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Found 7 results

  1. Admin Application

    Name(s) (ingame, all of them that you've used on the server): [SJ] ultra Age: 25 Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:0:81234302): STEAM_0:0:52442754 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065151236/ What timezone are you in? EST Why should you be accepted as an admin? Be as detailed as possible. I am on the server every single day that i log in to tf2, whether its 30 minutes or a couple hours. There is a lot of mic spam, racial comments and slurs , and every once in a while an aimbotter will get on the server and i don't see any admins on or mods to help out, which im sure they are managing multiple servers and cant be there every waking second. I would be more than willing to take that roll to keep the server as professional yet fun as possible. I have years of experience with being a server admin on a few different community servers. I've never been banned from a community server before, i follow the rules, and im a fair guy. I like to hop on and chill and play just like everyone else but i do get deterred when you have someone in the server spamming a youtube video at full blast when your trying to enjoy the game, or someone using an aimbot, etc.. And i am lenient. I personally think everyone should at least get a warning before getting a mute, gag, ban etc.. This game has a very wide age range and i understand that and sometime you may have to take more time than others to get someone to stop breaking the rules which i feel like im good at because from being an admin for previous servers i have learned a lot of patience. Again, im on it almost every single day. The past couple weeks have been spotty because of getting back from vacation and house work but i have alot of free time now and can atleast be on every night for atleast 1 hour if not more ( usually have 4 hours a night on weekdays and on weekends i can get on whenever ). Do you have access to discord? Yes - ultra#4593 Are you able to be somewhat active on the forums? Yes i can. I work Monday - Friday, but i am able to get on my phone at work and hop on the forums and of course when im at home aswell. Do you have any prior experience with being an admin? Explain if yes. Yes. I have 3+ years of being an admin on multiple servers for Team Methane. There were 6 people total who were admins for that server group, the owner, the guy who wrote the codes and plugins, and the other 4 ( including me ). They mostly stayed on our jump servers because that was where most of our population was at, and i was mainly on that server but i also was the sole admin that ran the 24/7 hightower server. So i have plenty of experience in it. If you have punishments (warns, bans, and mutes), why were you punished? Ive never been punished, warned, had a ban, or muted on any server ive ever been on, and ive been playing since 2012.
  2. So my member application was accepted two or three days ago and I'm still not member ingame, i did everything from retrying and waiting, also forgot the admin that accepted it and I can't find the topic but the mods should be able to find that info.
  3. My Age: 14 My Talent: My application Hello I am Jake I am 14 and I love to do programming, I do some C as it is required for my Ethical Hacking Course. I also do alot of web development but I know that is not suffice so I will not go on about that, but I can also do PHP and Lua (for garry's mod) but I didn't find much interest in in so I did not pursue it. I know a little bit of x64 assembly but I mainly am into things such as C and Linux as I like to manage and work on dedicated servers . I also know quite a bit about source mod but I am yet to compile my first addon, I only started learning it recently so I may not have the most advanced knowledge of it but it is quite simple so I will get the grasp of it soon enough and I will be able to make you addons for your server. My github is https://github.com/Jake-Stanley and my website is https://jakestanley.cf - in the past I have done plugins for other games, such as Minecraft these are coded using java which is quite hard to learn and I managed to make one of those I haven't uploaded it yet as it was not complete, it has things such as a /sethealth /god /gamemode. So I know how server plugins are structured such as putting [GFL Clan] before error messages, I also like to print debug errors to the console so you can tell whats going on, but it also logs them in a file. But I never completed it as I kind of grew out of the game. I now mainly work on Cyber Security and SourceMod but I am also studying Python in my Advanced Computer Science GCSE Course at school and am doing very well in it, So I think I have what it takes to be part of the team. Thank you for reading my application I know it is not very long, but I gave it a try. Hope you concider this, Sincerely~ Jake#0017 (Discord) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gloomlessttv/ (Steam) STEAM_0:1:457323583 (SteamID) Hours/Week: Per day, 3 hours. Per week, 15-26 hours.
  4. In order to apply for admin or developer access, you must follow the appropriate application template found below and submit it here. Finding Information Needed to Complete the Form. To find your Steam ID, just click this link. [Admin Application format] Your In Game Name: Your Steam ID: Your age: Are you able to communicate sufficiently in English: Approximate hours of play per week & timezone you are located in: How long have you been with the community and/or played on the server: Are you already familiar with admin commands and/or have you been admin on other servers before: Why do you want to be admin on the server: What would qualify you to be a good admin on our server: Anything else you think is relevant or may help us better evaluate you: [Developer Application format] Your In Game Name: Your Steam ID: Your age: Are you able to communicate sufficiently in English: Approximate hours of play per week & timezone you are located in: How long have you been with the community and/or played on the server: Are you already familiar with admin/developer commands and/or have you been an admin or a developer on other servers before: Why do you want to be a developer for our server: What sort of developer work are you familiar with (list experience or projects/plugins worked on): More specifically, are you familiar with working on a CS:S server and/or writing Sourcepawn: Approximately how much time would you be able to dedicate to helping the server in technical aspects: Anything else you think is relevant or may help us better evaluate you:
  5. My Age: 21 My Talent: Hello GFL. I am computer science student. I and have been programming for 5+ years. I'm working for a large company where we are creating a website using Nuxt and vue, and for a smaller accounting company where I have made a website in PHP 7. I have experience with the following languages: Python nodeJS PHP HTML+CSS Java R C++/C My github is not much to look at, since i have been using company accounts/emails for most of my work, which i cannot share. https://github.com/jhviggo Hours/Week: 4
  6. TS3

    Does anyone know how to apply for a Community Advisor for TS3?
  7. Membership Application from bdot (aka CoolBurns) Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CoolBurns/ Steam Check Link: https://steamid.io/lookup/U:1:179298019 Why I want to be Member: I've been playing on the CS:GO GFLClan NA BHop server for over a month now and have become a part of this community through the server and would like to be able to become a member to help further improve this community and have fun doing it and meeting more people. GFL Bans: 0
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