372 No longer passively uncloaks. When disguised, jumping repeatingly will uncloak SCP-372. (Each jump has a 10 second cooldown while disguised) (When not disguised, feel free to spam all you like.) Slight health buff. (just 100 more health, not that much) Note, SCP-372's "name" is still visible with the crosshair. You can still see this whether he's cloaked or not! I'm pretty sure we all had times when we were inconvienced by 372's uncloak passive at one point or another. It's unfair that RNG basically decides when you uncloak. This allows 372 users to be more stealthy, but also makes sure cloaked 372s can't just jump all the way to the exit, especially on the surface, making so its actually challenging for 372 to escape, allowing players an actual chance to stop a breaching 372. Keep in mind, the fact that one may catch "glimpses" of 372 is still present, in the way that his name can be seen with the crosshair. Unlike passive redisguise, he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb when he uncloaks in the most awkward area. Glimpses of 372's name are a lot more common than you would expect, especially inside the facility, still giving players an edge of 372's presence. SCP-610 Model change: uses a poison zombie playermodel. Slight speed upgrade for all every 610-related class. (not as fast as a running player, but faster than walking players) Screen gets a red vignette effect that progressively get darks as time continues. This change may seem pointless, but it makes 610 stand out more from the crowd, while still retaining the "fleshy" feeling that 610 instances present themselves with. It also helps players differentiate the true 610 from a horde of other 610 instances, allowing them to take note for the real vector of the infection. Due to 610 being a bit disliked on the server, upping their speed makes them a challenge to encounter, creating a real outbreak when 610 is present. The vignette is a fun way to show how deep the player is into the transformation process. SCP-795(oh boy) Significant health buff: 1300 HP. (see explanation pls) Cat Scratch!: Deals bleed. (It's a cat afterall) Mice speed is reduced, for compensation of small hitbox. Chance to turn into mice is changed slightly, now 15%. It's kinda' scary thinking that 795 has notoriously lower health than your average SCP-372, and has nearly as much base health as a zombie. While yes, difficulty plays a part, and even regarding 795's passive when attacked, you need to consider 795's gameplay compared to other SCPs. SCP-795 is an offensive SCP, also known as the "type that runs right into your face". This includes SCPs like 106, 457, 096, 049, and even 1048 (though due to its small hitbox it has lower health). SCPs in that category are decked with health, because their playstyle expects mass resistance on the part of players; they will likely be experiencing gunfire at them all round. Because of this, 795 is well deserving of a health buff. Even considering that people that damage it may turn into mice, in an event where it's utterly surrounded by numerous armed MTF and whatnot, it will lose a majority of its health, which isn't that much to begin with anyways. It's not like 795 has any real means to play stealthily or anything. It cannot cloak like 372, or drive people away from it like 066, or teleport away like 1471. In order to play as 795, you usually have to be chasing people around, which is not the type of gameplay that 795's health is suited for. SCP-1471 Slight health buff, nothing too special. (probably 250 more) Infected can be seen through walls. (see explanation pls) Your best friend!: Infected can hear 1471 speak (using vc and chat) through every radio channel. SCP-1471 is honestly a fairly good class, though some other people may disagree. A slight amp in health may be appreciated, though 1471 has teleportation to cover for it. You're not meant to run straight at gunfire as 1471. In all honesty, the fact that 1471 only can hunt infected people feels more like of restriction on gameplay than any real use. To provoke the feeling of stealth and support that 1471 could have had, and to let players know that there is an entity eerily stalking them, SCP-1471 can see infected only through walls. Instead of relying purely on its teleportation to hunt down victims, 1471 can utilize this to navigate to their victim. The last tweak is purely a fun way that 1471 can toy with its victims, and to give the impression that 1471 is truly a really weird friend they found on an app. Though, pressing R will disable 1471's radio speak if it wants to privately converse with other SCPs. SCP-2845 Envy of the Saturn Prophet!: SCP-2845's attacks get faster each he "misses" (doesn't kill a person with his attack). When he kills someone, his attack speed resets. Attack speed has a max obviously, which is 1. This represents the time it takes for his attack to "explode". SCP-2845 could technically "charge" his attack when he encounter someone by