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Found 7 results

  1. Simple Idea today folks. Just give his a bit more health to not insta-die, and change his right-click into a melee attack. Maybe similar damage/speed as the right click attack for SCP-049-2. Just so 011 isn't left defenseless after firing and that he can break down gates.
  2. I think the cat should get a buff that works more like it's wiki entry. http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-607 Currently the way its working is that 607 bonds to a human, and if it's bonded to said human, when the cat commits seppuku, the human bonded to will die. Think of Destiny Bond from Pokemon but perm. Anyway this is all well and fine, but as a SCP Breach entity, is one of the worst skips you could become. There's different SCP types like Support, DPS, Tanks, sneaky bois and whatever, but 607 is like a breed of it's own. I would say support is the closest, so we should buff it in the support sense. here are some ideas I've thought up. Feel free to add on to or debate. Whatever ya'll think. General Buffs based on what's already implemented: - Maybe just a bit more health when unbound. I've seen 607 get wrecked by a single D-boy clip. It didn't look fun. - Even if this goes against my initial statement, possibly being able to bound to multiple humans. Being bound to 1 human does so little in terms of the SCP Breach gamemode, so being off canon for the sake of balance/utility should be fine. Maybe have a limit of 3 so it's not teetering on OP. - Shorten the length of time it takes to bond by a few milliseconds. - Increase move-speed so bounding can be easier. New Ideas for SCP-607: To be a better support SCP, 607 should have something extra to help along side bonding. I'm not an expert at coding, so this may be either impossible to implement or too hard, but 607 in SCP-Canon reflects wounds on the human it's bounded to. This currently is reflected by the bonded human dying when 607 dies. I'm thinking this can be expanded a bit more by letting 607 inflict certain De-Buffs to the humans they're bound to. Like that book (I forget the item name) that inflicts lower movespeed, debuff to health, ect. 607 could have some one time use items that activates de-buffs, or maybe when it bounds to a human it randomly inflicts one of these de-buffs, ect. Thanks for taking a read. Feel free to leave extra ideas or better ideas, build upon what I said, shitpost, ect. I'm just one man who thinks a suicidal cat deserves better.
  3. So recently SCP-160 was added to Breach and from what i'v seen it is extremely buggy. It is also one of the weakest SCPs because of it's low mobility. This is a proposal on making SCP-160 a better SCP to play as and play against. Don't know what else to say so... SCP-160 You are a drone that acts like predatory birds. You are able to damage enemies by getting close to them and inject a substance into them that overtime damages their organs. Escape the facility. Stats Health: 2000 Attack Damage: 30 Movement Speed: Human Speed (Or Faster) Team: SCP Objects (Attack Speed is not necessary because of the way it attacks) Controls + Mechanics Attack: Inject Bonus: Constant Flight Information Attack: Inject By bumping into people, SCP-160 injects a substance overtime damages the victim's organs. Every 2 seconds the victim takes 1 damage. The effect can be removed with any healing method. Bonus: Constant Flight SCP-160 is permanently in flight. What kind of flight is Xy's decision. When I first made the 160 suggestion I imagined flight how SCP-106 moved in the special round "SCP-106's funhouse". Looking back I should of pointed that out. So 106's funhouse flight but without the clipping through walls. Or if Xy decides to use manhack physics, I request if it's possible to make it move faster and reduce "bouncing". Or 160 could just get removed.
