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Found 7 results

  1. My Age: 17 My Talent: - Information security in a general and specified sense with web applications - Experience with a wide variety of programming languages(C++, Python, Java, VB, Lua, and PHP) - Able to maintain and work efficiently on both Linux and Windows operating systems if required - Deep understanding of how things operate together to form a system required for a gaming community Hello, I'm a 17 year old programmer and security researcher. I have experience penetration testing and am working on my OSCP at the moment, but I have experience with C++, Python, Java, VB, Lua, PHP, and SQL. I've worked on quite a few projects spanning from working on trainer software for multiple games, meaning I have experience understanding how memory works and what things do, running my own forums as well as doing development and security for multiple gaming communities, including Karma Gaming and Alliance. I can work on DevOps and do quality assurance for security on any front-end interfaces, or do normal development. I have experience making basic plugins for Source but can teach myself more if it is required. And if needed I have experience doing network security with firewalls and such, although I doubt for a community of this sorts. My HackTheBox if DevOps/Security is needed and you'd like proof I know what I'm doing: https://www.hackthebox.eu/home/users/profile/121650 Hours/Week: 10 ~ 25 depending on my OSCP requirements
  2. My Age: 20 My Talent: Hey, my name is Michel i am fareley new to GFL and i'm a junior developer from Germany. During my three-year apprenticeship i was trained as a full-stack developer. The main part of my training was to develop individual software in the banking and credit environment. I have experience with various programming LANGUAGES and FRAMEWORKS: Java Python Alexa Skills Kit (including but not limeted to ASK-CLI) Angular 8 (Typescript, HTML, CSS) MySQL GIT & SVN C slightly PHP Some of my QUALITIES are: Willingness to learn Resilience Adaptability My biggest WEAKNESS would probably be meeting deadlines 😬 (not too bad though) Why i would love to JOIN your team: I like working in a team for a common goal and love the idea that players can use my plugins to have fun with them. What i would be most INTERESTED in: Developing Rust uMOD / Oxide Plugins Developing CS:S | CS:GO Sourcemod Plugins Although i already have a lot of experience in editing and adjusting plugins in both environments i unfortunatley didn't write my own plugins yet. Thank you for your time I hope hearing from you guys soon 😄 Contact Methods: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125362467 Discord: MicLieg#0716 Hours/Week: ~10
  3. My Age: 25 My Talent: Learning GLua to implement functionality and fixes into mapping in the future. Have a list of SWEP ideas I'd like to work on for TTT-MC. 5 days experience with GLua Minecraft Trident - Replacement for the harpoon SWEP Improvements: Minecraft model and sounds. Able to pickup if it has not hit a player. Fixed issue with projectile passing through players if they are too close. Shows DNA, Body search information shows Trident was used to kill. 3-4 months mapping experience - Further focus in mapping will be geared towards optimization ttt_minecraft_b5_fish_n_ships ttt_minecraft_b6_spooky Java - Modified a Minecraft Sign Generator to remove JSON functionality and utilized Swing toolkit to copy customized signs to clipboard in 256x128 Will be using this small program to create new sign textures for my Minecraft maps. SignGenerator_v1.1.zip Hours/Week: Dependent on project and availability
  4. My Age: 23 My Talent: I'm currently a senior Computer Science student in college. Most of my courses such as data structure or artificial intelligence work use C++ and C, so that's my most familiar language. I also have experience using Javascript/Java and Node.js to build the website (HTML and CSS of course), combined with MySQL and MongoDB to build the database application. As for game programming, I'm currently a member of the Game Development Club in my university, we have some experience using Unity to development games, just some prototype game, but that gives me a lot of help on things like game logic and game system design, also my focus recently is on the animation of character, all of these is based on C# programming since that is what Unity uses. My Github link: https://github.com/Alasses, not all of my project was uploaded onto Github, most project online is our group project, I uploaded a C++ example code, I can show you my other history programming example if you needed. C++ Example - puzzle solving algorithm.zip Hours/Week: 5-10 hour
  5. My Age: 24 My Talent: Hi. My name, or the one I am known by, and my typical Steam name is Hoffer. My real name is Christopher Averitt. I was referred here by GFL's Team Fortress 2 Hightower head admin and server manager Mejilla who expressed a desire to have me on the team of developers. I've played around a good bit with SourceMod and have 5 years of experience with Minecraft Bukkit/Tekkit servers in my past (not necessarily up to date with MC as of now). I have written one simple plugin for SourceMod and I understand the SM scripting language somewhat. I have offered multiple solutions to the GFL TF2 Hightower staff. I know some C/C++ and I understand how general application building/compilation works. I am familiar with FTP, SSH, file systems, Linux and I have a very basic understanding of networking. I have a problem-solving attitude and tend to look for solutions for things I think can be improved. I am good with communication when it comes to changes that I think could be made and I will always confirm before finalizing something to make certain that it is what the team wants. Most of all, I enjoy playing Team Fortress 2 (been playing since 2008) and I want the experience to be one that everyone enjoys. I am playing on the hightower servers frequently (typically 2+ hours every day of the week). I look for clean solutions that don't cause server issues and bugs, performance loss or unfavorable compromise. I would be delighted to be on the team. Thanks for your consideration! Hours/Week: 7+
  6. My Age: 11 My Talent: Hey! My name is John. I work mainly in web development, and in my spare time I might do some game design and game mapping. Programming languages I'm fluent in/have a lot of experience of include: PHP; Lua; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; Python; and SQL. I do have experience with SourceMod, my only problem not having something to host my game-servers on. I do work with Git and currently own a Raspberry Pi B, and a private Git environment would be very helpful for programming, so thank you. CONTACT INFORMATION DISCORD: @Johnodon#9360 PS: I know that I will probably be denied because of my age. I just want to let you know that I have a lot of experience and am very mature for my age. Thanks, John Hours/Week: 5-15
  7. My Age: 14 My Talent: My application Hello I am Jake I am 14 and I love to do programming, I do some C as it is required for my Ethical Hacking Course. I also do alot of web development but I know that is not suffice so I will not go on about that, but I can also do PHP and Lua (for garry's mod) but I didn't find much interest in in so I did not pursue it. I know a little bit of x64 assembly but I mainly am into things such as C and Linux as I like to manage and work on dedicated servers . I also know quite a bit about source mod but I am yet to compile my first addon, I only started learning it recently so I may not have the most advanced knowledge of it but it is quite simple so I will get the grasp of it soon enough and I will be able to make you addons for your server. My github is https://github.com/Jake-Stanley and my website is https://jakestanley.cf - in the past I have done plugins for other games, such as Minecraft these are coded using java which is quite hard to learn and I managed to make one of those I haven't uploaded it yet as it was not complete, it has things such as a /sethealth /god /gamemode. So I know how server plugins are structured such as putting [GFL Clan] before error messages, I also like to print debug errors to the console so you can tell whats going on, but it also logs them in a file. But I never completed it as I kind of grew out of the game. I now mainly work on Cyber Security and SourceMod but I am also studying Python in my Advanced Computer Science GCSE Course at school and am doing very well in it, So I think I have what it takes to be part of the team. Thank you for reading my application I know it is not very long, but I gave it a try. Hope you concider this, Sincerely~ Jake#0017 (Discord) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gloomlessttv/ (Steam) STEAM_0:1:457323583 (SteamID) Hours/Week: Per day, 3 hours. Per week, 15-26 hours.
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