targetting nobody, especially when the round begins. OR (alternate choice) Wrath of the Saturn Prophet!: SCP-2845 can use his attack, twice. This meaning, he can have a max of two of his attacks active at the same time, allowing him to target large crowds of people more efficiently, making him the godly menace that he was meant to be, It is arguable whether 2845 is OP or not. Though, SCP-2845's attacks are meant to be used against unsuspecting people, which mean typing people, unsuspecting campers, and people opening doors, it's becomes apparent that it's incredibly hard to predict where a person goes to properly time your events. You can pick one of the two different attack improvements I suggested. I personally love the Wrath one better, due to being easier to code, and makes being near 2845 more unpredictable and chaotic, which brings amps the fear of encountering him. Both attacks though, make SCP-2845 a more competent SCP to deal with. SCP-066 Slight health buff, that's really it (just 250 more HP) SCP-066 is slightly lacking in the health department, but you know, unlike what a lot of people may say, 066 is powerful when utilized correctly. SCP-066 is an ambush-type class, meant to surprise players who least expect it, which is why its health is signifcantly lower, giving players the impression that they aren't exactly meant to rush at people. SCP-939 Blah blah blah, another slight health buff. (just 100 more HP) SCP-939 is as fine as it is. A small health buff could compensate for its large hitbox, and 939 does have an aggressive playstyle when not disguised, so a small health tweak is welcomed. Not much needs to be changed about 939, the fact that it now redisguises and that killing other people makes it redisguise faster is amazing. SCP-682 ROAR!: You probably get the point, so I'll be quick. 682's only real sound is the soft thudding of bodies when it kills a swarm of TRO and whatnot. Other than that, it's completely mute. A roar could add depth to 682's class, just simply making it seem more, well, like 682. Though, it could also be used to telegraph 682's presence, and whether the player might be screwed if it happen to be charging behind them. SCP-378 I hope you are aware of this, but fix the healing item bug. (SCP-378 cannot use healing items) Currently, 378's bug with health kits and SCP-500 completely breaks gameplay, regarding classes playing against SCP-378. You probably know what it is because you've seen it in-game. Look, if you wanted to keep this, you could at least make medkits and 500 heal 100 HP and not simply revert them to their max health. In turn, if you were to tweak medkits for that you would need to dial down SCP-378's health. Agh, ok I'm done here. Some of these might be implemented, because there's is no need to implement every single thing on this list, unless you really want to. And of course, not every thing on the list may be viewed to the same standard of each other. If you have any comments or concerns, leave it below.
  2. CHAPTER I Introductory Truth is, the game was rigged from the start. Welcome to the great big revision of SCP-795. Think of this as a big punch to SCP-795's face, a big punch that will be so hard that it will hopefully reconfigure SCP-795's face to what's its supposed to be. Brutal metaphor but I swear punching cats is for the better good. wtf doomnack why: See over the last few days, it has been increasingly obvious that inregards to SCPs we have opposite poles of variable convenience regarding their functional propensity. Q: Now what the fricc does that mean you ask? A: IT MEANS AS MUCH AS WE HAVE GOOD SCPS WE HAVE SOME ONES THAT ARE ABSOLUTE SHIDD Look, Its good having a unique array of SCPs and all. Of course, who am I to complain about 795, but when half the server has already grown tired of SCP-795's stale and underpowered gameplay, there we have an issue. It's only a matter of quality over quantity, and in this case SCP-795 seems to lack any useful properties due to its current state. Well, let's hopefully change that today. (Also this may seem unnecessarily long, not saying that it isn't though. I had a bit of fun with this. If you are too lazy skip to the end with the suggestion.) CHAPTER II HUMBLE ORIGINS: "has been tamed?" You see, a long, long time ago (not really that long anyways but whatever) Doomnack was home, probably working on br_ilyena because he usually has nothing bether to do, other than just fuck around on Breach or ponder to his own cat, (who looks like SCP-607). He had just finished binge reading every cat related SCP on the wiki because, well, why not? Cats are cool, and why not have a good idea of all the weird cat SCPs we have. Seriously, I was that bored. Look, feline SCPs are cool and stuff. Gee, if only we had cats in breach— wait, holy shidd That's when on December 22, 2018, Doomnack wrote of the of most famous and infamous suggestions on the entire suggestions forum. His overuse of pictures and formatting generally