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Found 1 result

  1. SCP-4104

    People are pretty big fans of both scp-939 and Dr.Maynard. Both of these are dangers disguised as researchers, something that adds a bit more fun to the researcher role that it is severely lacking at times. As such, ill like to suggest a third disguised SCP that i've found while reading the new articles in series 5. SCP-4104: Health: 100 Speed: Same as a normal researcher Model: Same as normal researcher models(So pointshop models would still apply if this is possible) Can use items and weapons same as a normal researcher Armed with a special "Erase" weapon(More on this later). SCP-4104 is SCP sided, not foundation sided, and is simply disguised as a researcher. They, for all intents and purposes, are a normal researcher. However, their goal is not to escape, like most SCPS. instead, at the start of the round, and every 2 minutes afterwards, they are given a target. This can be anyone who is alive, provided they're not on the SCP team. They need to reach this target and 'erase' them with the erase weapon. This instantly kills them, and removes their name from the scoreboard for the duration of the round(Maybe dont let someone whos erased respawn as reinforcements either, but that could get buggy). While they can use weapons and items to kill people whenever they want, they don't get any points for doing so, and their only source of points is from 'erasing' their chosen target.
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