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Found 5 results

  1. Horror Story

    It's one of those servers that may or may not be as populated, kind of like our sandbox server But I really like playing this gamemode when I go on other communities, but unfortunately, the community shut down. I would like it to be hosted on this community, I play it with a couple of players on this community like @RayTheGinger , @Crazedfish , @JZee ... basically people from TTT MC. We played this gamemode, and to me it's way too spooky. The YouTube link is broken so that may not be the best link on the gamemode link I've posted: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=124828021 Also when other players wanted to join with us, we couldn't play since there's no gamemode on this anymore. There might be on open right now but it's not properly working and it's really unplayable.
  2. Idk where this goes, but VilhjalmrF put something similar here. Gamemode Name: Target! Game: Garry's Mod Maps: TTT Map-style (Could literally use TTT maps, if compatible) Server Size: 20-30 max Description: This gamemode is a fast paced FPS. Everyone is assigned a target. Your goal is to kill that target. Your target is portrayed in the bottom right corner with their player model and their name. You have a knife (CSGO) and a revolver that has 6 bullets. The revolver is a 3 shot body and a 1 shot headshot. The knife takes 3 front hits and 1 back. You can only kill your target or your hunter. If you kill someone else, you get outlined in red and can be killed by anyone, including the guards. Guards (or cops, idc what they're called,) can only kill a player if they are outlined or if they have their gun/knife out in front of them. A player is vulnerable to the cops for 5 seconds after they put their weapon away. This gameplay would have fast rounds and fun gameplay. Pointshop: -Knives (crates of different rarities or just different types of knives) -Playermodels -Hats -Police Pass -And so on... I don't think this is a gamemode on Gmod, I have seen similar games on Roblox that were very popular.
  3. @Roy - Have we ever tried to open up a Guess Who server? I just realized we don't have one, and it can be very satisfying. It's similar to Prop Hunt, however players move around in an NPC filled environment while the hunter teams look for them. Players can change their player model by pressing E on the NPCs. Players get power-ups that can be used to kill or confuse the hunters if they bump into the hunters 3 times. Hunters are on a time limit and are hurt if they shoot an NPC. Is this something we can test out? 🦑 Example of YouTuber playing this GameMode Steam Gamemode
  4. So recently there was a post from @Leks regarding bringing back Prop Hunt. This post gained an overwhelming amount of support. With that said we're more than likely going to move in that direction and hopefully bring up a Prop Hunt server. I'd like to speak about what you guys want on the server. I want to make this more of a community shaped server so you guys will have say in what actually happens from the start. First, you guys will see more polls to come with certain additions to the server. I'd like to ask you guys which "Prop Hunt" you guys want. I'll leave a poll at the top of this topic with the two. (Object Hunt and standard Prop Hunt). Both have their pros and cons. However, the one we go with will ultimately be up to you guys :D. Please note both of these will still be found under the "Prop Hunt" section in the server list. Also, both of these game modes have their own features list on their official pages. If you'd like to see another version/game mode based around Prop Hunt please choose it in the poll and comment the game mode name (with a link if possible). Object Hunt: Visual feedback - Prop halos change color depending on whether or not you can pick them. Variable mass - Large props can tackle filing cabinets, small props cannot. Cannot get stuck by becoming a prop. Better damage system - If you chose a small prop and lose half of your remaining health, then you chose a large prop, you will have half of the large props total health. World angles are seen by everyone - What rotations of your prop you see on the client is the same as what every other client sees. Angle snapping - This will lock your rotation to 45-degree increments. Angle Locking - If you want to look around without everyone seeing simply lock your world angle. A third-person toggle is available in the context menu. Simple, Clean UI design. Taunt selection screen. Variable taunt pitch. Hunters gain health when shooting human owned props. Props don't simply disappear when they die, they ragdoll into Kleiners. Variable step heights, smaller props good luck getting up stairs! Highly configurable. If you're playing a taunt when you die, it is muted. (This is a bug in original prop hunt) Auto-taunt. Configurable prop pickup. Enhanced Prop Hunt: Custom taunt selector (by pressing C). Improved Map-Vote system. Prop Rotating. Prop Locking. Freeze Cam Feature (for prop only). Camera Collision (for prop only). Prop Halo (for prop only, when selecting a prop). New Lighting Method for Props. Additional Models for Props (you can enable or disable it). 4 new random combine skins. Added Hand view models & fixes for spectator team. Fixed fretta and enhanced bunch of things in the code. New weapon (and it's a bonus). New Extra taunts (includes HL2's taunts). New random death strings. New improved Help Menu. "Lucky Balls". Sound cue when the round is about to end. Let me elaborate on what "Lucky Balls" are: The Lucky Ball is a rare ball that only spawns/drops when there are several props on the map that break. This ball will spawn after you break the props and it'll give extra bonus items or extra powers. To obtain, a player must use a +USE (E) key on the Lucky Ball. The main concern with opening up Prop Hunt would be how it'd affect our other servers. Recently, our Hide and Seek server was de-ranked from Gametracker due to having "idle clients". @Violator and I attempted to appeal this with no luck. With that said our Hide and Seek server has been suffering quite a bit. If Prop Hunt does well there is a concern that it might damage our Hide and Seek server further. Quick Q/A section. Q: "How are you guys going to choose a Server Manager?" A: Well, @Violator and I are going to follow a similar process to a normal job application (IE: Apply, then interview). First, we'll have a public Google form where you can fill out an application. Next, we'll contact the top applicants over Steam and give them a Discord Server link that will have individual rooms for each applicant. Each person will have similar questions. This should hopefully make it easier for people who are interested in becoming a Manager and think they have the skill be able to contact us. Q: "How are you going to go about adding things?" A: We're going to make this a more community-based server to take some stress off of @Violator and I. This should also help the server be what you guys want to play. Q: "GIVE ME ADMIN!" boi that ain't a question. A: An admin application sub-forum will be in the Prop Hunt section (I'll update this post whenever I make everything). There won't be too many requirements. Aside from you have to be Member or above. Sometime soon I'll make Prop Hunt its own section that way we can discuss these things in the "correct" place. If you guys have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. please mention them in this topic or make a topic/poll in the new sub-forum. Note: We haven't started development on the server yet. Once we start I'll try my best to keep you guys updated! Thanks to @Unknown for proofreading this for me! Thanks, - @Zebra .
  5. What is the best gamemode in gmod in your opinion. Could be DarkRP (scrub), Cinema, TTT, Murder, etc. Let me know P.S. recently mine is breach
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