swayed opinions in the right direction, which even though he wanted honest feedback having a bunch of people tell him that "suggestion cool" was ok. CHAPTER III PRESS X TO DOUBT Well, soon after the honest feedback Doomnack desired arrived, rather bluntly. Of course, Doomnack really didn't know what to say other than acknowledge Haxray's criticism (I mean, afterall, he got the Ralsei post of fate that every suggestion chad dreams of, so what else is there to say? He had already won). Well, at least he thought he won. You see, when Doomnack created the suggestion he specifically meant for it the be a FOUNDATION SCP, not a regular SCP. However, whether Haxray was really good at predicting when shit was about to go down or was just a time traveler we don't know. However, the point is that Haxray saw what would become the first crack within the seemingly stable boundry of a simple cat. Truth is, who would want to shoot a cat anyways? (Please don't say "I do" I'm begging you.) CHAPTER IV THE TRUTH IS CONCEIVED Some of you may not even remember the update. Maybe even some of you may not have even known this was a thing. SCP-795's employement within the Foundation was quickly terminated. Players thought the Foundation must of run out of catnip, but true is... The game was rigged from the start. Let's flashback to Cpt. Haxray's approach on SCP-795. While it was completely taboo at the moment to speak about his feedback, in the end, he was not wrong. SCP-795 truely was SCP-999 but better, far much better, way too much better. Even though SCP-795 only lasted two days, these two days were enough to stirr up the playerbase and wake Ralsei for round 2. ITS SCP-999 2, OH GOD OH FU— CHAPTER V THE CAT HAS BEEN FIRED Tragedy struck, though not completely unpredicted, as SCP-795 only lasted two days working as a Site Director for Site-19. His contract was soon terminated, and he was sharply demoted to another generic anomaly by the O5 Council. What a way to go. Like Haxray stated before, SCP-795 was literally SCP-999 on 'roids. That was the main reason why he was cut from the Foundation class, he was too good against SCPs. Let's go back to SCP-795's abilities. First off, his scratch doesn't do that much damage. Also if he gets shot there is a 10% chance you are turned into a mice (which I'll get to right now), but I don't believe SCPs have guns to trigger that affect, maybe. So what does that leave us with. Ah yeah, the special. The main and only real way SCP-795 is meant to kill an SCP, or a Class-D in those times. SCP-795's ability to turn others into mice renders its targets completely harmless, weak, and extra vulnerable to SCP-795. This sounds too good to be true when dealing with SCPs, and unfortunately that was the issue. Think about SCPs for a moment. They are big and strong and cool, and can definitely win any 1v1 against a human. However, these stats will diminish in an encounter with SCP-795, allowing for an easy kill on an exciting class that you rarely get to play as. SCPs are supposed to be hard to play against, that's what makes them so much of a threat. Usually when you see 682 down a hallway, the first thing you do is RUN NIGGA. However, SCP-795's ability completely disregards this basis of SCPs, and that's what caused the change to strike. CHAPTER VI The Downwards Spiral Begins number one the doomanacjck scp lolxd You know, usually when an actual SCP is added we have crowds of people go "OMG WHY IS THERE A CAT" or "WAIT, SINCE WHEN DID THEY ADD A CAT". The same kinda' happened when SCP-2845, one of my "step-creations" that managed to be more lucky than SCP-795. (I consider SCP-2845 as a step-creation because Xy completely overhauled its mechanics for balanced, which I'm not mad at anyways, but I like to say that I "influenced" SCP-2845's addition). Oh and speaking of the deer: like every new SCP people also go "OMG THATS SO OPP!!!!". At least Ralsei gave 2845 a buff that made it so it couldn't be constantly 1v1'd with a crowbar. It's a really skilled based SCP, which is why some people think it's op and others not so much. Anyways, players soon became accustomed to having a magical cat turn them into mice, but they soon realized that SCP-795 was just like any other offensive cookie-cutter SCP there is. If anything, people may say it could, very "possibly" be w e a k . And that's how the community lost its faith in SCP-795. CHAPTER VII THE CAT IS NOW HOMELESS Oh gee, can you spot the magical feline???? uwu Well, and here we are now in this situation. The server has come to realize now that we do have a rockbottom in SCPs, and usually what comes to mind considering this is SCP-066, 106, maybe even SCP-1471, oh yeah and there's SCP-795— wait, this can't be right Common player feedback does not lie, at least I hope it doesn't. Truth is, the game was AH YOU GET THE POINT (heck, even I tried to save 795) CHAPTER VIII Aftermath: Animal Abuse SCP-795 has been left in a shambled state since its inception. First, it was