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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone, GFL has partnered with Glitch.win to do a giveaway of $30 of whatever you please! Be it VIP, PayPal credit, a game, a skin... etc. To enter the giveaway, please follow these instructions: Register an account on Glitch.win using our referral link: http://glitch.win/index.php?referrer=2121 That's it! You're in. If you are not signed up to the Glitch website via this method, you will NOT be entered into the giveaway! The winner will be drawn on 30th of October at 4 PM EST. The only rule is that you must use our referral link. Best of luck from us at GFL and Glitch.win. Find out about our partnership here:
  2. Platonia dilemma conclusion If you have not seen the previous forum post You will be confused You can find it here Well, here we are. It's time to announce the winner! With no more delays, the winner is: No-one! Probably as expected, more than one person messaged me with "shark" Thank you for all those who participated. I had six people message me with "shark" This was a semi-kind of experiment to see how the community would deal with it. No-one cheated, so I believe you guys passed! So... Since I have no need for the game, I will just give it away normally now. If you want to enter the giveaway: - Comment below with the answer to: "If you could be any vegetable what would you be and why" I will draw the winner on the 23rd of March 2019 If you need to contact me at all, you can message me on discord at Lambda#1939 or on my steam account here If you have any questions make sure to comment below.
  3. Platonia dilemma Now, you might be wondering what this is all about! Well, The Platonia dilemma is something I've wanted to test for awhile now! Everyone viewing this message will be able to participate. I will be giving away a copy of "Don't Starve Together" to the lucky individual who messages me on discord with the word "Shark" However If more than one person messages me with "Shark" no one will win anything If no-one messages me with "Shark" no-one will win anything The only way anyone will win anything is if they are the singular person to message me "Shark" Attempting to cheat by working together will result in disqualification (it also ruins the goal of this) If you would like to read more information about the Platonia dilemma click here VSause2 made a good video adapting it to a modern day scenario here On a side note... I would like to apologise for my absence, I originally lost all fun in Garry's Mod as a whole, and this ended up becoming a fully fledged leave of absence due to the increased amount of things I had to do in my life. But I'm back, (well soon) If this goes to plan, I might do more of these forum posts in the future. If you need to contact me at all, you can message me on discord at Lambda#1939 or on my steam account here The giveaway will conclude on the 20th of March 2019 If you have any questions make sure to comment below
  4. Hello everyone, Sea of Thieves is allowing insiders who have purchased Sea of Thieves to giveaway 3 codes to friends to play the game for a week. So what is Sea of Thieves may you ask? Sea of Thieves is an open world pirate adventure where you can roam the seas in crews or as a solo on 3 different types of ships. Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed action-adventure cooperative multiplayer game played from a first-person perspective. The game features cross-platform play between Windows-based personal computers and Xbox One video game consoles. A group of players travel and explore an open world via a pirate ship and assume different roles such as steering, hoisting sails, navigation, and firing cannons. Players embark on quests, collect loot and engage in combat with other players. Sea of Thieves is a shared game world, which means groups of players will encounter each other regularly throughout their adventures. The game has a cartoonish art style and an exaggerated physics engine that allow players to perform stunts, like being shot out of ship cannons (I totally didn't just copy and paste from Wikipedia). In my solid opinion Sea of Thieves is a great game and is a game I've achieved the status of Pirate Legend on which means I've played so much that I've accomplished level 50 in each of the Trading Companies which is a hard task in itself. Sea of Thieves has a lot that you can do now however i'd recommend you try and play with friends or even better come play with me and a few others from GFL so you do not get stomped by other players straight off the bat. Just add my gamer-tag: RickGrimesTM You may have also seen popular streamers such as Summit1G playing this game: Now if you wish to play for a week all I will need is for you guys to follow this format and past it down below in which TOMORROW (06/02/2019) I will pick the 3 winners. Xbox/Microsoft Account Name: Why you would like to play: Would you consider potentially buying the game: These replies do not have to be long just small quick answers that will give me a rough idea about you. Thanks, Rick
  5. I will be giving away one game copy of Rust Early Access (You get nice early access froggy boots), the giveaway will end at the end of this month 31st of January 10:00 UTC. To qualify you must post below and once the giveaway ends, I will pick a random post number using random.org, as a slight plug be aware that GFL has currently two Rust Vanilla servers with the EU one hitting 50 pop during wipes. Rust EU: Rust AU:
  6. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays to all. I have some extra steam keys lying around and I want them to go to good use so I'm giving a few of them away. The only requirement is that you be a member for 3 of the games, and two of them will be available to only supporters+ (that includes VIP). The raffle process will be a bit complicated, but it will depend on how many people reply to this post (See below for details) so make sure to share it with your friends to have more games available. I will post pictures of the raffle results once the giveaway is over, and once the winners are announced I will PM you to ask which game you want. The game selection will be decided by the order in which the winners won, and VIPs will have the choice of a member+ game AND a supporter+ game as well. There will be five drawings just in case a supporter+ decides to only pick one game and raffle off the other. If you are not a VIP or supporter yet but wish to be one then consider buying it today for a discounted rate: To be counted into the giveaway, simply reply to this post with what you wished for this Christmas or holiday season. The following games are up for anyone who is a registered member: With 20 or less replies only mega man is available: Mega Man Legacy Collection: https://store.steampowered.com/app/363440/Mega_Man_Legacy_Collection/ (Normally $15) With 20 to 30 replies, only mega man and tacoma are available: Tacoma: https://store.steampowered.com/app/343860/Tacoma/ (Normally $20) At 30 replies or more, Owlboy, Tacoma, and Mega Man will all be available. Owlboy: https://store.steampowered.com/app/115800/Owlboy/ (Normally $25) The following games are available to supporters+ only regardless of how many people post: God Eater 2: https://store.steampowered.com/app/438490/GOD_EATER_2_Rage_Burst/ (Normally $50) Kerbal Space Program: https://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/Kerbal_Space_Program/ (Normally $40) The giveaway will now end January 7th at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (GMT - 8).
