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Found 14 results

  1. It is time to flex your program'r skilz and count to 10 like you learned in school. I challenge everyone here to create the most complicated "count to 10" program possible. The goal is simple. All you need to do is make your program print numbers 1 through 10 into console OR by using file I/O. You can separate each number using a space or by inputting a new line. HOWEVER, here's the catch. You need to make it as complicated as possible. Each number should take a ridiculous amount of code to print. Now please, don't just spam if else blocks. Try to be creative. More creative "solutions" will be loved more than quick and sloppy ones. Being able to make your code run in a loop would be really cool if you can pull it off. But you have the freedom of choice here. When you make something, please provide the language you used. If you use assembly, don't just copy off a compiler like godbolt. Everything should be original code wirtten by you (besides the printing method or file I/O of course). I'll pitch in a few when I get a chance 😄 You can paste them in a code block here. You also have the choice of GitHub and other platforms if the code gets REALLY complicated. The obvious rule is the code MUST compile/run. Errors are not accepted. And of course if you really want to, you can use a web designing language to print these numbers out onto a localhost page. This is also acceptable. Have fun! And feel free to use a variety of languages! It would be super interesting to see other languages get utilized in this weird challenge haha
  2. Get off my lawn, party-pooper Boomer here. I just wanted to share my discovery of how to enjoy the Minigames server to the max. Apologies to Markimark for having to deal with my arabic text glitch spam that forced the chat box to clear. `ignoremsg` was not working to disable chat messages. voice_enable 0 and cl_chatfilters 0 are lifesavers when having to deal with low IQ toxicity in the server. No voices + text chat means you can fully enjoy that minigame you wanted to! Good luck and enjoy the server fellow gamers.
  3. This is a simple game, wanna play? Then download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/117Kd71IbPZCSBTxZHycjkq3K7qxR9Mwn/view?usp=sharing It was created using SFML (https://www.sfml-dev.org/) and C++. Further down the road I will be making more games, much more complex. Now that this has become a new hobby of mine. Enjoy! *If the download link doesn't work let me know.*
  4. okay so i've been thinking about this. remember the rp rounds then doomnack got a strike? well i think we should have a fun round. here's what im thinking how this is going to work; 1. 1 Fun round for every map. 2. if there are no admins on there would be no fun rounds. 3. admins have to make a vote for a fun round. 4. roleplay rounds are allowed. 5. if a admin is making a fun round 2 or more times contact duc or haxray 6. @Xy_ will decide what to do with this.
  5. So I just wanna say. It was fun. we decided upon my request and upon me entering the channel and singing firework that we would all sing together. Here are some youtube clips, I'll add the rest in the form of comments https://youtu.be/OpXdhwu2fl4 https://youtu.be/IHo-Ag5Et24 Tagging those involved aswell @Darkling @CrusTi @Crusty @AverageDrink @Liloz01 @Dekko @Toasted_Chromosomes @RickGrimesTM @Aura @MercurialWizard @Winter
  6. fun in ze

    So two days ago I had tons of fun on ze icecap escape with two admins who did funny mini-events on the map -Forcing humans to play a certain way and win with certain conditions like every human on the helicopter, teleporting humans and zombies together, and other assorted randomness. To be frank, I had more fun on this one map alone doing fun things than my most of my time this past year on ze (others also really did enjoy the random cancer and change from everyday ze). I really wish stuff like this could happen more often - Rather than one big event monthly we could have more specialized events for certain maps happening very often adding a little bit of S P I C E to the mix or have these events on top of our big (shitty) events monthly. Maybe it's just me being bored with ze but I really feel like small and simple "events" could #makezegreatagain. Perhaps you guys view it as cancer and all that nonsense, but I see mini events like these a great way to bring our community of gradually quitting regulars and new people alike together.
  7. Halloween Event On October 31st, there will be a trick or treat event on hide and seek server. This event will be activated at random times throughout the day. You can get a treat, such as exclusive items, or a trick! also give a big thank to @Xy for coding this <3
  8. Corrupt a Wish

