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Found 1 result

  1. Ban Appeal: Cuck

    Name: Cuck Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:471289404 Banned by: Jocey Meow Ban reason: Consistent abuse of paintball gun Why you should be unbanned: Well even though it is a 3 day ban, I still feel as though it isn't really all that warranted and I'd also like to just get something off my chest. I literally only play Gmod for the GFL 24/7 and rotation servers. I have lots and lots of hours on both and feel like I know the game well enough that it can get pretty boring. So to show my support and to spice things up I bought VIP. I've been burning through the points I've accumulated by buying painball guns and T-Passes and it's really helped make the game enjoyable again, but I guess some players and admins are taking me a bit too seriously. The kind of talk that goes on on these servers, especially when there isn't an admin present is very adult and very internet culture-ey, which I dont see a problem with. TTT benefits from experienced players who know how to play and use common sense to keep the game flowing. I've been rdm'd and forgive other players for it all the time and try to help them learn where I feel they went wrong to make them better players. So I feel as though a ban for a bit of paintball on the map is a bit much. I've been very good with cutting out my back talk to admins (I used to be awful on other games (lets be honest some admins are dummies though)) but I guess just being consistently rdm'd after spending my hard earned points on painball guns irritated me enough to tell Jocey to pretty much fuck off. So I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to you Jocey, but my point still stands. My name is cuck for cuck sakes. I come to this server to have fun just like everyone else and I dont see the harm in anonymously (again look at my name & my cute cat avatar) being a bit edgy. I dont spray porn sprays or anything like that but yeah, I feel like if you can seriously let text in a chat and paintball gun bullets harm you IRL you need to step away from the computer screen. I haven't had any real problems with any admins up until this (and some admins seem to enjoy my antics although I would never name them) and so I wanted to at least air my grievances and see where everyone else's head is at. You cant deny that Gmod is an adult game, or at least adult enough to understand edgy humor and not take it personally. What I do, I do to make the game and culture more enjoyable for everyone, because this is seriously one of the best communities & ttt server out there. So thanks for reading, sorry to whom I pissed off, and I look forward to your replies. -Sincerely Cuck
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