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Found 5 results

  1. The Problem When prisoners successfully VG or Vote a Guard off CT, there is no restrictions in place to prevent the voted CT to rejoin the guard queue. An example of this problem is for someone like Mr. Clutch in which before he was perma'd off CT, he would just rejoin time and time again and do the same exact thing. Another example I saw was when there were no admins online, A ct mass rdmed and just hopped on CT again. Possible Solution Voting Guards off CT should restrict the player from joining the guard queue for x amount of time. Possibly 5 to 15 minutes cooldown.
  2. Okay, so I really enjoy the idea of the Chef's Knife. However, in its current iteration, it can't really be used. In my experience so far, the knife is rare to find. Even rarer is a scenario where it can be used stealthily. Class-D? Why not use a gun. Maynard? Sure, but you risk your entire cover. You'd use a gun. I believe that Doomnack's original idea for the knife would be more viable in the current gun meta. His idea: -On hit: both you and your victim become invisible from other players. -On hit: victim is stripped of all weapons temporarily. (I mean, we did this for the earlier cat) ... -User can still take damage from outside sources. -After 10 seconds of not being damaged, the effects disappear. -Upon death of victim: effects disappear. One more addition: the attacker only can use the knife once he hits the victim until the effect disappears. In this form, it actually makes the victim nearly helpless. As well, this melee weapon would be a neat alternative from the much simpler bullet. With the idea, the melee weapon could be used to sneak attack or to actually push a hostile that is nearby. I also think the damage should be kept the same as the hitreg on the knife seems iffy. It could even create some strategy: Imagine - 2 D Class are at Gate B elevator. TRO/NTF are at the surface for whatever reason. Classic scenario. They're done for right? Wrong. Class-D A purposely stabs Class-D B and both turn invisible. Either the Class-Ds can attempt to ambush the guards with Class-D B being injured, or they can both run for the escape. What do you guys think? Please let me know.
  3. Badges

    New Badges Now that the poll for which badge design to use has ended, new badges, designed by @queue, are being given out by Team Leaders, Divison Leaders and Directors. This means that all old forum badge designs are now phased out of use. F. For a short amount of time some of you may not have any forum badges below your picture whenever you post, don't worry, this will have no effect on your permissions on the forums and you should get your badges soon enough. If by 10/05/2019 (10th of May) you don’t have your badges, please use this form to report that: https://gflclan.com/forms/42-misisng-badges/. False reports may warrant a warning. How do the new badges look and what do they indicate? Click the spoiler to find out how they look and what they mean: Every server has badges that follow this design. If you have a suggestion to make related to badges use the Suggestions Forum to do so. Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll. Thank you again to @queue for creating the badges. Thank you to @Korowa for contributing greatly to nearly all of the efforts to get this system rolled out. Thank you for reading!
  4. Discord Rules Announcement What are we looking for? The primary outcome of this post is to bring about changes in the way we moderate the front end of GFL Discords. This will create a more welcoming environment for new and existing users to be more involved in the community. A recent post by @Harakoni proposed possible solutions to the negative behavior along with moderation issues within the GFL Discord. It has been a long term goal to be as transparent with the community as we can which is why we want to include you all on this discussion, as well as other recent changes we have implemented. We are making this announcement in order to get feedback from you, the community, on how we should achieve this outcome. The way that we plan to achieve this is by tightening our moderation standards by releasing or appending our current rules to create a stricter ruleset. Specifically, one that explicitly targets people who “harass” or “shun” new members. We truly want the input from everyone who has something to say. The goal isn’t to create drama or spark a fire in the comments. Thus, we will be hiding posts if they are even slightly off-topic. We hope you all can understand. Now, an explanation of what we mean by a “stricter rule set” and why we believe it will be effective in alleviating the issues highlighted in @Harakoni's post. By “stricter rule set”, we mean one that would properly: Restrict the use of words, in both voice and text, which are used for the sake of being edgy or legitimately prejudicial. Especially against new members who have not yet experienced a community like GFL. Restrict the use of insults that are used to discriminate, belittle or shun people from the community. Name-calling or prejudice comments directed towards anyone is prohibited. Although, the phrases themselves are not blacklisted; instead are not to be used without explicit surrounding context. For example, calling someone any derogatory phrase (n-word, faggot, etc.) is not