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Found 2 results

  1. Overview In-universe, The Global Occult Coalition is a group of interest that aims to be the "police" of the supernatural world. Unlike the SCP Foundation, they destroy anything they deem to be supernatural instead of containing it, leading to some anomalous objects or beings destroyed before they can be captured by the Foundation. On some occasions, they have teamed up with the Foundation but have also went against the Foundation. In-game description The Global Occult Coalition would be a new team (main color is brown) with the goal to exterminate every SCP (including any SCP on the human side), while being neutral towards anyone else. GOC does not escape and counts as deserting unless they are holding an SCP object. GOC cannot escort any team, nor can they be escorted themselves. The GOC would be a replacement spawn for the NTF. The GOC can pick up and use items like a human and can pick up ammo. GOC spawns with their own vests, but they can drop their vests. When spawning, a player is either chosen to use the "Grey Suit" or the "Black Suit", with each having their own loadout. (Descriptions can be found below.) GOC would also be able to pick up SCP objects and escape with them for a bonus. "Grey Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, a cloaking device tool, random pistol, and a random SMG. The cloaking device allows for unlimited invisibility. To balance this, it causes moving or giving/receiving damage to disable the cloak. Switching to a different item will disable the cloak after 4 seconds. Playermodel uses "Cell assault4" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 10% damage resistance with no speed penalty. "Black Suit" Description: Spawns with a stunstick, level 5 keycard, a medi-shot from the CS:GO weapon pack, a radio, and a random rifle (including M249, Negev, and Volk). Playermodel uses "Cell assault3" from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221823653. Has 40% damage resistance but moves slow as a Nu-7 vest. Alliances: GOC is hostile towards the SCP Team, Serpent's Hand, and Class E. They would be neutral towards MTF, CI, Researchers, and D Class. The only team they are friendly with are other members of the Global Occult Coalition.
  2. The Global Occult Coalition or GOC for short These guys are basically The Foundations polar opposite Instead of Containing, they Destroy As the wiki puts it "if the Foundation are the jailers, then the Coalition are the executioners" Members - 3 GOC Strike Team Members Relations - RED = Hostile | YELLOW = Neutral | GREEN = Friendly The Foundation - Researchers/MTF They're trying to destroy SCPs, that goes against The Foundation's believes. D Class - D Class They have little to no reason to shoot the Class D, But they both aren't buddy's. C.I - Chaos Insurgency Members They have no reason to fight the C.I unless the C.I fight them. The Serpents Hand - Serpents Hand Members The Serpents Hand is labeled as a LEVEL 4 threat "Engage as soon as possible. Excessive force authorized." SCPs - SCPs Their main goal is to destroy SCPs. The Tickle Monster - SCP-999 Their main goal is to destroy SCPs, i had to put this in here to make it clear that even the friendly SCPs are not welcomed by The GOC. Equipment - A Radio set to Channel 6 A Rifle A Stunstick A Medkit Any Basic Items if i missed any Armor - MK II Combat Garment (White Suit) While in the White Suit you get The Camouflage SWEP Gives the same amount of protection as the NTF armor Model For The Armor - Killzone 3 Helghast Capture Trooper Playermodel The Global Occult Coalition Playermodel Player Model - That one CS:S Terrorist Model that the MTF use, or one of the others. Did someone suggest these guys before? Please let me know if i missed anything
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