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Found 1 result

  1. People have complained about tau-5 being way too overpowered, and they are not exactly wrong.(I kinda waited to post this because i was just happy to see people who kept asking for it finally realizing why they were never added in). However, most suggestions related to nerfing them involves nerfing their shotgun or giving them the same shotgun dr.clef has... which would render them completely boring as their main unique standout feature is their shotgun. My suggestion to fix tau-5 is to only have one of them spawn. "WHAT? BUT THEY'RE A SQUAD OF FOUR!' Yes(even though only 3 spawn ingame for gameplay reasons) but they tend to get injured or taken out of commission for extended periods of time due to the nature of the kind of operations they get sent on. Simply having only a single tau-5 spawn(by himself, with no one else) would greatly fix the balancing issue with tau-5(leaving only a single person) while still not being too weak and not ruining the only thing unique about them. Might need a new voice line related to this, but its not super important. The other suggestion is inregards to Dr.Clef, who a lot of people complain is too weak(I disagree, but people keep complaining). I tied these 2 suggestions together because people love to say to swap dr.clef's shotguns with tau-5, giving him the super shotgun and giving tau-5 the normal shotgun. Instead, I suggest replacing his shotgun with another one from the workshop. Specifically: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1445032964 The winchester model 1887. Outside of being closer(im not sure of the exact model) to the shotgun Dr.Clef actually uses, its unique model, animations, and sounds should help to make it feel more satisfying to use, as well as fixing the problem people have with Dr.Clef currently.
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