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Found 12 results

  1. Steam Name(s): NuclearMario SteamID: STEAM_1:0:93087423 Admin that banned you: CONSOLE What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Duplicate account Why should you be unbanned? I have no duplicate account and I am unsure why someone thought it was a dupe because this is the only account I've ever used. Im unsure of how there is evidence of a dupe account anyway EDIT: I meant to post this in fistful of frags shootout ban appeal category
  2. Ban Appeal

    Name: Dela Steam ID: 76561198850363528 Admin who banned you: CONSOLE What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Permanent Ban from Surf Timer Beginner Why should you be unbanned?: I don't think it was fair, I was banned for what I suspect was my VPN (which I had connected somewhere in the USA). Banned for Duplicate Accounts Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: I don't use voice chat, I mostly use chat for questions I have in the game such as commands or help with surfing. I don't think I was banned correctly.
  3. Name: Big Booty Indian Goddess Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:448168815 Admin who banned you: Remuchu/Mythical What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban): Perm CT ban Why do you want to be unbanned?: I would love to be un ct-banned as I enjoy playing on GFL's JB server and I really do like the community and have connected and "befriended" some members of GFL including Beanbag, Bamboozled (he is bae) and Pif/Pandari/ whatever he changed his name to now). I have over 100 hours and i truly do like it on GFL and I feel this sense of emptiness whenever I join the JB server knowing I cannot be apart of the CT side. I have tooken a 2/3 week break from GFL JB and have kind of rediscovered myself and became a better person and I have kind of missed playing on GFL's JB server. I even played on different servers like SNG but they arent the same as GFL Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: Like I said earlier, I have taken a 2/3 week break and have rediscovered myself. On the other servers I played on I was being a good CT, rarely FKing and such. Even on GFL, I do not feel like I FKed or broke as many rules as other people(ITACHI, WOLFI, MR CLUTCH lmao). The way I was banned was also extremely weird and was not supported well by the admin who banned me in the first place. He just got on banned me and left. When I question him on Disocrd about why I was banned he said "I was playing dumb" and blocked me so I couldnt continue having a civil conversation with him. The sudden perm CT ban really was unexpected and I think it should have been a week spent alive or a month spent alive, not perm, if I should have been banned, which I dont think I should have. That day I got banned I was not even CT except for 3-4 rounds where most of the CT rounds were days(freeday, ffa). I really think my perm CT ban was unjustified and had so many flaws with it( the actual banning and explanation afterward). I had taken a step back from GFL JB and have taken a new leaf, and I am hoping if I am un banned from CT I can further improve the server and be a good CT, creating good rounds. IF YOU WANT THE SS's OF ME AND REMU's CONVO ON DISCORD PM ME BC I DONT KNOW IF I CAN POST THEM ON THE FORUMS - Big Booty Indian Goddess === :>( )<: === Big Booty Indian Goddess -
  4. Name: Spray Suggestion(s) Type: Rule Change/Group Change Link(s): https://sourcebans.gflclan.com Rank(s): Trial Admin + Cost: Description: We need to change the spray mechanics. Harakoni and I have constantly been trolled by idiots spraying NSFW and then removing it before we can get evidence. I have thought of 2 ideas that might stop this. 1. Either change sprays to make it an instant permaban on sprays. To appeal, the person who was spray banned needs to give a link to the spray they were using for everyone to see, and if it's a false link, the admin will just deny the appeal. If it's the spray they were actually using, then the player will talk it out with the admin team. 2. Make sprays for VIP only at the start. If it's still bad from there, make it admin only. If it gets better, lower it to supporter and stay there. If nothing happens there, lower it back down to member. With these two solutions, my hope is that it will limit people trolling admins by spraying and quickly removing NSFW sprays. If this doesn't work, then we'll figure something else out.
  5. Name: Mr.Pickles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47096738 Banned by: Toothless Ban reason: Attempted Mass RDM Why you should be unbanned: I rdmd one guy ONE GUY and i get banned for idk how long when it shouldve been a slay. Im just saying being banned because i rdmd one guy and then enlisting it under attempted mass rdm is a joke i love this server ill probably be on it until my parents kick me out when im 40 and i just wanna be fair like you guys are fair to me.
  6. so i actually was wondering if i could have more info on why i was banned, because i want to play on this server and i didnt even know i was banned the server ip is steam id is STEAM_1:1:65408486 i was banned a long time ago so idk if its expired or what
  7. *** Just tried to hop onto a Zombie Escape server and I got a mute ban error? I got a week ban from a JB server pretty recently that I appealed on this account but I haven't done anything wrong on this server or that server. I don't know if its because I tried to use this account on a GFLClan server in general or if I was possibly banned for something I might have done on the ZE server in the past. And yes, I checked the sourcebans website and it isn't even popping up....? *** For Mutes: Your In-Game Name: din Your Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/RevelcTon/ Mute Reason and Length: ...? Admin That Muted You:...? Appeal Reason: Check above *** Do bans from one server extend to other GFLClan servers? ...For instance if a person got a JB ban would he also be banned from 1v1 and ZE as well?
  8. Ban Appeal Format: Your In Game Name: legitlegitss din Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:506718111 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198973701950 https://steamcommunity.com/id/RevelcTon/ Which Admin Banned you: Cobra Ban Reason: "Bhop hacks" Why should you be Unbanned? I don't have bhop hacks or any hacks of the kind... and never will have any. Tried to come back on another account https://steamcommunity.com/id/RevelcTon/ and got a duplicate account ban as well but I understand why I was banned on that one without appealing the initial ban. How am I supposed to prove my innocence with no video evidence and no shadowplay running at the time? I've been bhopping my whole CS career and I have many alts I play gmod bhop and csgo bhop on with my spare time. Maybe I would've let the ban slip aside if it was maybe 6 hours, but I was given a week ban and another 2 week ban for my other account from GFLs JB server... a server I have listed in my favorites alongside other MG and KZ servers. And lastly, even if I was reported for bhopping and he was writing a report wouldn't he write "BHOP Scripts" instead? 
