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Found 4 results

  1. My Age: 23 My Talent: I'm currently a senior Computer Science student in college. Most of my courses such as data structure or artificial intelligence work use C++ and C, so that's my most familiar language. I also have experience using Javascript/Java and Node.js to build the website (HTML and CSS of course), combined with MySQL and MongoDB to build the database application. As for game programming, I'm currently a member of the Game Development Club in my university, we have some experience using Unity to development games, just some prototype game, but that gives me a lot of help on things like game logic and game system design, also my focus recently is on the animation of character, all of these is based on C# programming since that is what Unity uses. My Github link: https://github.com/Alasses, not all of my project was uploaded onto Github, most project online is our group project, I uploaded a C++ example code, I can show you my other history programming example if you needed. C++ Example - puzzle solving algorithm.zip Hours/Week: 5-10 hour
  2. My Age: 24 My Talent: Hi. My name, or the one I am known by, and my typical Steam name is Hoffer. My real name is Christopher Averitt. I was referred here by GFL's Team Fortress 2 Hightower head admin and server manager Mejilla who expressed a desire to have me on the team of developers. I've played around a good bit with SourceMod and have 5 years of experience with Minecraft Bukkit/Tekkit servers in my past (not necessarily up to date with MC as of now). I have written one simple plugin for SourceMod and I understand the SM scripting language somewhat. I have offered multiple solutions to the GFL TF2 Hightower staff. I know some C/C++ and I understand how general application building/compilation works. I am familiar with FTP, SSH, file systems, Linux and I have a very basic understanding of networking. I have a problem-solving attitude and tend to look for solutions for things I think can be improved. I am good with communication when it comes to changes that I think could be made and I will always confirm before finalizing something to make certain that it is what the team wants. Most of all, I enjoy playing Team Fortress 2 (been playing since 2008) and I want the experience to be one that everyone enjoys. I am playing on the hightower servers frequently (typically 2+ hours every day of the week). I look for clean solutions that don't cause server issues and bugs, performance loss or unfavorable compromise. I would be delighted to be on the team. Thanks for your consideration! Hours/Week: 7+
  3. My Age: 11 My Talent: Hey! My name is John. I work mainly in web development, and in my spare time I might do some game design and game mapping. Programming languages I'm fluent in/have a lot of experience of include: PHP; Lua; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Python; and SQL. I do have experience with SourceMod, my only problem not having something to host my game-servers on. I do work with Git and currently own a Raspberry Pi B, and a private Git environment would be very helpful for programming, so thank you. CONTACT INFORMATION DISCORD: @Johnodon#9360 PS: I know that I will probably be denied because of my age. I just want to let you know that I have a lot of experience and am very mature for my age. Thanks, John Hours/Week: 5-15
  4. My Age: 14 My Talent: My application Hello I am Jake I am 14 and I love to do programming, I do some C as it is required for my Ethical Hacking Course. I also do alot of web development but I know that is not suffice so I will not go on about that, but I can also do PHP and Lua (for garry's mod) but I didn't find much interest in in so I did not pursue it. I know a little bit of x64 assembly but I mainly am into things such as C and Linux as I like to manage and work on dedicated servers . I also know quite a bit about source mod but I am yet to compile my first addon, I only started learning it recently so I may not have the most advanced knowledge of it but it is quite simple so I will get the grasp of it soon enough and I will be able to make you addons for your server. My github is https://github.com/Jake-Stanley and my website is https://jakestanley.cf - in the past I have done plugins for other games, such as Minecraft these are coded using java which is quite hard to learn and I managed to make one of those I haven't uploaded it yet as it was not complete, it has things such as a /sethealth /god /gamemode. So I know how server plugins are structured such as putting [GFL Clan] before error messages, I also like to print debug errors to the console so you can tell whats going on, but it also logs them in a file. But I never completed it as I kind of grew out of the game. I now mainly work on Cyber Security and SourceMod but I am also studying Python in my Advanced Computer Science GCSE Course at school and am doing very well in it, So I think I have what it takes to be part of the team. Thank you for reading my application I know it is not very long, but I gave it a try. Hope you concider this, Sincerely~ Jake#0017 (Discord) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gloomlessttv/ (Steam) STEAM_0:1:457323583 (SteamID) Hours/Week: Per day, 3 hours. Per week, 15-26 hours.
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