too good for its own self, and Ralsei had to sacrifice it's "employement" in order to save SCP-795 for the better. A brave one indeed, but we have left SCP-795 unsupervised after its termination, and since it has fallen into complete collapse into worth by the GFL playerbase. SCP-795 is NOT good. It is definitely not one of the upper-class SCPs you want to run away from, and if anything, you may want to loiter near it to taunt the player being SCP-795. Dare I say too, SCP-795 is a bit uninteresting to play as, and like SCP-2521, serves no unique role gameplay-wise. That's what I want to change. I hope one day my children's children's grandchildren come here to our dwindling community and see that I cared about a fictional cat that literally made no difference in the world. UNNECESSARY LORE ENDS HERE; SUGGESTION HAS ARRIVED ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ npc_create npc_doomnack CHAPTER IX: Conclusion and Aftermath Judgement Hour Well considering all that background on SCP-795 I literally just went on and on about, I am going to try and fix SCP-795 right now for the better. Something just needs to be done, and if this doesn't get by, it will eventually happen in the future, someday. If all else goes wrong, SCP-795 will be removed hopefully (and takes SCP-2521 with him, god I hate SCP-2521). I just can't bear to look at the ruins of the spirit of what could have been. PLEASE SAVE JUNIOR Here it is, SCP-795: "Reality-Bending Cat" [has been tamed? RESURRECTED] ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ YOU ARE SCP-795 You are Junior, a cat with reality-bending abilities that allow you to phyiscally change your victims. Due to an absence of catnip, seek revenge on all humans by converting them into mice. All alterations are temporary, and the target will revert once eye contact is broken. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ adoption center? (spawn location) All Sites: (where ever SCP-795 spawned before) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE INNER MECHANISMS OF MY MIND... (gameplay mechanics)  Controls: Primary (LMB): Scratch Secondary (RMB): Transform On Transform: temporarily turn your victims into defenseless mice. Passives: Passive: 10% chance to be transformed into a mice when damaging SCP-795. Passive: 50% chance to cause BLEED effect with primary. Passive: SCP-795's eye contact will continously slow its victims down, slightly over time. Stats: Health: 1795 Attack DMG: 10 Primary Cool Down: 1 sec Secondary Cool Down: 2.5 sec Speed: Breach Human Running Speed Misc Mechanisms: Achievements: "Come here, Junior": Convert an SCP into a mouse and eat them. Point System: Like most SCPs in Breach, SCP-795 earns pointing by killing people. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO UWU (Description) SCP-795 can utilize its primary to deal with low-HP opponents, though it is more optimal to use its primary for dealing with MICE. SCP-795's secondary works from afar, instantly transforming people into a mouse within view, assuming that SCP-795 has EYE CONTACT with the victim. The mice transformation lasts untils SCP-795's view is obscured. Once SCP-795 can no longer view its victim, it takes 2.5 seconds for the transformation to fully revert. As another group in the family of LONG-RANGED SCPs, SCP-795 is meant to silently snipe out victims like SCP-2845, however in a less lethal but more efficient style. If SCP-795 makes visual contact with its victim them will be continously slowed down. This compensates for mouse speed. Slowness has a max, which is roughly 682's speed. Once SCP-795 has had its visual contact broken with its victim they will gradually speed up. (also pls fix mice hitbox) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where 2 buy kitty: The Reality-Bending Chad Himself: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952118754 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That was definitely alot, so congrats if you read the whole thing. I really hope this is (at least) acknowledged in some sort of way. It has become increasingly apparent that SCP-795 doesn't suit the server like it should have, and we need change now before gets shoved into the depths of rock bottom SCPs. If you truly made it here naturally, here's a picture of my cat going past the sound barrier I guess.
  3. Hey, this isn't really a full-on suggestion, just a minor tweak. I don't think the speed of SCP-795's mice is changed during the transformation, so you might need to make them slower. Even though actual mice would honestly dash away at that point, their speed needs to be adjusted to make SCP-795 competent in hitting them. Recall that the mice's model isn't an ordinary playermodel, and its hitbox is really small. Even a small speed reduction will help 795 actually hit its targets easier. Also if the mice can jump, that would obviously not be needed either. Or maybe this entire suggestion is already implemented and I'm tonight's big loser.
