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Found 2 results

  1. WARNING! CONTAINS CRINGE, FURRIES, AND A VERY HAPPY DOOMNACK. (I was listening to Bruno Mars - Treasure while writing this fanfiction) SCP-1471's Article: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1471 Doomnack's Article: https://gflclan.com/profile/24903-dominick/ When it all started... Doomnack was scrolling through his phone, looking at... happy stuff. Most likely happy photos... Until suddenly when he was about to... shoot a water gun, a text message was sent by an unknown phone number. Being the incredible smart genius Doomnack is, he read the random text message. It said this, word by word: "HEY MAN CHECK THIS OUT IT'S SO COOL!!! 😎" Before Doomnack could respond to this... cool... text message, he was sent a photo of a... happy black furred anthropomorphic animal with a skull as it's head. Doomnack's imaginary lollipop friend became very happy from the photo because the lollipop was looking for... a friend... Doomnack was then sent a link by the random text and Doomnack downloaded the app called "MalO ver1.0.0" in 2.5 seconds. After Downloading MalO ver1.0.0... (24 Hours) Excited, Doomnack couldn't wait to get some... happy... images of the anthropomorphic animal. Some time after getting the app the anthropomorphic animal started appearing at familiar locations in photos sent to Doomnack. Every time Doomnack saw a photo of the anthropomorphic animal, also known as SCP-1471-A, Doomnack's lollipop would get... happier... SCP-1471-A was at places that Doomnack was at such as Walmart, McDonald's, a pole club with females AND Furry con. Doomnack was consuming his own imaginary happy lollipop as he was looking at these images of the anthropomorphic animal. 2 Days Later... (48 Hours) Doomnack went to a McDonald's. After he ate his delicious Big Mac and went his way home, he got another photo sent to him. As Doomnack checked the photo, he realized the photo was the same anthropomorphic animal. It was at the exact same McDonald's Doomnack was at earlier! It was eating a nice meaty Big Mac. Doomnack rushed back into the McDonald's, looking around for the anthropomorphic animal. He did not find the anthropomorphic animal anywhere. Doomnack was expecting to give his lollipop some sweet, sweet friendship onto it. Doomnack was sad. The anthropomorphic animal was even eating the same food! They were a perfect fit. The Next Day... (72 Hours) Doomnack woke up and remembered what happened yesterday. He couldn't find his true love. He sighed and poured in some milk, and then the cereal. Milk splashed everywhere. "Just great..." Doomnack thought. Suddenly, his phone vibrated and Doomnack checked what it was now, hoping for it to cheer up his miserable morning. He received an image of the anthropomorphic animal, burger crumbs in it's mouth, standing in the bathroom of Doomnack's home. Happiness jolted into Doomnack. He quickly ran to the bathroom, expecting a anthropomorphic animal to be in there. As Doomnack opened the door, he was surprised to see... Nothing. Absolutely nothing in his bathroom. Doomnack miserably continued on with his day, receiving some photos of SCP-1471-A as his day went on. Doomnack talked about the whole thing about the anthropomorphic animal to Gary and Gary responded by saying "Oh yeah, I have my own furry too. His name is Haxray" Gary said while giggling. Doomnack was sad that he was lonely and that Gary was doing happy stuff with Haxray. After a few hours, Doomnack fell asleep in his bed. The Next Day... (96 Hours) In the morning, Doomnack opened his eyes, surprised to see the anthropomorphic animal at the corner of his eye. Doomnack quickly faced the anthropomorphic animal, it was the exact one he has seen in the photos! Doomnack jumped out of bed, grabbed the anthropomorphic animal and threw it onto the bed. Doomnack told the anthropomorphic animal to wait there as he went to the kitchen and grabbed two Popsicles. He then gave the anthropomorphic animal a Popsicle. They proceeded to suck on the Popsicle until there was nothing left. When they finished consuming the Popsicle, they were panting. "You are mine now." Doomnack said while smirking. A Few Days After That... "You may now kiss the bride" SCP-323 said as Doomnack and SCP-1471-A were kissing each other's cheeks. Not the lips. This has to be family friendly after all or this will get deleted again. A child suddenly popped out of thin air and said "Daddy!" (yeah, kissing each other's cheeks is how you make a child.) "It's a boy!" Doomnack S C R E A M E D . Doomnack and SCP-1471-A began to hug the human, anthropomorphic animal infant. Now Doomnack has a wife and now a child and they lived an infinitely happy life. THE END!!! You can go home now. Edit: I made google translate read this to me and I lost my shit.