  4. SCP-457 Buff

    SCP-457 Is Probably One Of The Weakest SCPs In Breach, And To Me He Desires A Buff SCP-457 Will Still Be Able To Burn Humans That Are Close, But Will Have Either These 2 Weapons SCP-457 Will Be Able To Shoot A Fireball For Left Click, The Fireball Will Do 35 Damage And Will Be Able To Get Points From Killing People Cooldown: 3 Seconds Other Attack Method: Will Get Fists That Will Do 35 Damage (fists left click) Ability: SCP-457 Will Still Use A Sprint As Right Click
  5. Currently, I feel like as if some of the NTF squads are a bit too unbalanced, whether that be a powerful type of unbalance or a weak type of unbalance. Some NTF squads do have the potential to be effective, but there is something about them that limits them. If these suggestions were implemented, it would make some of them generally more enjoyable to play and more effective in their goal. Red text means a nerf. Green text means a buff. Blue text means a change. Orange text is for notes and explanations. Purple text is for titles. Epsilon-9: "Fire Eaters" Now spawns with a Desert Eagle with 7 + 58 ammo, much like the TRO Pyro. This would help Epsilon-9 to deal with targets that aren't in the range of the flamethrower. Vest is now a unique vest that is like the fireproof vest, but with enhanced features. The vest grants immunity to afterburn from the flamethrowers and allows 4 seconds of complete immunity to 334 and 457's AOE. After 3 seconds, it has the same effect as the fireproof vest. Immunity has a cooldown of 5 seconds after use. Retains the speed reduction. Omega-7: "Pandora's Box" The NTF from this now spawn with rifles instead of SMGs, and would also spawn with NVG. 076-2's sword now also functions like a level 4 keycard, much like the 2639-A weapons. 076-2 can now utilize gate commands as a result. 076-2 now gains 50 health on kill. 076-2 can now see 966 passively. 076-2 can no longer pick up vests. 076-2 is now considered a researcher, so it can no longer escort and use the suit zoom menu. Teams with the same teams as it originally did, so it isn't neutral towards class D and is instead hostile towards them. Omega-9: "The Scrubs" Ammo regen is now dependent on the weapon. Can passively see 966. Regens 2 health per second. Upon killing a SCP, it would either gain a full heal, 2x damage for 10 seconds, unlimited ammo for 5 seconds, or invulnerability for 5 seconds. Machine Gun now has 40 ammo capacity, regens 5 ammo every 2 seconds, increased accuracy, and deals 10 damage per shot. Chain Gun now has 80 ammo capacity and regenerates 10 ammo every 3 seconds. Grenade launcher ammo capacity reduced to 5, regens 1 ammo every second, and has its base damage reduced to 50. A new weapon that it can spawn with: Rocket Launcher. Operates much like the rocket launcher from Quake, but it cannot be used to rocket jump. Base damage is 150, small-medium AOE, and the damage of the AOE reduces the farther away the target is from the rocket. Ammo capacity is 4 and it regenerates 1 ammo every 2.5 seconds. Serpent's Hand Return of the ability to pick up any kind of ammo, much like a human would. This would greatly increase the effectiveness of SH since they cannot pick up ammo of any kind and can only use the SMG ammo they spawn with, limiting them to be stuck with only using SMGs (if they wish to not risk running out of spare ammo). Tau-5: "Samsara" Tau-5 armor no longer has a speed reduction. Damage reduction (10%) is retained. Super Shotgun is now in the shotgun slot. The super shotgun can now be customized with 2 abilities: Customize it to have the ability to choke to change the spread from 14° to 10° by using right click. Customize it to only fire 1 barrel at a time to conserve ammo. The ability to bash with the shotgun itself would still be retained even with using the choke, as using suit zoom can also be used to bash. The weapon this is based off of comes with these customizations, so new content wouldn't have to be programmed then added. 2 new weapons Tau-5 can spawn with: Tracer Pistols (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=838527414) Tracer Pistols would be similar to SCP-127 in that it regens ammo, but ammo cannot be picked up for it. Clip size is 60, spread is 3°, regens 5 ammo every second, firerate would be 700 RPM, and deals 5 damage per shot. Occupies the pistol slot. Right click or suit zoom can be used to bash to deal 25 damage. Widow's Kiss (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836552308) Has 2 modes: SMG and Sniper. Right click would be used to switch modes. Uses Sniper ammo, and spawns with 10 + 120 ammo. Long-ranged, much like the Sniper the TRO Sniper spawns with. Spread is 2° during SMG mode, and 0° during Sniper mode. Base damage is 20, and RPM is 500 during SMG mode. Sniper mode must be charged first to do maximum damage. On a full charge, it would multiply the damage by 2.5 to deal 50 damage. Occupies the primary slot. 1 bullet is consumed per shot for SMG mode and Sniper mode. Suit zoom can be used to bash the gun to deal 40 damage. Lambda-2: "Dr. Clef's Bisexual Stripper Assassin Squad" Lambda-2 now spawns with rifles instead of SMGs and also have NVG. Dr. Clef now spawns with SCP-500 and NVG. The shotgun now uses the models and animations of the M3 Super 90 from CS:S. The shotgun now uses the TFA weapon system. Spread is 8° and cannot aim down sights. Still occupies the shotgun slot. The shotgun only reloads only 1 shell at a time. The shotgun's damage is boosted to 6x12.5 (75). Chaos Insurgency: Can now spawn with SMGs in addition to rifles. Spawns with 5 slams instead of 3. Alpha-1: "Red Right Hand" Spawns with medkits, an S-NAV Ultimate, and rifles with increased ammo. Epsilon-11: "Nine-Tailed Fox" Can now spawn with rifles in addition to SMGs.
