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Found 10 results

  1. Title says it all, just looking to play Sea of Thieves with some people . If you want to play in the future, just hit me up. Couldn't think of where else to post this, so I posted it here.
  2. Here's a question for you guys of the GFL community, what game are you guys most excited for/hyped for this year? I know its a little late since its the 17th but I am curious to wonder what you guys are looking forward to, regarding consoles or games! Me personally, it's a toss up between The Last of Us 2 and Sons of the Forest. The reason why I put The Sons of the Forest up here is because of it's last game, The Forest (obviously). It's survival, and multiplayer was so much fun with a group of buddies to fend off against creatures in the forest, going around collecting clues, get food, get water, and items in deep cave systems (with spoops of course ;3). Your main goal is to rescue your son, Timmy, you collect resources to kill at first crazed cannibals, and other creatures that make you go, wtf. You use those resources to also build a base to defend yourself as from day to night transitions. Its a really cool game if you have not tried it out and I HIGHLY recommend it for others to play. Do I have to get into how awesome The Last of Us is? I think we all have either played the game, watched someone else play it, or quite possibly both. It's story line was phenomenal, and was in need for a sequel. I don't want to spoil it to to much, because, again, I think everyone knows about the game (and if you haven't... well, play it XD). So, again, what are you guys looking forward to this year in regards of gaming? Drop some comments here and or recommendations of games we should play! Thanks guys ❤️ -JZee
  3. im saving up for a gaming pc dos anyone have any good suggestions for a pc i should buy?
  4. Hello GFL! I'll start of With my name, its just chris,.. nothing special! I'm 20 y/o, and its terrifying. If you can Guess my birthday, You're my soul mate Timezone is far up North where im almost neighbor With the santa! What is my gender? Well I Guess I'm a male, last time i checked. What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? You dont wanna know, lol. Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? You Know My Rank, Ever Since My Name Was Born The 4cast of This Game is That I Bring The Storm. Like I Flipped The Bike, Break A Rib I Might, I Always Force My Lungs To Full Capacity When I Write, The Tenacity of A Knight, My Pencil is My Spear Precise Ear, Utensils and Knife Near This is a Prize Here, There's A Suprice Near.... I'm V.I.P Which server(s) do you prefer? I Like Zombie Escape, it gives me adrenaline and its nerve wrecking. I like that. How long have you been playing? Ever Since My Name Was Born. How often are you online and for how long? When I first go Online, I'm online for 4h+ Biggest accomplishment on this server? Getting to become a Zombie. Best thing that ever happened to you? The Gym, is like my girlfriend so... Worst thing that ever happened to you? Fake Bitches, make you fall in love and then eats Your heart. Like a zombie XD Words/Phrases you say frequently? WHAT THE FRICK!? Your greatest fear? Loosing my gym membership :...( Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? I still havent been able to make any friends... Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard? The Movie Change-UP, its a comedy and hilarious. Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for? Doing bodybuilding and eating, yes its my thing lol. If you wanna check me out on IG send me a PM. Thanks for Reading all this text of bullshit (or some of it) xD Cya In-game!
  5. Since Pokemon Go has been released, have any of you downloaded it? If so, what are your thoughts? I personally find it absolutely amazing!
  6. BANISHER | FUll SETUP This setup is being designed for POWER, MOBILITY, COMFORT and DESIGN to give you the edge. INFO BANISHER uses a custom made desktop computer for POWER, with a Razer laptop for MOBILITY and POWER. DXRacer Chair, and desk for COMFORT and DESIGN. DISCLAIMER The Furniture and Accessories is a personal preference so please choose you're favorite! WEBSITES Razer DXRacer NCIX Amazon CUSTOM DESKTOP CPU Intel 5960X Amazon NCIX GPU Nvidia Titan X Amazon NCIX CASE Lian Li PC08 Amazon NCIX MEMORY Intel PCIe SSD Amazon NCIX RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 128GB Amazon NCIX LAPTOP | ACCESSORIES Laptop Razer Blade Stealth 4K 1TB Razer Mouse/Keyboard Razer Turret | Optional Razer Keyboard/Mouse Mouse Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Razer Keyboard Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition Chroma Razer HEADPHONES/MIC MIC Rode NT-USB Amazon Headphones Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Razer FURNITURE DESK GD/1000/NR DXRacer CHAIR OH/KS11/NR DXRacer
  7. I am very curious on why people started playing CS:GO, go ahead and leave a reply on why you started. IF you see your reason on why you started playing you can either, Like it or just go ahead and leave another it does not matter! Happy Gaming!
  8. Im not sure if this is allowed, but Im going to post it. Recently, Ive started a YouTube channel and I was wondering if you guys could check it out/give me any tips... Thanks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9HOAKrzWYhbWEUF1ZZUf6A P.s Sorry in advance for my squeaky voice
  9. So I just began to play CSGO again, I got the game months ago, and stopped playing, because I suck at it. And today I decided to play CSGO again, and I still suck, do you guys have any tips for a really bad noob, because I need some helpful tips.
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