  2. WARNING! Contains Myfu, cringe, and a very happy Pizzy. Pizzy: https://gflclan.com/profile/35296-pizzy/ Myfu22: https://gflclan.com/profile/30287-myfu22/ When it all started... Pizzy was chatting with his fellow gamers.. One of them brought up Myfu and how he puts kids in his basement. (OwO) Pizzy thought it would be a great idea to save the children so Myfu could stop doing... HAPPY... stuff with the children. At night time, Pizzy got ready to save those children! He went to Myfu's home, climbed inside by a window that was left open, and Pizzy made his way into the basement where Myfu keeps all of the children. Pizzy made it to the door and slowly, carefully opened the basement door but suddenly stopped. Pizzy heard footsteps coming from the same room! He looked around and then he saw a figure in the corner of his eye.. It was MYFU! At Morning... Pizzy woke up from his slumber and was surprised to find out that all of that was a dream. "It was just a dream?" Pizzy thought in his head. THE END! Just kidding. Pizzy decided he would make his dreams come true and save those children! Who knows what Myfu might be doing to those kids.............. Cough. Pizzy promised himself that at dusk, he will break into Myfu's house and free those kids. It was dusk... Pizzy was ready! He was ready to save the kids! He was ready to stop Myfu's child fetish! Pizzy ran out the door and went all the way to Myfu's home... All the lights were off. "It looks like Myfu is sleeping.." Pizzy thought. Pizzy remembered the window he went through in his dream. He hoped the window was actually open just like in his dream. He went to check and it was! He climbed through the window as stealthily as possible... He made it inside the home and quickly went his way into the basement. "I'm going to save those kids!" Pizzy thought. Pizzy opened the basement door as quickly but stealthily as possible. Pizzy could see the kids but before he could even react the lights turned on... It was Myfu! Pizzy was shocked to see the child molester, Myfu. Myfu was wearing just his boxers at that moment. This only made Pizzy even hotter. Pizzy saw Myfu surprising attractive as Myfu was walking up to Pizzy and when Myfu was close enough, he kissed Pizzy on the cheek. Pizzy's face was red and his forehead was sweating. "What brings you here sweetheart?" Myfu said. Before Pizzy responded he noticed Myfu's eyes were closed. He was sleep walking or sleep talking? (Before you continue I wanted to say I didn't want to do this but I did it anyways) Pizzy realized this was his chance to abort his rescue and escape safely before Myfu knew what was going on. Pizzy ran pass Myfu and escaped through the window. That morning... Pizzy woke up. He remembered what he did last night in Myfu's house (I know what you're thinking. Stop being such a perv.) Before Pizzy can think of another plan, he heard the door ring. Pizzy opened the front door and he saw Myfu right infront of him holding flowers. "Hello beautiful." Myfu said. "I have flowers for you." (I bet Pizzy is proud of this.) Myfu handed the flowers and Pizzy accepted them. Before Pizzy could say something Myfu made his lips meet Pizzy's lips. Pizzy's face was red. So red that you could call it a tomato. So red you could call it the Red Variant of an Xbox Wireless Gaming Controller. That was how red it was. Myfu quickly left. An hour later, Pizzy got a text message by a random number. This is what the message said: "Hey beautiful, want to have lunch at McDonalds?" (Wow so romantic) Pizzy knew who it was. It was Myfu. He somehow found out what was Pizzy's phone number. It took Pizzy about a minute to respond. He finally responded with, "I'd love to go out." To this day, Pizzy forgot about the kids, all he wants now is Myfu. THE ACTUAL END! I'm so sorry for creating this abomination of a fanfic.
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