  7. Welcome to the Aftercharge release Giveaway! After playing several hours of the Aftercharge Beta earlier in December we have been able to get 5 keys for the release of the game. In order to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is add Aftercharge to your steam wishlist and send a link to your steam account in the thread. The winners will be picked at random on the 10th of Jan (Date of release) to give everyone as much time as possible. Shortly about Aftercharge: Aftercharge is a 3 v 3 competetive FPS game where invisible robots (Workonics) are tasked to destroy the valuable energy extractors, protected by the Enforcers. Using tactics and communication the Enforcers have to reveal the hidden robots and take them out before they lose all the extractors. The game is super fun to play as a group of friends as well as going solo and meeting new players. We hope you will participate in this giveaway to this amazing game. If you don't wish to participate we hope you will still help us out by adding the game to your wishlist, it truly means a lot to us ❤️ Make sure to also check the other giveaways in the giveaway section. Feel free to ask questions regarding the giveaway aswell or send me a PM if needed -Worgee
  9. https://dreamstation.frame.io/ they are giving away a full video/music editing workstation as the grand prize. it's all high end gear and the pc is beefy as hell.
  10. 10,000 Points: I'm giving away 10,000 Points that can be used in the GFL Breach PointShop. Proof of item is at the bottom of this post. You can enter in by posting your display name in this thread. I will be using Random.Org to pick the winner when I think enough people have entered to make it "interesting" to me. Don't want it to be a thing with like only 4 people. Why am I Giving Away Free Points?: Although I can't receive reputation points for it (since that is against the rules) I want to give my points away to make my overall reputation with the community a more positive one. Although I can't ask for the rep points I'm bound to get a few more anyways because who wouldn't like a post that is giving free points? The main point of giving away these points isn't to get more reputation points (but I'll gladly take some). What the main point really is I want to make someones day a little better. Proof of Item:
  11. Well, it is a new month. And with new months come new giveaways. (I do giveaways every month) February is the month of love. And I love all of you, so I will be giving away... 2x VIP Status For A Whole Month! That means two of you could have VIP rank on everyone of the GFL Servers. All you have to do to enter is.. Like this post Comment who your Valentine is (2 entries if you include a picture of you and your Valentine) (I am not asking for likes, I am just using it as a second reference) Here are the giveaway rules: You cannot enter if you have VIP after the date of February 14th. You can enter if you are a SUPPORTER Must be a GFL Member You can only enter ONCE The giveaway will end on February 14th, at 12 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) Here is a countdown timer: http://itsalmo.st/#giveawaytime Goodluck to all. Best Regards, iPro.
