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Found 12 results

  1. So, I have an idea. I thought of possibly making a little game related to GFL staff members. If it be advisers and directors, or server admins. And your goal is to survive levels while members of the staff roster try to murder you. It will be a basic shooter and platformer, but there will be a lot of different enemies for obvious reasons. I might even make new guns and such. The maps will be auto-generated for each level, and every few levels or so a new enemy from the staff team comes into the game. Each new enemy will be harder of course. And as you move on, I might add ways where you can level up. I might add combo stuff so you can possibly level up faster. The player sprites, will be very basic and kind of joke-like. Just the members avatars more than likely. Of course I can do a lot more and have some different changes. Right now this is just an idea I had. I want you to comment down below if you would like to be apart of this game. I might eventually contact you to ask some questions on how you would like your enemy mechanics to be like. For the time being, this is just the planning stage. Anyways, here's my idea bois. Hope you are all doing well! Update: you can apply here. Please do so if you could. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1d8G9UBDMap4F7wKotggWbdwvd0j2dl7Zvgw81Q3BPEI And here is the official game project:
  2. O K A Y ! The rules are quite simple. I'll start the story off with a theme, and our goal is to write a complete story based on the theme given. The catch is... you can only use three words at a time. I am honestly so curious about where this story is going to go, knowing some people here have some pretty... creative minds. LET'S GET STARTED! (you may comment more than once, but give a few others a chance to respond before you go again) Theme: You go to the bank and deposit a check for $1,200. There was an error in the system and $1.2 billion has been deposited into your checking account. Describe the events for the next 24 hours. Start: First place... stripclub.
  3. I'm currently on the hype train to Team sonic racing. How about you lot? Edit: Now that Team sonic racing is released, my new game i'm waiting for is Blair witch of all things
  4. Ark

    For anyone who is interested in buying Ark its 65% off for 35 more hours (before price 50$) for the next 35 hours its (17.50$) go get it while you can
  5. Yoyoyoyoyoyo, How's it going gamers! It's ya boi Shabby here! Back at it again with the gamers, just sitting here drinking my gamer juice in the gamer realm, pestering pigeon when outta da blue when renn just ruins, RUINS the game via stopping my from pestering pigeon, in a vengeful battle of wits I accidentally spilt me Gamer juice on my Keyboard, making a mess EVERYWHERE!!! and if that isn't bad enough, the Keyboard got mad at me, flipped me off and just walked straight out of the door, leaving me alone. Comment Down below if this ever happened to you.
  6. Corrupt a Wish

    You corrupt the previous posters wish than make your own wish. Begin! For example: I wish for a new computer the other poster will say Your computer breaks . I wish for a new house. I will begin first I wish I had an I-phone 7
  7. So today in my garage wit- dankmemes Right back on subject, I was thinking today,"Oh wait why not make some cringy topic on GFL to get some attention because I'm a life sucking leech weaboo((Too far) So you know what I said to her gurl? I SAID GET OUT MY HOU- Okay seriously, I was thinking of this new game where basicallly you describe a Staff member as much as you can in 3 words and the person below answers it and if they get it right, they get to ask a Who's that Staff question and if they don't..(You suck)Jk jk but if you don't get it the person below the guesser(that got it wrong) has to try and do it and so on. I've always had an interest on making GFL Games WOAH IM DOWN HERE! And I hope you guys like this idea. k bye dankmemes
  8. There may be more options but this is all I could think of. Ill add some more if I get any suggestions.
  9. Hey guys, Does anyone know of any good android games that are not P2W or filled with micro transactions. I really want a good RPG I can play here and there to kill some time, I do not mind paying for the game but I do not want any P2W type deals.. Thanks!
  10. TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE I will start this one........... But I am literally waiting for all of you guys to respond ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I've hugged a girl at least 30 times but never talked about a relationship I am a virgin I have been a Traitor 3 times in a row before on TTT Once you get 5 guesses on a set you have to reveal the answer. Promote the topic by making you're own too (I know y'all are creative) - ShakkaYourBooty
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