  6. SCP-2521's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2521 When SCP-2521 was added, it was alright. It's attack had a decent range and it slows down and it can be easily noticed that you do get slowed down for about a second. SCP-2521's mechanic is that whenever someone says SCP or 2521, SCP-2521 can see the player who said it through walls. The problem with 2521 is that later on people could easily kill 2521 because of it's slowness, low damage, and average health. So SCP-2521 should get some buffs at it's stats so it can survive longer and be able to defend itself more easily with 20 damage instead of 10 through 20 so it can 5 hit players and a new special to fit the lore of this SCP. SCP-2521 Stats Team: SCP Team Health: 1800 Attack Damage: 20 Attack Speed: Rapid Mechanic LMB: Attack (Slows down enemy) RMB: Teleport (Teleports to a random person who were highlighted by saying SCP or 2521 in the chat) Special: Does extra damage (30) to players who are highlighted after saying SCP or 2521 I hope SCP-2521 get's buffed because whenever I play as 2521 I feel so under powered and whenever I try to attack other players they always get away and take minor damage. And 2521 should have more health since it's a slow SCP, like 106 or 682.
  7. Ok, well I'm going to propose three possible buffs here. Reason was I played 2845 today and I soon realized how easily exploitable he was. Several guards and researchers were persistent on killing me because they saw how easy it was to avoid the attack. It's esentially just move out of the way, that's all. I get how 2845 is about predicting your victim's movements, and pushing them back, but many people just see how easy it is to deal with you attacks. Considering that you only have one attack too, things can get sorta' annoying. Max kills I got as the deer was 3, which was me barely scraping those few people that stood still in certain places. Those two seconds, while seemingly not much, is more than enough for walking out of the deer's attack. My friend was playing on the server, and was chosen to play 2845 twice in a row, both times he decided to kill himself with a tesla gate, which I thought was being dumb and overreacting. He complained that it was too hard to kill people, but I shrugged it off as him being bad jokingly, though while playing as 2845 I could kinda' see his point. The deer is not completely bad, but sometimes it feels like I'm playing as 178-1 all over again. Like I said, I'm going to suggest three possible buffs. SCP-2845 has a passive ability: those who get close are turned into hydrogen pillars after 4 seconds. (this should satisfy the common suggestion for a "melee attack" for 2845) SCP-2845's main ability is slighly revamped: -SCP-2845's main ability only does {50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75} damage now. -SCP-2845's time till the attack is triggered (when it explodes) is reduced to 1 second. Possible addiition of pillar entities? (Signify whether players are close to it and can be destroyed; nonplayer entities) You know one way of avoiding 2845's attacks is to, ironically, run in straight line towards it. It would likely predict your movements and plan its attack somewhere else, likely not on itself. Just saying that one way to avoid a monster is to sprint into it. I do appreciate the devs adding 2845 into the game. Its attack need some tweaking however.
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