  9. Hi, I am Gloom, So 4 years ago from today I was banned for a DDOS threat by console? I certainly dont recall ever doing such a thing, But I cant promise my 15 year old self back in 2015 wouldn't have said it. I am 19 now, and recall all the nostalgic events and moments in all the GFL clan servers, I really miss them... I do ): I undeniably understand that making such threats to Distribute denial of service is unacceptable to the point of a perma ban and I will promise to not permit or allow myself to ever say such a remark even though I lack and hardly know how DDOS works? Please consider my appeal -Gloom BAN DETAILS Player Chef Boyardee No Demos Steam ID STEAM_0:1:90031552 Steam3 ID [U:1:180063105] Steam Community 76561198140328833 Invoked on 07-14-15 23:22 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason DDos Threat Banned by Admin CONSOLE Banned from [GFLClan.com] TTT Minecraft 24/7 | Jihad | Point... Blocked (10) Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Phasma, DUCK
  10. Hello everyone, it's your lego bionicles collector here. Today I request an appeal over my ban from August last year. Introduction My in-game name is normally craZy_y0™ and my SteamID is STEAM_1:0:28825581. Upon googling my SteamID you'll find that I've got a massive record of past bans on various Garry's Mod servers possibly dating back as early as 2013 as I've been in a lot of trouble for messing around on Trouble in Terrorist Town servers and other servers alike mostly for mass RDMing. On top of that I also have a game and VAC ban on record for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as I shared my phone number with my friend a year and a bit ago but it doesn't necessarily mean I cheated in CS:GO, in fact CS:GO is out of the question as I've never played on GFLClan's servers in that game. Why I was banned So let's begin then. I was banned from GFLClan as I was aimbotting on the Trouble in Terrorist Town servers some time at the start of September last year. Backstory of this was that my friend came to my house and we hung out (we also had a few kopparbergs to drink while we were at it), but I also wanted him to install Garry's Mod cheats for me, the hack in question is called BigPackets. My friend decided what server to test my newly acquired cheats on and by coincidence it was GFLClan, knowing that I have previously offended on this server before. Talking about my previous conviction, I was banned about 11 months ago for ghosting with my cousin. I also attempted to appeal this ban as we thought the admin (WigglesWorth) was abusing his powers and I even made a video about it. You can see all of this in this thread. Going back to my ban, my friend set BigPackets up for me and I went on to RDM 3 players using the rifle with aimbot on. A little while later I decided to just play it safe for a couple of rounds while also calling out a traitor (because BigPackets picks up if players have T weapons) before I went on an aimbot killing spree to my ban. I did record the entire time I was playing on the server and still have the footage on hand if anyone is interested in me handing it over. Originally I didn't intend on using cheats on the server but I in a way used the cheats as an excuse to get revenge against my previous ghosting ban. Why I am appealing I am appealing this ban because I realized I made a massive mistake and personally I think that the ban was justified. However I wish to apologize for my actions and I'm sorry to those experiences who I've affected by my past behaviour, I promise I am a changed man now and won't be doing anything like that again if I do get unbanned. I also made this appeal because of the Fistful of Frags server that launched not too long ago, I have played on it before the GMod ban caught on and made it so I'm unable to connect to the server anymore. I brought up a discussion with Gramps about the Fistful of Frags ban as I was aware he banned one of my friends on the assumption of cheating (this has since been resolved I believe), however he had advised me to create this appeal in order to jump back into the action. Hopefully I'm able to backtrack and fix any of my wrongdoings so I can sort out and better my reputation with GFLClan. I personally feel like it has been a long time and I have no grudges against GFLClan, in fact the staff here have been nothing but friendly and helpful to me despite my past behaviour. I just don't want to sound like I'm being too friendly or apologetic to anyone here in order to be unbanned since appeals usually take place a few hours to a few days after the offense has been taken but I do genuinely wish to turn things around, I do want to start a-new to prove that I am a good person and not the person I was before. Outro If you've read everything, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read all of this. If you have any questions or if you want my video I previously mentioned, do tell me and I won't hesitate to answer. I wish to be given a second chance and hopefully I can be a role-model many can look up to. Cheers, craZy_y0
  11. Ban Appeal

    Name: Kvikk Lunsj Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80341113 Banned by: Presumably the server Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: Due to many prop glitchers on the server I would constantly be killing them to prevent unfair positions and the KOS rule for prop glitchers. I think for following the rules of KOS on prop glitchers I shouldn't have to be banned, thanks.
  12. Name: Metallic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81287394 Banned by: TheSadBandit Ban reason: Ghosting Why you should be unbanned: he banned me because I saw him go into a Terrorist area with disguise and his skin had a jet pack on it T's can only exit through the nether portal and no-one else was in the nether at the time. So using logic I killed the next person to exit the nether. This was a one time incident so he decided to ban me without warning. This was his reasoning for ghosting no other reasoning was given this is with complete honesty that I was not ghosting.
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