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  1. destiny 2

    Greetings GFL, With Destiny 2 right around the corner we've decided to start up a mini-division for it. The game has a lot to offer and the open beta will be opening for all on the 29th August. I encourage everyone to give it a try and see what they think of the game. Now what does Destiny 2 have to offer? A fantastic clan system An opportunity to meet new people and team up to accomplish something big like defeating a Raid Boss An amazing story line Impressive graphic fidelity Loot and leveling system Character Customisation Smooth gameplay Good PVP and PVE experience Competitive PVP Mode Feel free to join the clan and group here! Clan Group Why should you join the clan? Joining the clan allows you to earn rewards for what others do ingame. For example if someone was to complete a raid and is in your clan you will receive a certain amount of XP from it. Not only that but it also allows you to find a group easily, which makes looking for a fireteam for a raid or nightfall strike is extremely fast. You will also receive exclusive clan banner perks for your character once the clan has unlocked it. Why should you join the group? The group is basically a forums it allows you to make topics regarding anything and is a great way to suggest ideas on how to improve the clan itself. *Note joining the group provides no benefits ingame* If you would like to pre-order the game or try out the beta you will have to do so through the app Thank you for reading and I hope to see you all in the beta!