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Found 6 results

  1. me & my superior masculinity has decided that it's time to ditch gfl behind and yk idk, go do shit i wanna do. i have a lot of dreams & goals that i want to get done, and as of late I've been so busy (away from gfl) that i doubt anyone will really notice to be honest. i would do like a top 50 epic people i love & tagging them, but that just seems attention hungry and most people on gfl are kinda two faced in my experience. the only one i would do is @Duc2000 (click this duc). ill pop in maybe once a week or sum to say hi or hello and play on the ark server a lot ig in my spare time. also fuck you @Kaitsedd dumb broad. ok thx i love yall bye ❤️
  2. It's time to stop

    Okay............ to all my gfl breach players, much respect..... but it's time to stop.... to stop with whatever wierd anime sprays y'all got going on... And im not just talking like a normal geeky anime spray... im talking like furry stuff... Do I need to explain? I mean if you can get 3 scps to all stop and admire in disguist of how gross your spray is..... You need help. - Everybody
  3. and i am here to stay (and not get banned again) i am a god tier sfm artist and tf2 youtuber. my other hobbies include watching anime reading manga cooking drawing graphic design 3d modelling swimming working out video editing streaming modding video juegos playing tf2 killing friendlies in tf2 looking at shitposts on r/kanye creating shitposts listening to asmr while i play tf2 propagating my contagious cancer i have also had other brief hobbies as well, such as music production, sound design and paid commission work (which burned me the fuck out throughout my first college year; seriously don't try this at home) currently i am studying graphic design and front end web development in college, and i am also seeing a mentor to help establish business relationships. since 2011, tf2 has been my most favorite game of all time (+8k hours btw), and i main heavy, soldier, pyro and demo. i have created many assets such as sound mods, particles, models and materials. one of my most notable projects was the tf2 model removal pack which i have posted to teamfortress.tv. (it removes all hats, festivizers, etc..) it was an update to the nohats mod which the original creator abandoned. (just updated the mod today btw 🐵 my gamer disabilities include: an i5 processor, an AMD GPU, a curved monitor and a life threatening allergy to maps other than hightower. feel free to add me @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/sundownair
  4. Welcome to my double suggestion, mashed into one. Why one? idk. Only one suggestion walks out of here alive, or none at all. Anyways, I wanted to see if I could make my suggestions smaller. Truth is, having obscenely big suggestions is not really appealing, and completely pointless in the long run. So I decided to trim my style a bit. In this suggestion, two different SCP concepts will be presented: Anyways, let's start off with the Father Grigori look-alike. Turns out SCP-027-2 has completely lost it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You are SCP-027-2 You are an anomalous human man, with several abilities pertaining to the manipulation of vermin. Your special releases a swarm of hazardous vermin, which can travel through doors, windows, etc. Your presence contains a deadly poison effect, signifying others when you are close but also alerting you to their location. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Spawn Location: LCZ Testroom Since glass cannot be broken until grace period ends, he can remain in there, saying hi to any visitors that come by before he begins his rampage. (meh, if you want you can make him spawn in 008's chamber, which I think may be vaccant) Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Punch Special (RMB) - Send Swarm +Passives: anybody close to you is poisoned and highlighted. (radius is a bit smaller than 066's attack radius) Stats: Health: 1350 Attack Damage: 10 Primary Cool Down: 2 secs Special Cool Down: 15 secs Speed: Breach Human Walking Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-027 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Oh and btw, the point of having a description is to clear up things that the other stats can't, and confirm some design choices for any devs. Description: SCP-027's swarm is a player-controllable attack, which causes SCP-027's view to be focused on its swarm. SCP-027's swarm is represented by a cloud of of brown stuff, distinct with a constant sound of flies humming. You could use the effect from thrown bugbait if you can. Upon walking into SCP-027's cloud, the user is instantly disoriented. Staying in SCP-027's cloud deals exponential amounts of damage to the user, beginning with 1 however. The cloud travels roughly as fast as a player but can travel through doors and windows. SCP-027 cannot use its swarm to escape, luckily. Upon taking damage, SCP-027's swarm is destroyed and SCP-027's focus returns back to itself. SCP-027 cannot move during it's attack due to only controlling its swarm. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's one down. Doomnacks comments and shit: SCP-027 was designed to test with the idea of poison-based damage, recycling the DMG enumeration that the poison headcrab uses in HL2. I also wanted to toy with the idea of SCPs actually walking through doors, which is a thing that not even 106 has nor needs. Here's SCP-860-2. Honestly, I kinda' like this one more due to already being known by a majority of people in Breach, and just for fun since its already present in SCP:CB. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The dimensional border that the door presents has been shattered. The state of seperation between the blue dimension and reality has been rendered obsolete. You are SCP-860-2 You are a stalker-like entity that lurks in the depths of SCP-860-1. Claw your victims to death in a movement-paralyzing attack. Escape your dimension, and kill everyone in the facility. Spawn Location: SCP-860-1 Spawns near a random exit door for convenience. Doors obviously don't open until grace period is over. