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Found 1 result

  1. So why is SCP-035 allied with Class-D? I know he was part of the SCP team before and he was still allied with Class-D. But what's up with 035 helping Class-D? Is it because of the events in the game SCP: Containment Breach when you free SCP-035 as D-9341? If it is, I'd like to point out that SCP-035 was attempting to manipulate D-9341 to let him out. Speaking of 035 trying to get out of his containment, how did a Researcher get into 035's containment? Did the researcher just went inside of the room and closed the door behind him? Why on earth would he do that... And if he was getting the urge to put on the mask, why would he even be in SCP-035's room anyways? Was it for the SCP-500? Back to my statement, SCP-035 didn't even go with D-9341, he ended up getting shot by the Nine Tailed Fox. What the fuck is happening anymore. And how did SCP-035 even get a fucking AK-47? Did he somehow find a Researcher who had an AK-47 and possessed him? Speaking of Researchers, they should have radios. They are associated with the SCP Foundation after all. And speaking of the SCP Foundation, how come there are no medical staff ANYWHERE except for the TRO Medic? TRO Medic is to heal TRO allies and also fight. But what about the normal medical staff? Nothing. In Containment Breach, there was a medical room. There are even medkits laying on the floor scattered all over the facility and barely any medics? And also speaking of the SCP Foundation, WHY ON EARTH did they construct a metal fence around SCP-079? Did they predict someone would fucking punch the computer? Speaking of SCPs, how come SCP-682 can get killed by bullets? BULLETS. FUCKING SCPS ATTEMPTED TO KILL 682 AND IT DIDN'T WORK NOTHING WORKED TO KILL 682. And speaking of bullets and SCPs, SCP-096 doesn't even flinch from bullets. And speaking of sight, SCP-1471 is actually suppose to be called SCP-1471-A. So that is all of the weird things I know in breach. Yep. You have officially wasted your time.
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