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Found 3 results

  1. I've been kind of curious as to how players have been playing this gamemode for such a long time when I feel like there really is no sense of true progression nor achievement (I've been playing since mid-late 2015, old to some and barely anything to others). Because of this, I wanted to ask you guys, old and new players alike why do you play ze, and what do you like about it? As of now this gamemode is kind of getting stale for me, playing the same maps over and over again along with the absolute lack of any sort of progression really just drives me away and pushes me towards other things where practice and skill allow you to progress in said game and where skill can actually be measured. To answer my own question, I still play ze because of the wacky community that is GFL with its cancer, randoms, neckbeards, and other goofballs. To elaborate on what I mean when I say lack of progression, I simply mean that there is an extremely low skill floor and extremely low ceiling, meaning that it takes little to no effort to be "good" at a map or area of ze gameplay (such as bhopping) and that once the small amount of effort is put in, there is almost no way to be better. A player playing for years is virtually indistinguishable from a player who played the same map two times, can bhop, and can press a little button called e on their keyboard. While I do understand that lasers are a large part of the so called "skill" of ze, ability to survive lasers is dependent on a huge number of factors such as ping, focus, internet, and simply better computers. Furthermore, I feel like they degrade what ze really is - being a team based gamemode where you win as a team or die as a team. Instead, lasers make it so that if you have good ping and aren't a bozo you live while more than 3/4ths of the team just dies horribly possibly for reasons beyond their control (ping, rubberbanding, all sorts of stuff). Perhaps it is me that is viewing this entire gamemode wrong - maybe it isn't something to tryhard or put effort into at all. TL;DR - Ze is getting stale to me due to a low skill floor and low skill ceiling, wanted to ask you people what drives you to play ze and whether what i'm feeling happens/ed to you guys too.
  2. So I took this idea from a Canadian Conservative who I enjoy watching videos of, Steven Crowder. I don't think he's done this topic yet, but if he has, oh well. (I hyperlinked his channel for those interested in watching; If that isn't allowed I'll remove it) The way this goes, for those who don't know, I'll state a topic, and my stance on it, and then whoever opposes it may comment on it, and I'll have a rebuttal, and of course it's to learn different people's opinions, and possibly change others' opinions if they are open to that. It's not meant to be something in a negative aspect, or something to take to heart, instead it's just a way for people to express themselves. It's also a way to show maybe different sides of media sources and news sources. If you want to include sources to whatever you're saying, that is completely fine, if you don't it's also fine. Those who are opposed to doing this sort of thing, don't comment on it, but instead keep this post on-topic. The topic I'll be doing is: The Trump effect (Donald Trump's presidency) has affected the US in a positive way. Change my mind.
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