  4. yeah so I do believe I broke the tag system for my post, and I believe that there is no limit for tags but heres 1000 tags
  5. SCP Ideas

    We need animal SCPs, especially cat SCPs. Note - I Will not suggest SCP-529 because she has no special abilitys except having no bottem half. Cat SCPs SCP-511 and SCP-511-1 SCP-511 - A big black cat Primary attack - None Special - Takes 1 spectator and turns them into a SCP-511-1 - Cooldown - 1:00 [1 Minute] Passive - Can respawn if atleast 1 SCP-511-1 is alive but sacrafices it HP - 1300 Speed - A Bit slower then a player walking SCP-511-1 - Small normal cats Primary attack - 10 Special - None Passive - None HP - 500 Speed - A Bit faster then a player running SCP-607 SCP-607 - Dorian the Grey Cat Primary attack - None Special - "Bonds" with nearest non-scp - Cooldown - 0:30 [30 Seconds] Passive - When 607 bonds it takes the same amount of HP of the player it bonded with. when 607 is damaged its "Bonded" will take the same amount of damage. When killed by the world [Fall damage, Elevator, Pits] and is bonded it respawns. If it dies not bonded or by a player it stays dead. HP - The same amount of its "Bonded" but if not bonded 500 Speed - Normal SCP-795 SCP-795 - Reality Bending Cat Primary attack - 50 [May only attack "Prey"] Special - Turns people in a small radius into "Prey" - Cooldown - 0:20 [20 Seconds] Players turned into "Prey" stay as prey for 15 Seconds Passive - None HP - 750 Speed - Normal [When uses special, it becomes as fast as a player running] "The Prey" Primary attack - None Special - None Passive - None HP - 100 Speed - A Little slower than a player running Normal SCPs SCP-610 SCP-610 - THE FLESH THAT HATES Primary attack - 25 Special - Roots self in 1 area, cannot move untill it disables the ability with right click. When rooted, It creates an area around it that infects people that slowly grows. [Not to the size of a whole area like ETZ, HCZ or LCZ but a decent size] this makes it so its a high priority to kill. If it unroots its radius effect disappears. Cooldown - Is able to be turned on and off but takes 2 seconds to root and unroot. Passive - Infects players it hits and players that step into its Infected Radius. Infected players can remove the infection VIA Healing items. Infected will slowly take 5 damage a second. When a Infected dies they become a SCP-610. HP - 1000 Speed - Slower than a player walking Note - This adds a new element, and win type, if the 610s are smart enough they can cover the entire map and turn everyone into 610s. SCP-008 SCP-008 - Zombie Plague [Rework] Primary attack - 50 Special - None Passive - Infects those who it kills, AKA those who get killed by 008 become 008 HP - 500 Speed - Normal Note - This removes the whole 1 shot become zombie thing. SCP-650 SCP-650 - Startling Statue Primary attack - None Special - Spectators get to appear behind people and spook em Passive - None HP - Cannot be killed Speed - Cannot Move Note - Just to put people on edge, and entertain spectators. SCP-2521 SCP-2521 - ●●|●●●●●|●●|● Primary attack - 25 Special - Grabs the player its looking at and holds them untill 2521 is Damaged. Passive - None HP - 1500 Speed - Normal Note - This is the best way i could come up with this SCP. SCP-2933 SCP-2933 - Mr. Smiles! Mr. Scary... Primary attack - 25 Special - None Passive - Players too close to Mr. Scary start losing health. If they stay around him to long they start bleeding. And this bleeding cannot be stopped. 1 HP per 2 seconds. HP - 1500 Speed - Normal SCP-055 SCP-055 - [UNKNOWN] Primary attack - None Special - None Passive - When all players look away from 055, 055 changes playermodel and name. HP - 500 Speed - Normal [Can Sprint] Note - 055 job is to escape, not to kill. 055 was suggested because it is a "SCP Foundation Heritage" SCP. Joke SCPs These scps probally wont be added but its worth a shot at suggesting SCP-SPOOKY-J SCP-SPOOKY-J - A Veteran Of The Skeleton War Primary attack - 1 [fist] Special - Teleports to the nearest player, when teleported a sound of rattling will be heard. Passive - None HP - 1000 Speed - Normal [Can sprint] SCP-049-J 049-J - The Plague Fellow Primary attack - 10 [Boot] Special - Goes invisible for 5 seconds, but cannot attack and gains a speed boost. Cooldown 30 seconds Passive - None HP - 1700 Speed - Normal [Can sprint] Weapon SCPs SCP-127 SCP-127 - The Living Gun Damage - 26-38 Ability - Regenerates ammo over time [5 Ammo every 2 seconds] Ammo - 60 Note - SCP-127 is a MP5K submachine gun. [Same type as gun the commander spawns with.]
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