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Found 4 results

  1. @King_Wailord was in discord a few minutes ago (at the time of me writing this post) spreading heresy This is abuse on multiple levels and should not be tolerated in a community such as ours, how would the god emperor of mankind react if he looked down upon us and saw this kind of talk to freely happen?
  2. I wish to inquire into if the melon on site19 can be removed. You made the door close after it is opened but it is not enough. People still get the melon and abuse its powers to insta kill all SCP's and it is unfair and unbalanced. They have insta killed 682, 106 and 066 all in one game with the melon and they have complained but the admins say it isnt something worth punishing for. Please remove the melon so this never happens again. Thank you.
  3. Name:NightFreeze Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:129311764 Banned by: Hoxen Ban reason: Ghosting Why you should be unbanned: Okay yes im making a 2nd Appeal cause Hoxen left info out. So First off, I don't know the dude so hes not "My friend" 2nd off, after you killed me, i spectated him and he was on the hill after i died a moment later (Death > dude on the hill 30 seconds later). Third, How long is the ban? Fourth, You know you Slayed the Same dude when he cause Called Kos on a T. 5th, Still you have no proof of me "Ghosting" So its really a false ban lmao. So like i stated before. unless you can Access my Pc and see that a Voice Chatting device is OPEN and RUNNING. You Sir have 0 Proof. i could say anyone could be ghosting. but apparently just GUESSING with 0 investigation is "Proof"
  4. So i was just playing on the 24/7 Minecraft TTT server. (, And yes, my name is a bit racey. (Dig Nick Bigger) it's funny, and clean for the most part. I have had NO PROBLEMS with my name anywhere else. As i was playing, i killed a T for walking over an unidentified body. He promptly reported me, and explained in the report log that he walked over an unidentified body. Mad, he chose to not forgive me. Next round, i was slain by the Trial Admin Barack Obama. I immediately questioned that decision. He claimed, (Verbatim, mind you.) "I saw it all, you didn't identify it either." Which is a lie, it was the body of an innocent just killed by the T who refused to identify it. Obviously i was salty and threw a temper tantrum. Another player, Savvy., had my back. There was a player on at the same time named "Nobody", so that when you call him out as a traitor, it says Nobody is a traitor!. Savvy and i had a problem with this earlier and begged for him to be kicked to have his name changed as it was detrimental to the game. No action taken. Where that case ties in with mine; Barack Obama DEMANDED i change my name after i questioned his authority for the unwarranted slay i had "earned". I declined, citing it wasn't a problem before he slayed me. He repeatedly kicked me 2 more times after i immediately rejoined. Still citing that i will not change my name and that its all a load of bullshit, he bans me for 6 hours. This guy cannot keep his composure, and didn't even use his microphone to address the situation. He used the chatbox that is NOT the best method for so-called "discipline". Im by no means a troll or a minge, i just enjoy TTT and playing on this server. I hope to see some type of action taken from this. The image on the left is Savvy cussing out Obama for failing to do anything about the player named "Nobody", and taking excessive action over my name which he had NO PROBLEM with before the slay.
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