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Found 12 results

  1. - Updated map list as of 30/12/19 - Wanda Mariokart Bird Cage Tulip Geekroom Last Stand Mall School 64 Lorn 64 Tress Offshore Shallow City 8 Desert Atrocity District Ivory Tower Museum Smallo Town Bangclaw Improved Downtown Fiend Little Town Locality Star Wars Clock Town Amsterville Highnoon Plaza Pool Party Relay Water World Yzarc Station
  2. lɐǝddɐ uɐq

    In Game Name: BadD Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69847853 Banned By: @Harakoni Ban Reason : Trolling, Staff impersonation, encouraging rule breaking, constant rule breaking while no staff are on, toxic attitude and actions towards other players Why I should be Unbanned: I waited a month and during this time I haven't made 50alts or spammed join. I can try to be less toxic
  3. Resigning from GMOD Hide'n'Seek Manager and HNS as a whole. Short and bitter, time to hand over the mantle. Just a simple goodbye. Have fun everyone.
  4. I think that the click tagging in HNS (Hide and Seek) is way too op. Nerfing it would be cool and I mean nerf do not remove it! Removing it would be too far but nerfing it a little would be nice because you can click from really far away and it is very unrealistic but if you just make it a shorter range then I think it would not only make players happy but also make the game a bit fairer.
  5. Welcome to Zexired's never-to-be-finished guide to everything for GFLClan's Hide'n'Seek. Movement Taunting Binding Unbinding Useful Links Chat Act(s) !!!!! Advanced Sprays !!!!! Unfinished, Unformatted, Unprofessional. Credits Change Log Roadmap
  6. So the HnS server has kind of needed an update to the rules for a while now so here are the new guidelines/rules so that players can see what is and what isn't allowed. thanks to @bnewton and @mbs for helping me come up with these rules and for taking time out of your day to do this. If you think we missed anything then tell me so I can add it or bring it up with the admin team. mic spam- definition: playing music, yelling, singing, random noises, holding down x and not talking, not speaking English, disrespecting other players -intentional spam is a straight away gag. -unintentional spam is a verbal warning first, then gag. -you will be put on the watchlist when you are gagged the second time. -if you are already on watchlist for spam, if you spam again, you will be warned then gagged again -people speaking foreign languages will be asked to speak English, if they continue then they will be gagged -calling people names many times, harassment, continuing when told to stop will be told to stop, then gagged if they continue leaving and rejoin to get rid of gag will be 12hr ban chat spam- definition: repeating the same message more than 3 times in a row, chat flooding, harmful or inappropriate links in chat, disrespect, spamming spectator to hider -you will be verbally warned if you say the same message 3 times -the second time you are muted you will be put on the watchlist -you will be warned the first time if you are spamming excessively(same message around 8 or more times) -spamming admin chat and pm chat is warn 1st time, kick the 2nd, 12 hour ban the third -saying the same thing in chat 4 times in the course of 4-8 seconds is spam leaving to avoid mute will be 12hr ban For both mic and chatspam: Please keep your drama and personal quarrels to yourself, through dms. DO NOT flood chat with your arguments/debates. prop blocking- definition: using props that you cant pick up with "e" to block a door, pushing props that you can pickup in a way that doesn't allow seekers to catch you, blocking doors with props -you will be warned and brought to a seeker the first time, kicked, then banned for 12 hours the third time -you will be verbally warned if you are blocking a door with props you can pick up but also standing in front of them so seekers cant push the props map specific rules- definition: rules specific to certain maps because of that maps environment -you can hide on the blinds for 10 seconds, so that you can jump down onto the window sill in geekroom, if you don't jump down then you will be brought or slapped off and warned -you will be brought outside of the lockdown room in geekroom if you are hiding there -you will be asked to stop blocking the elevator on air bus, then you will be slayed if a seeker`, or teleported to spawn as hider door blocking- definition: spamming a door so people cant get in, standing in front of a door that opens one way so it cant open. -warn and slay, kick, 12 hour ban elevator blocking- definition : blocking the elevator from moving, standing on top or under the elevator, blocking the elevator -warn and slay, kick 12 hour ban body blocking- definition: blocking ladders, entrances, blocking paths, not allowing teammates to get somewhere -verbal warn, warn and slay, kick, 12 hour ban ghosting- definition: spectating and telling seekers where hiders are or finding and getting them yourself, following hiders as a hider and going spectator then seeker to go tag them. -warn and kick first time, 12 hour ban the second time -giving hints as a spectator is also ghosting impersonation- definition: impersonating another player/admin -you will be warned and told to change your name,if you don't you will be kicked, then banned if you don't again for 12 hours unstuck abuse- definition: using unstuck to get somewhere you shouldn't be or using it as a shortcut, using unstuck for no reason, spamming unstuck -getting out of the map using unstuck is instant teleport to a seeker and then warned -warn, kick, 12 hour ban prop surfing- definition: using props to get somewhere faster by surfing, using props to get somewhere inaccessible,prop surfing to tag hiders. -Do not prop surf ever even for fun do not do it you will be warned -if you are caught prop surfing you will be warned, prop surfing is just bad in general -warn and teleport, kick, 12 hour ban exploiting/inaccessible spots- definition: Locking lockable doors, unstuck abuse, somehow getting into a spot that no one else can enter -if you can parkour there its fine, if it becomes inaccessible to other players its exploiting -warn and teleport, kick, 12 hour ban spectating as 1st seeker to get more seekers also spectating as only seeker to end round and disconnecting as first seeker and rejoining definition: its pretty self explanatory -warn, kick, ban Round skipping definition: Spectating as the only hider/seeker in order to skip a round/map -warn, kick, ban ALL RULES ARE FINAL. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THE ROUND IS OVER OR THE MAP IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. that's pretty much it -atomicheadphonez, Ex HnS Senior Admin
  7. I recently found a way to fix the purple missing textures outside and inside certain buildings on ttt_outlandmine. You have to, obviously, have the textures for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 first. If you don’t have it, here’s a link to a download : here (or just buy it it's literally $7 and, in my opinion, less shady than a free download. If you do consider buying it, I recommend waiting for the Steam Winter Sales to come up (21th december); the price should go down by 60% to 80%...) 1. Open Garry’s Mod and go to the main menu. 2. Then, at the bottom-right of the screen, there should be a sort-of "Controller" button, a button with a flag on it and another longer one with the current gamemode you're playing on it (For this next pic, Hide-And-Seek was chosen...). Next click on the "Controller" button : 3. A board with all the textures of maps & games you own should show up after you clicked on the button : 4. Search for the "Half-Life 2: Episode 2" texture and check the box next to it : (I recommend checking the "Half-Life 2: Episode 1" texture too just to make sure any texture is not left out) Close and re-open Garry's Mod (Optional) and the textures should be loaded the next time you enter the map... Enjoy!
  8. What I've noticed is that the same few maps keep getting picked, when there are some that (in the time I've been playing) have never been gone on once. With that in mind, what do people think about possibly every once in a while having a random map?
  9. What I mean by this is, someone you don't want to be stuck playing against seeking or hiding... -someone who would always tag you or someone who would do some insane kind of spot just so that you had 0 chance of even coming close to getting that extra point(s). My response: My hns enemy would probably be Frank Al for hiding he's almost impossible to tag on the older maps due to the fact he knows every single parkour spot. My hns enemy for seeker would most definitely be Mbs, but most of the time I'm a winner by spectating before he can tag me
  10. Hey I wondered how could I see my rank based on the score I get on the HnS server. Thanks for answering in the replies section.
  11. I think GFL should add new maps to the map pool. Im getting tired of playing the same maps, over and over. I know almost every spot and I need something new. Sorry, I don't know how to remove quotes.
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