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Found 1 result

  1. SCP-1504's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1504 Short Description: SCP-1504 is a Caucasian male, standing at 1.95 meters tall. The subject’s appearance is unremarkable, aside from a small birthmark on its right shoulder. SCP-1504’s anomalous traits include its inability to be harmed or killed. All actions carried out by SCP-1504 will be perceived by surrounding individuals as being within expectations for the situation. SCP-1504 has been known to attack personnel who will then believe circumstance or their own doing has hurt them. The subject is able to affect electronic and automatic systems. SCP-1504 Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 3300 Attack Damage: 30 Attack Speed: SCP-1471's Attack Speed Movement Speed: Human walking Speed Spawn: SCP-008's Room (Currently No SCPs spawn in 008's room.) Mechanic LMB: Punch (Attack)(Explained at Information.)(5 Second Cooldown when going back to body) RMB: Security "Hiccups" (140 second cooldown)(Explained at Information.) Information LMB (Punch): When SCP-1504 uses it, it looks like it stopped moving to anyone who is looking at it but it's moving. Just invisible. This lasts 15 seconds and this can be an enemies chance to attack SCP-1504 since it's body isn't moving. SCP-1504 will see it's own body but it can move sorta like a DM Ghost but it can see and damage players. It'll do it's attack on anyone it clicks with LMB. After 1504 "attacks" people two times it'll gain control of it's body again. I hope that wasn't confusing. RMB (Security "Hiccups"): You may be asking "MAX WHY THE FUCK DOES IT'S RMB LAST 140 SECONDS!" And I have the answer to that. It's RMB opens every door at the same time. Even doors that require keycards to open. But this won't open gates. If that's too laggy or too hard to code then just make open doors that require keycards to open. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762970313
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