allowed; while discussing the news politics is permitted. The aforementioned subject applies to text chat (chat messages, photographs, videos, etc.) and voice chat. As you may point out, we already have rules such as “Private Matters” and “Channel Topics” which should deal with these types of behaviors. Although, these rules are very bland and vague. We want to clarify what these rules enforce and the way these rules will be implemented. This may include modifying current rules or even creating a new one. The new rule would be: 9. Be clubbable: Do not be unwelcoming, insulting or inimical toward other members through racist or otherwise prejudicial slurs. (This rule would basically act as an amplifier for other rules to be enforced) OR the appended rule would be (we could have both): 2. Private Matters: Do not discuss anything confidential with another user in public or bring personal distaste for users into general conversation. (We already know that this is implied but we want to make it readily clear) Why would we want this? A “stricter rule set,” along with harsher moderation standards would create an environment that is suitable to all people, regardless of their characteristics, across many games. The goal is to make everyone feel welcome and we believe that by enforcing a more strict rule set we can accomplish this. Insults, toxicity, and harassment should not be something that the community represents right from the get-go, or even at all. “Our servers are created, customized and optimized to give every player the gaming experience they deserve. In addition to this, we hand-pick all of our admins and take pride in having the best team to keep our servers clean. We are always recruiting, and welcome new members daily.” We need to start looking back at our core and reflecting on what we’re supposed to represent. These behaviors are something that we, as a community, should not want to represent; yet, we largely are. As previously stated, this more strict rule set is to increase the feeling of welcomeness to new players while still accompanying the regulars. New players are more inclined to stay in a community if they feel at home and can relate with others, which is exactly how this problem occurred. Toxic people herd more negative people which lead the Discord to be what it is today. How would this proposed change help our community? This is not only to help our community be more welcoming to new members but also to encourage friendly behaviors. In return, this may increase overall positivity in mood and mind. We understand that this would be a major change to how members communicate with each other, whether in friendly jest or casual insults (referring back to toxic communications). It'd be a difficult transition for many regular members who don't practice a more friendly behavior, and we understand. We want to pace this change, as to why we are first making this post to explain what might be happening and why. To ensure no one gets punished while making an effort for the better, the proposed change will not be immediate, we will be very forgiving and loose-handed with punishments for about 3 weeks after the new rules come out. Although, we will be giving warnings which do not affect your communication abilities in any way. The warning will say, “Please read new rules” along with the rule you’ve broken. Conclusion This is our current proposal. Do you have a better idea or any suggestions on how to improve upon our proposal? After a discussion on this thread, and a clear outcome is decided, changes will come into effect. If needed some changes will come into effect immediately. Disclaimer: The topic of NSFW content was not discussed in this post, obviously. We do plan on making a separate thread about that. Expect another thread for defining NSFW across all platforms soon. I am creating a thread per issue. Edit(s): 1. Whoops. You can comment now.
  5. Recently, a suggestion was created to "jazz up" the Supporter and VIP roles on the forums, by @Leks. Currently, the VIP and Supporter roles appear as such, so do VIPs and Supporters names, for example, Liloz01 and Liloz01 The proposed changes, which you will be able to vote upon, are: Add a 1px text shadow so that VIP/Supporter names will appear as such: VIP and Supporter - Example name: Liloz01 and Liloz01. Add a 2px text shadow so that VIP/Supporter names will appear as such: VIP and Supporter - Example name: Liloz01 and Liloz01. Add a background animation so that VIP/Supporter names will appear as such: VIP and Supporter - Example name: Liloz01 and Liloz01. Add a 1px text shadow AND background animation so that VIP/Supporter names will appear as such: VIP and Supporter - Example name: Liloz01 and Liloz01. Add a 2px text shadow AND background animation so that VIP/Supporter names will appear as such: VIP and Supporter - Example name: Liloz01 and Liloz01. Keep in mind, as a VIP/Supporter you personally cannot change the background animation of your role or name, once it is set, it cannot be changed by any individual (except for, of course, higherups). If you would like to suggest a better or different background than the background shown here, please, post it and we'll put it into consideration - or even replace the current one within this post. Thank you! Edits: 1. Oh yeah, poll closes in 3 days.
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