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Pounce Special (RMB) - Predatory Vision +Passives: anybody inside SCP-860-1 is instantly highlighted red on the map. +Passives: enemies who have been attacked by you are "marked" for 10 seconds, giving you a highlight of their location. +Passives: while pouncing, damage is reduced by 15% -Passives: several weaknesses while pouncing, see description. +Passives: entering SCP-860-1 rapidly heals you. (+25 HP per second) -Passives: taking damage halts regeneration for 10 seconds. (prevents 860-2 from regening health while fighting in 860-1) Note!: Playermodel has a large hitbox (thiccbox). Be mindful near walls and doors! Stats: Health: 860 Pounce Damage: 15 Primary Cool Down: 2.5 secs Special Cool Down: 10 secs Speed: Breach Human Running Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-860-2 earns points by killing people. Achievement! - The Right Man in the Wrong Place: Die at the hands of SCP-860-2, just when the guardian happened to take a stroll in the forest. Description: SCP-860-2's pounce is short, though can be used to efficiently kill people who are near it. It is roughly the size of half of an average Site-19 room, and in regards to 372 and 1048-B, is a lot shorter. When successful contact is made, the victim and 860-2 are frozen in place while SCP-860-2 rips them into pieces. (similar to the hunter from L4D) The victim can still use their items in the process of likeful death. When a victim is being pounced upon, SCP-860-2 can use primary to deal 15 damage every 0.8 second to the victim. Unarmed victims are the most prone to SCP-860-2's attack, as described bellow, but this also comes with a weakness. If SCP-860-2 takes more than 100 damage while pouncing a victim, the victim is released with BLEEDING damage. If SCP-860-2 is hit twice with a melee weapon once, regardless of damage, the victim is instantly released BLEEDING damage. SCP-860-2's special briefly shows all potential victims nearby in a large radius equal to several rooms. Use this to debrief other SCPs and most importantly, yourself on the location of people nearby. Personnel detected are shown for two seconds before promptly fading. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resources: SCP-027-2: Default Father Grigori Model included in GMOD SCP-860-2: right here There's 860-2, which like I said, I would honestly prefer more if SCP-027 wasn't added and this was added instead. Doomnack's comments and shit: several concepts of SCP-860-2 were borrowed from old and forgotten ideas of mine, and some ideas from the current server. The predatory senses was inspired by SCP-363's old suggestion, and 860-2's pounce and damage vulnerability during pouncing is borrowed from SCP-1048-C from my old 1048 suggestion. The ability to see people through walls is definitely inspired by SCP-2521, which may be removed soon. I'm feelin' a bit more creative, so I'll throw in an item in reference to SCP-860's 3rd exploration log. It's best that it is implemented alongside SCP-860. "The Axe" "Pretty sharp to be honest, but I have a hunch this wasn't exactly used for the right reasons." -Guaranteed spawn everyone round, in SCP-860's dimension, but rarely outside the foot of the door. -Item Type: Active Weapon. -Sharp Swinger: deals 25 damage on use + BLEED damage. Purpose: A finer variant of a melee weapon. Have fun slicing your opponents! Anyways that was it. I hope this wasn't confusing to read. If you have anything to say about either SCP-027 or SCP-860-2 or even the axe, feel free to comment on your respective topic.
  5. "Welcome, welcome to City 17." idk what I'm quoting anymore just go with it ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ npc_create npc_doomnack Well here I am with another suggestion, because why not. Though to be honest, Site-19 is starting to get pumped with SCPs that I think my SCP-363 took up the last availible space for any actual SCP to spawn. I don't know what will happen now, but the dawn of replacement SCPs definitely was a result of this. Anyways, Ashur soon realized that the Foundation's room service wasn't all that great. Staff were horrible actors, an awful stench that seemed to be everywhere, and the food wasn't even that great. He soon began to take out his anger on the Foundation, emerging from the depths of the site. This suggestion is totally not slightly inspired from the Combine Advisors from HL2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ YOU ARE SCP-3740 You are a Ashur, the god of air. You are capable of air current and temperature manipulation. Blow back your opponents in a gust of wind, or leave them scorched in fire. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spawn Location(s): Site-19: SCP-513's chamber, shared with another fellow demigod. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ingame Mechanics: Controls: LMB (Primary): b l o w RMB (Special): Meteorological Combustion Stats: Health: 1750 Attack DMG: 20 (see description) Primary Cool Down: 1.5 secs Special Cool Down: 15 secs Speed: Slightly Above Human Walking Speed  Like most other SCPs, SCP-3740 gets points by killing people. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: SCP-3740's primary pushes a person in the direction SCP-3740 is facing, of a distance roughly the size of an average Site-19 room. Once a victim collides with any detectable surface, he suffers 20 damage. This can be useful to storm units from an area, or in certain situations it may lead to their death. NOTE: pointing your primary in certain direction can be useful for introducing people to falldamage SCP-3740's special causes anybody near SCP-3740 to be briefly ignited for {25-50} damage ticks, but heavily disorients them like a concussion grenade. Human flashbang. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resources: Use Male-09, as it looks most like SCP-3740: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=110138917 Or you could use this, please do: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1629223506 the resemblance is uncanny ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lvl. 35 SCP
  6. Hi. Most of you know me as... (sigh) Who am I kidding... Most of you do not know me and that is why I decided that it would be a good idea to introduce myself. My real name is Stas, I am 28 years old. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice and management, which currently is collecting dust because upon graduating I realized it wasn't something I wanted to do as a career. Luckily for me, I am very gifted with technology, so I was able to make a living working in IT field. I can speak/read/write fluently in Russian and English languages. In addition, I can understand a lot of spoken Ukrainian, French, and Japanese, but too lazy to pursue those in reading and writing. I am a nerd/geek to a core, so to kill time, I like to play video games, watch movies, anime, and do other things that come with such culture. My other hobbies include, but not limited to, reading, fishing, making nerds rage and uninstall, trying very hard to make funny by forcing terrible puns upon everyone, spending time with my wife/family/pets, and other things a person would be into that I am too lazy to mention. If you have any questions, ask away. Just remember, all of my general info can be found on my steam and websites such as Facebook that are listen there. And hopefully, this post will break enough ice for you not to feel like a stalker or a creep, as you try to add me on steam or ask me stuff. See ya in Arena 1! Semi
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