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Found 3 results

  1. Bhop Map?

    It would be really cool to add the map " bhop_fps_max_sr " to the server, it's pretty a pretty cool map
  2. Some people like to complain (mostly me). Some people like to bitch about things (lore mechanics, things they suck at). Some people said bhopping was bullshit and should be removed. Bhopping is perfectly fine in my opinion. It adds skill gap (which I'm probably going to say a lot). If you don't want an SCP bhopping up to you just shoot it. Even the slightest poke will make a bhopper loose all their momentum. Find a way around it. Counter play.
  3. Bhopping

    A thread like this may have been done before. On csgo, bhopping is much easier compared to css that even some less experienced players can use that trick. If that's not bad enough, it can be a bit gamebreaking especially with the high jump. I feel that zombies bhopping and strafing can be more op than in css with sv_enablebunnyhopping 1. The cause is the fact that there is no stam/penalty jump unlike in css which makes zm movement gamebreaking and defending against zm overall harder even with ridiculous knockback. I'm probably going to be aware of some ppl that use bhopping in csgo too much as an advantage, *cough Flow *cough. I hope this can somehow be addressed.
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