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Found 2 results

  1. Hey gamers, it's another sad day today. A little bit ago my Minecraft house got world edited into nothingness by what I assume was the manager, but for all I know maybe it was a builder, but i'm not here to complain, i'm here to wish! wish for a funeral for my pond. Me and my pond had some really good times together. I got 6 fish from that pond! but now the fish may never get to see that pond again. I made that pond and pond improved me and now that the fun is over, all I wish for is the proper send off for that amazing pond and … and … i'm sorry this is just soo sad. And I know you gamers will help a gamer out! Game on Gamers, Game on! Like and comment if you as well lost your pond friend and you're a gamer too.
  2. Yoyoyoyoyoyo, How's it going gamers! It's ya boi Shabby here! Back at it again with the gamers, just sitting here drinking my gamer juice in the gamer realm, pestering pigeon when outta da blue when renn just ruins, RUINS the game via stopping my from pestering pigeon, in a vengeful battle of wits I accidentally spilt me Gamer juice on my Keyboard, making a mess EVERYWHERE!!! and if that isn't bad enough, the Keyboard got mad at me, flipped me off and just walked straight out of the door, leaving me alone. Comment Down below if this ever happened to you.
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