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Found 5 results

  1. Okay, so I found this game on TV Tropes (yes, that TV Tropes) and it hasn't been active for at least 5/6 months, so why not revive it? The rules are simple: someone from the top will say an item, like a doll, and then say what setting, from rough, coarse, 1:1, fine and very fine, and then the person below will say the output while putting in something of their own. Here an example: User: INPUT: A metal spoon, Very Fine Next User: OUTPUT: A spoon that bends when you look at it. Input: a DVD of star trek. Fine. And the list goes on. My item: A Medival sword, a full skeleton, Very Fine Edit: I forgot to mention this, the output has to be related in some way to the input. Just forgot to clear that up. Edit 2: You also could add all the settings to one item.
  2. HI folks! This is a thread to suggest ideas for 914 upgrades for items. Currently 914 only upgrades keycards and heals people when used on Fine, with little to no interaction with other items(I think snav becomes snav ult?). We want to change that in the future eventually, and figured It would be nice to listen to your ideas. Suggest an upgrade to any item you want. This includes scp items that are currently on the server. The only exception is SCP-500 as it is obvious what that would eventually end up upgrading to. We probably will not accept upgrading an item into an existing SCP item though(Example: upgrading 207 into 1863). Feel free to mention the setting that should trigger the upgrade.
  3. I've compiled a folder of tweaked radios, so that the channel actually appears on the radios interface, and would like to suggest the Anomalous Radio. What is the Anomalous Radio: The Anomalous Radio is an item you may receive when transferring a standard radio through SCP-914. And allows you to listen in on SCPs.
  4. NVG ➜ Super NVG. Super NVG will. highlight the SCPs through walls and tell the distance. Tint instead of green, is Blue. [No this is not just "Another S-Nav" S-Nav is a top down view, this is First Person.] USP ➜ Deagle Just the USP into a Deagle Medkit ➜ SCP-500 SCP-500 is limited on the map and SCP-500 can cure Zombies so if a person finds a Medkit and 049 is alive, they can head to 914. SCP-500 ➜ Medkit Since SCP-500 and Medkits are kinda equal.
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