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Found 6 results

  1. If you are sensitive to political or negative world events talk or you are immature, this thread is not for you & I recommend you go to another one. Context before we begin. I want to know GFL’s thoughts about the recent riots in the USA due to one mans unfortunate passing because of police brutality. This thread is for civil discussion, not a shit flinging contest. As always, stay safe & beautiful.
  2. I've recently played it and I was wondering if anyone else has played it. No one else in my friend group has played it yet, so I was wondering if someone here has. If you haven't played it, go buy the game. It is a really good mystery-solver. It has my highest recommendations. The blinder, the better. If you have played it, I was thinking about posting another Obra Dinn related post here. The post requires the people to have finished the game though, and it will involve heavy spoilers.
  3. I've been kind of curious as to how players have been playing this gamemode for such a long time when I feel like there really is no sense of true progression nor achievement (I've been playing since mid-late 2015, old to some and barely anything to others). Because of this, I wanted to ask you guys, old and new players alike why do you play ze, and what do you like about it? As of now this gamemode is kind of getting stale for me, playing the same maps over and over again along with the absolute lack of any sort of progression really just drives me away and pushes me towards other things where practice and skill allow you to progress in said game and where skill can actually be measured. To answer my own question, I still play ze because of the wacky community that is GFL with its cancer, randoms, neckbeards, and other goofballs. To elaborate on what I mean when I say lack of progression, I simply mean that there is an extremely low skill floor and extremely low ceiling, meaning that it takes little to no effort to be "good" at a map or area of ze gameplay (such as bhopping) and that once the small amount of effort is put in, there is almost no way to be better. A player playing for years is virtually indistinguishable from a player who played the same map two times, can bhop, and can press a little button called e on their keyboard. While I do understand that lasers are a large part of the so called "skill" of ze, ability to survive lasers is dependent on a huge number of factors such as ping, focus, internet, and simply better computers. Furthermore, I feel like they degrade what ze really is - being a team based gamemode where you win as a team or die as a team. Instead, lasers make it so that if you have good ping and aren't a bozo you live while more than 3/4ths of the team just dies horribly possibly for reasons beyond their control (ping, rubberbanding, all sorts of stuff). Perhaps it is me that is viewing this entire gamemode wrong - maybe it isn't something to tryhard or put effort into at all. TL;DR - Ze is getting stale to me due to a low skill floor and low skill ceiling, wanted to ask you people what drives you to play ze and whether what i'm feeling happens/ed to you guys too.
  4. Hey, everyone. I'll be posting SourceBans entries here, that I believe should be one, or more, of the following: Documented properly. Lifted. Shortened. Otherwise revised. I'll mostly be focused on permanent banned since I do not have the time nor tools to process all bans. I'll make a new post in this thread each time I do a sweep of GFL's bans. Disclaimer: This thread represents my opinions about GFL's bans. Therefore, this is just what I would ideally like to see discussed/done. When I sweep for bans, I just go down the normal ban list on SourceBans with no filters. I'll kick it off with the following: (Action) Two "External" Bans - @Pyros ✅ STEAM_0:0:430344375 & STEAM_0:0:23055993 Two people have been permanently banned from GFL for advertising hacks in another community. Personally, I do not believe that we should ban people for their external behavior unless they're actively trying to misrepresent GFL in any way. Therefore, I would like to see these bans lifted. (Discussion) Permanently Banned for Advertising STEAM_0:0:220929665 Sir Ramen was permanently banned for "advertising again". I assume the player in question advertised another community. This ban does comply with the server's rules, but I do find it weird that we're not using communication tools to handle this. (Maybe communication bans does not show up from GMOD?) However, I would like a discussion about this. Should GFL permanently ban people for advertising when it's their first time they're punished for it? (Discussion) (Action) TTT - @MilkMan TTT has some odd rules and policies, and the server generates a lot of permanent bans. I suggest you read their admin guidelines. I've come up with a few suggestions a while back and I've added some new ones: Single actions should not result in an instant permanent ban (hacking is an exception). E.g. killing more than nine people results in a permanent ban. Streamline the conditions for a permanent ban. Right now it is: "If the player has TWO one week bans or a week AND a one month ban, the next ban is PERMANENT. ". I have a couple of sub-suggestions for this: Bans should stack up instead. (e.g. 1 day -> 1 week -> 2 weeks -> 1 month, etc.) Turn the conditions into an addition, (e.g. "if the player has been banned for more than a month in total". ) Let bans expire. (e.g. "Bans that are over a year old should not be considered.") This relates to: "Killing SIX people is 20160 Minutes or Killing NINE people or more is a PERMANENT ban.": Specify RDM. Name these. I've seen "mega mass rdm", "super mass rdm", and more. I'm just confused about this: "Do NOT ban for DDOS threats (Gag or Mute them).". Advertising is instant permanent ban, but threatening to damage our servers..? Incorporate muting and gagging more into the rules. I would love to start a discussion about these rules, and hear how GFL believes they should be stated and enforced. TTT bans, that does not comply with their current rules (some might just need proper documentation): https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A0%3A70593497&Submit=Search - @-_Fx_- https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A79593752&Submit=Search - @-_Fx_- https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A0%3A47593548&Submit=Search - @-_Fx_- https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A1%3A40639744&Submit=Search - @-_Fx_- https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A1%3A60758339&Submit=Search - @MooTheCow https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A1%3A117651812&Submit=Search - @motorsteak Minor bans https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText= STEAM_0%3A1%3A30124378&Submit=Search @Reeve - What ban is he evading? That's all for now.
  5. Which SCPs do you lot prefer to play as, and which do you despise having to endure a turn as? Personally, I prefer 966. I've been able to get away with quite a lot as that invisibitch, as I call it. I have noticed that quite a few people seem to hate on it though. To ever man his own, I suppose. I could do without playing 1048-A, as it's the same concept as 066, just not quite as ear-bursting. Still can use it pretty well however, since the model is so small. Hoping to spark some discussion here.
  6. What is everyone's thought for having a Deathrun server in CS:GO? I'm already aware that we have one for GMod, but I just want everyone's opinion on the subject.
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