    You corrupt the previous posters wish than make your own wish. Begin! For example: I wish for a new computer the other poster will say Your computer breaks . I wish for a new house. I will begin first I wish I had an I-phone 7
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to GFL's 1st Annual Violators! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there everyone! The Severely Artistic man had an idea (this isn't retarded trust me). I'll be hosting an Oscars ripoff, but this one is for GFL. I call it "The Violators" in honors of Mr admin man himself, @Violator. Basically, there will be awards for staff for what they are. It is possible to go for at most one Violator award. All you have to do is comment below using the format to request to be nominated for an reward. Keep in mind, this is staff only. The lovely people of GFL, not just staff, will vote. Voting to be decided after nominations are in. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nomination format ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steam profile link: Rank: Server(s) I am admin on (if not admin, put N/A): Award I want to get: Why I think I deserve it: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *My personal nomination as I am entering this myself. Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SeverelyArtistic Rank: Server Admin Server(s) I am admin on (if not admin, put N/A): TTT1 Award I want to get: Most Creative Staff Why I think I deserve it: I've made an entire series based off of something Xy told me. I called it "50 Shades of Violator". I spent several hours on the series, making something fun and enjoyable to read. I've currently been busy though and would probably continue it later. I also love to do things like this and most likely will continue in the future. You'd wonder why I do this shit. It's because I have a large amount of ideas. I'm Artistic after all. Severely Artistic. (10/10 ending). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awards ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Active Staff Most Bans Given Most Talented Staff Most Toxic Staff Most Racist Staff Most Kind Staff Most Creative Staff Most Strict Staff Most Lenient Staff Most Hated Staff Most Loved Staff Most Beautiful Staff Most Hilarious Staff Most Intelligent Staff Most Involved Staff Most Insane Staff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have more awards to suggest, please put them down in the comments below. None of the staff who win should be harassed or attacked in anyway. This is a fun and friendly event I'm hosting. Let's just try and have a good time. Don't hate someone or be jealous because they won. Personal mentions: @Violator @Xy_ @PB-n-J @Fx280 @NotMotder @myPHART @TheClassyBandit @HoxenshatteredRulez @Barack_Obama @PB-n-J @Windeetree @NotMotder @Kubnair @AstroAdaption @The_Mad_Hatter @Bunnynator @Ejfeds @MooTheCow @Frobro @Major_Push If this could get attention from higher ups, that'd be awesome. Rewards to be decided upon (don't entirely expect an actual item though unless higher ups are willing to make this shit real). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Nominees ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Severely Artistic for Most Creative Staff rapperdan for Most Active Staff Xy for Most Bans Given Twig, Zebra and Dex for Most Talented Staff WindeeTree and Roxie/The_Mad_Hatter for Most Toxic Staff NotMotder and Johaw for Most Racist Staff nocheat and Unknown for Most Kind Staff Tay for Most Strict Staff Marshmello and BLAZE for Most Lenient Staff Rainbow_Six_Jager and MsShad0w for Most Hated Staff PastelKitty and Winter for Most Loved Staff Lionel Moosi for Most Beautiful Staff None for Most Hilarious Staff EJ for Most Intelligent Staff Snix for Most Involved Staff None for Most Insane Staff ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Can anyone tell me the music of Stage 1 on Rizomata? can't seem to find it. Thanks. Bless the ones that knows it..
  11. I made a Discord Server for anyone who wants to join it. The server is called Omatic (might change), if you want to join it and talk with random people or invite your friends to have a good time (not sexually of course)... I'm not in anyway saying to join the Discord Server over the TS3 GFL server, I'm just offering a server for people who have Discord and not TS3 in the GFL community. The server is automatically managed by a well-known bot named "Dyno", he moderates the server and is also a Cleverbot like Siri on the iPhone you can only chat with it, though. This server was originally made for me and my buddies, however, I know that it is very well designed and can be used for a huge community like GFLclan.com! I am currently an OPERATOR on the "US 1v1 Arena Server" for CS:GO, I personally use Discord more than TS3 as I'm more aware of how to use it. @Roy if you need a GFL community server for Discord id is more than happy to help out, PM me if you're interested. You can check out the server link below, I'm happy to take ANY and ALL suggestions for the server! Thank You! Merry Christmas! ~ @Plexol DOWNLOAD DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/ DISCORD SERVER LINK: Under Profile "About" page.
  12. After seeing Mufasa getting killed by Santa, the GFL crew pursue the culprit to the north pole where they stumble upon the Santa factory that is run by an aggressive beaver. Not everything goes to plan as it seems to be....
  13. I looked down and realized something cool what do you see?
  14. Say a word associated with the latest reply. One word, a person, don't reply to yourself. Fish.
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