  12. (Permanent VIPs and global admins cannot participate for obvious reasons.) @Snoopy had the idea of hosting a Christmas VIP giveaway, so that's what we're doing. The winners of this giveaway will be given a month of VIP each. To participate, simply reply to this thread with your answer to the question "What do you want for Christmas?". This giveaway will end on the 25th, upon which three winners will be selected by https://www.random.org/
  13. We are going to have a special giveaway here guys!!! Until the end of October we will be giving away 2 months of VIP to 3 lucky people! I repeat 3 of you will be getting 2 months of VIP 4 FREE All you have to do to enter this competition is hop onto the GFL CSGO Jailbreak server and take a quick screenshot next to your favorite game on any map Then upload the screenshot to this forum. You've gotta put a little effort in for this giveaway guys XD You have to try to do this while also listening to Wardens orders! Anyway have fun hopping onto the GFL Jailbreak server and ill be picking the winners using random.org on the 1st of November Connect directly to the server by clicking Here and clicking connect Alternatively you can type "connect" in your console within CSGO (Removing the "quotation marks") Make sure to read the MOTD by clicking Here or do !rules in game if you haven't played JailBreak before so you understand how to play the game. Gonna tag the server manager's here too @HackingPotato @Kim
  14. Giveaway CSGO skins : AK47 REDLINE MW 3, 5 Key when my channel Subscribers have reached 1000. Link : SINISTER Gaming
  15. BF1 Key Giveaway

    Good morning everyone! Since BF1 is about to release, i decided to make a little giveaway. I mean, why not? Why do i have a key left over? Better you don't ask, but i'll tell you this: I've got too much money Just post whatever you want for Christmas or for your Birthday, i won't judge! There will be a max of 25 participants UPDATE: upgrade to 30 boys and girls, but thats it. First post will be nr1, the second one nr2 and so on! I'll update this every day, don't forget you have to be a Member. First come, first serve: I got this The giveaway ends on the 21st of October, I'll add the specific point in time later, lazy me. I wish everyone good luck and a nice day :)) big dick bazuso is watching you while you are pooping and don't forget to install Origin and sell you soul to EA
  16. Hi there! I have (2)two Lawbreakers Alpha Codes that I would like to giveaway. This code will be valid throughout the weekend, as well as any other Alpha/Beta tests. If you would like to know when the tests are, you may look at the website, just search up Lawbreakers and it should be the first thing to pop up! Before you ask for a code, I would like you to read the minimum system requirements, as this is a pretty hard game to run. (Specs copied from the Steam Store Page.) MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only) Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU QX6850/AMD A8-3870k (Quad Core CPU’s) Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660, AMD Radeon 7870 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 12 GB available space Additional Notes: Minimum specs listed are based on pre-alpha game build and subject to change. RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only) Processor: Intel Core i7 -4790 Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 12 GB available space Additional Notes: Recommended specs optimized for 90FPS. With a high end card like a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti the game should run at 144hz So, now onto the Requirements to be able to join the giveaway! 1) Please tell me why you would like the game. Yep, thats it! DEADLINE: Start: 8/6/2016 Until 2 people post! Good luck! -ProjectChaos
  17. As you can see the giveaway is for Spec Ops: The Line and NBA 2k16. There will be a different winner chosen for each game. All names will be ran twice except for the winner of the game I choose to select first. To enter just comment. Double posts WILL DISQUALIFY you from the giveaway. That means if you post more than one reply in this thread you will not be eligible whatsoever for either giveaway. You can really say anything you want. The games will be rewarded through a link with HumbleBundle.com in which you will use your email to claim the codes. Also be aware that if you win you are required to actually take the game and not give it to someone else. If you do not want the game tell me and the next person will get the game. I will check game inventory to make sure you accepted the game so winners will need to be added on steam. Winners will be selected Monday at 5:00 pm EST. That is also the deadline. Thank you all and GOOD LUCK! P.S. If you only want to be entered for a certain game please say so in your reply.
  18. Mimpi Giveaway

    Pretty much like my Conan the mighty pig Giveaway. Proof of owning game: If you'd like to enter, just like this post and comment what your favorite drink is (I.E. whale semen ) Winner will be chosen sometime next friday (7/22/16)
  19. So I'm giving away a $20 Steam Card. I brought this Steam Card to solely give away to GFL Members. To enter this giveaway, just simply comment with a quote, it can be made up, from games, or from movies. Or you can just comment with random stuff. Anyway, good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway. The Giveaway will end on the 18th, and the the winner will be announced on the 17th as well. OK I will be ending the giveaway early, I'll be ending the giveaway on the 17th. Which is tomorrow. And to some who don't believed me, then heres a picture of the Steam $20 Card!
  20. I mean, the title says it all. I'm giving away this game that was worth $0.69 ( ), cause why not. If you wish to enter, just reply to this thread. Proof of having said game: Winner will be chosen on 7/15/16 at 11:59 PM. EDIT: @DemonWithAShotgun has won the giveaway.
  21. I'm giving away most of my csgo skins today. M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) [FT] StatTrak™ AK-47 | Elite Build [MW] Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon [FT] StatTrak™ P250 | Valence [FT] I know there not super expensive or anything but there still skins Let me know in replies if you want 4 different giveaways or one big one involving these four skins. You enter by saying if it should be four giveaways each or one give away. I will count them up and choose which one it will be. I will be drawing a winner on random.org on the 10th.
  22. I got some keys that I don't need from the recent humbebundle and I thought that someone on here could use them, Please PM what code you want and I'll send you it. - Pathfinder 40 chests - Super Senso Beta Access + Starter Pack (w/ exclusive Glen the Gargoyle Senso) - EXPIRED - Monster Hunter Generations Demo 3DS - GUNS UP! Starter Pack + TV Head - Twitch Turbo 1 Month-GONE - XSplit Premium 3-Month License-GONE
  23. Im giving away Surgeon Simulator 2013 because it was on sale for 2 dollars but its originally 10. I know not many people like this game but meh its a free game. The winner of the giveaway will be announced on the 23rd. Enter the giveaway by responding to this post.
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